Can you identify telepathically received messages sent through spells like Sending as magical via Detect Magic?

An enemy casts Sending to communicate with a player from far away. In this example, the player character doesn’t know anything about the Sending spell and he might think he is just hearing voices or going crazy.

Another player casts Detect Magic to scan the area. Can this player detect the presence of the telepathic message inside the first players head via Detect Magic as an evocation spell.

Mystic UA: are Exacting Query responses given vocally or telepathically?

The 2017 UA Mystic has various Psionic Disciplines. Under Telepathic Contact is an option called Exacting Query, whose description states:

Exacting Query (2 psi). As an action, you target one creature you can communicate with via telepathy. The target must make an Intelligence saving throw. On a failed save, the target truthfully answers one question you ask it via telepathy. On a successful save, the target is unaffected, and you can’t use this ability on it again until you finish a long rest. A creature is immune to this ability if it is immune to being charmed.

This question is asked via telepathy, but is it answered via telepathy or vocally? The Mystic’s telepathy (gained at level 2) seems to be described as only operating one way (from the Mystic to any creature the Mystic can see within 120 feet). So does this imply that the answer to an Exacting Query would be vocal?

Is the ability to telepathically communicate with a Familiar only one-way?

The most recent PHB errata clarified that the Steed generated by Find Steed can communicate telepathically with its summoner.

In the next-to-last paragraph, “communicate with it” is now “communicate with each other.”

However, there was no corresponding change in the text of Find Familiar, which still states that the summoner can “communicate with it.” Does this lack of similar change indicate that the telepathic communication with Find Familiar is one-way?