Can you know the damage before teleporting with Cleric Peace Domain Lvl6 Protective Bond?

At level 6 when you get the ability to teleport to other bonded creatures to take their incoming damage do you get to know the damage value before you teleport?

For instance player1 is bonded to player2. If player2 is attacked by a goblin wielding a shortbow and the goblin rolls a successful attack. Can player1 wait until after the damage roll before deciding to use the reaction to teleport and take the damage? Or does player1 have to declare the teleport after the successful attack but before the damage is known?

Emboldening Bond 1st-level Peace Domain feature

You can forge an empowering bond among people who are at peace with one another. As an action, you choose a number of willing creatures within 30 feet of you (this can include yourself) equal to your proficiency bonus. You create a magical bond among them for 10 minutes or until you use this feature again. While any bonded creature is within 30 feet of another, the creature can roll a d4 and add the number rolled to an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving throw it makes. Each creature can add the d4 no more than once per turn.

You can use this feature a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus, and you regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.

Protective Bond 6th-level Peace Domain feature

The bond you forge between people helps them protect each other. When a creature affected by your Emboldening Bond feature is about to take damage, a second bonded creature within 30 feet of the first can use its reaction to teleport to an unoccupied space within 5 feet of the first creature. The second creature then takes all the damage instead.

Best DPR using the Horizon Walker’s teleporting feature?

I am hoping to play a 20th level character in my new campaign. We are starting from level 20 and using a homebrew progression from there.
What is the best combination my levels, ASI, feats, magic items, etc, with the optimization objective being to maximize Damage Per Round(DPR). Multiclassing is permitted.


The Character requires at least eleven levels in Ranger(Horizon Walker) to use its teleporting ability.


  1. All official WoTC books allowed
  2. Unearthed Arcana allowed
  3. Anything RAW allowed
  4. All magic items available – but only one artifact, and two legendary items
  5. No wish/wish-granting
  6. An answer including setup, and optimal buffs from another player, is helpful, but only as an extra – do not rely on the others for damage
  7. Aim for consistency – things like Wild magic surge aren’t good

Can you escape a grapple during a time stop (without teleporting or similar effects)?

Some context: during our last game a hidden creature charged and grappled (with improved grab) one of the PCs (a 20th-level Sha-ir/Cleric/Dweomerkeeper) during the surprise round. After that this same PC won initiative and the first thing he did was casting time stop. We decided to stop the game there for several reasons, it was already time, one other player had already left and this was an important encounter he didn’t want to miss, and I wasn’t really sure how to rule this situation yet.

So regarding the question itself, say you’re in a grapple with another creature, and during your turn you cast time stop (since it only has verbal components you can cast it while grappling with a DC 29 Concentration check), but you’re inside the area of a forbiddance spell, so you can’t just teleport out.

Could you escape the grapple while time is stopped using the normal method (by making a grapple or escapism check)? I’m guessing that since the opponent can’t move or be moved he can’t make a grapple check either so you can’t even try the opposed check.

Would casting freedom of movement be of any help at all? You automatically succeed on the grapple check to free yourself, but I don’t think you can make that check to begin with.

What other methods could you use to escape before the time stop ends?

What is the farthest someone can travel in 8 hours without teleporting?

This question asks about the highest speed someone can go, so it is about maximizing burst speed. However, being able to travel 600 mph isn’t really useful in combat. Perhaps it’s useful in short 10-minute bursts, but it is less sustainable for overland travel.

One use of high speeds, though, is overland travel. You care more about your speed when you actually want to go to a far away place. But here, a character follows different rules that rely only on speed, and not action economy:

  • In 1 minute, you can move a number of feet equal to your speed times 10.

  • In 1 hour, you can move a number of miles equal to your speed divided by 10.

Given the following parameters:

  • No teleportation

  • Regular (not difficult) terrain

  • The character level cannot be above level 12 (at level 13, casters gain teleportation magic, so this question becomes less relevant above level 12)

  • Consumables (spells, potions, etc) are allowed, but minimize the use of consumables; ie, between two answers giving the same distance traveled, if one uses less consumables, that one is the better answer

  • Magic items are allowed

  • Help from others is allowed (buffs, spells, items, etc) as long as those others are themselves at most level 12

What is the farthest someone can travel in 8 hours?

Teleporting a polearm master

I have a character that can swap locations with another via teleportation as an action. Another has the equivalent of the Polearm Master feat. If the Teleporter swaps locations with the Polearm Master on the Teleporters’ turn, and an enemy is within range, does the Polearm Master get to use his opportunity attack on the enemy when he arrives?

How can I prevent my players from teleporting out to escape any dungeon?

My high-level party now has 2 casters able to cast teleport. They can now run into any dungeon and just escape freely when things get dangerous. Forbiddance does not prevent you from teleporting out and Antimagic Field is a 10ft radius spell that requires concentration.

How can I prevent my players from pulling off this cheesy strategy against smart opponents who have witnessed this strategy multiple times and can plan beforehand?

So far, I’ve only come up with Darkness spells (to prevent players from seeing each other to teleport) or Counterspells at the time of cast. Both are fairly unsatisfactory solutions, PCs can just run into another room, or behind a pillar, and teleport there. Is there any RaW way to protect the entire dungeon?

How to deal with a player “teleporting” to the action?

I have a rather large group playing Year of the Griffon, about 13 players in total, but with mixed attendance. Some just show up every 3rd or 4th session, others have left pretty much, so average we have 4 to 8 there. But I can live with and handle that – it’s easier than handling 26 pupils after all. They routinely split up the party to pursue various parts of the three interwoven plots.

And here lies the problem: there is one player that does sometimes not state where he goes (or even goes somewhere entirely different) and when something interesting happens, he declares “Oh, by the way, I am right there and join the discussion/scene/spotlight.” When the other players know he was pursuing something different, they usually call him out and he backpaddles.

This “I teleport to the action” is bothering me a little, and while I, as a GM, use some sort of this at times (e.g. officers/agents meeting is called by the commander), or use city-wide alarm to get people to meet up, this part of “I am where I smell action, even if I declared to be somewhere else earlier” seems to break the immersion for some of my players.

How to deal with a player “teleporting” to the action?