Should I tell my player he’s a werewolf?

Ok, so here is the situation:

I’m running Cuse of Strahd for a group of friends, and last session they had an encounter with werewolves. I made all wolves (and werewolves) attack a single player, since that’s how I thought they would probably hunt. Since the paladin was the only one who had a silvered weapon, they decided to take him down first.

It was impressive. He dodged almost all attacks from normal wolves and was bitten by every single werewolf attack. He passed his con saves to avoid lycanthropy so many times I lost count. I didn’t tell him what the rolls were for, or whether he succeeded or not, but he pretty much knew what was going on.

Finally, the last hit took him down. The wolves were done with him and onto a new target. Only one last save to make… and he rolled a natural 1. Yeah, he’s turning into a werewolf.

He instantly told me that as a paladin he is immune to sickness and disease, and I reassured him that I was aware. And that was it. I didn’t tell him his character is cursed yet. He asked if he felt any different when he woke up, and I told him he only felt the pain from the fight.

Now for the fun part: Should I tell him he is cursed, or should I let him find out at the next full moon? There is not much in the monster manual. My two best options right now seem:

  • Let him go on as usual, and transform him in the next full moon. He goes all out, attacking anyone he sees, friend or foe (if the players do not lock him up as a precaution, which might happen). And from that point on he feels the effects of the curse. All at once, the bloodlust, the anger. Flashes of whatever he did during his transformation come to him, and thoughts of what he didn’t get to do pass thourgh his mind. The once peaceful paladin now has to control his violent and feral instincts.
  • Let him know right now. He feels the change, although I explain to the player that his character does not know what it is. Tell him to start subtle. His best friend (another PC) just died in the campaign the previous session, so his character is pretty agitated. So the character and the other players might think it’s just his way of dealing with grief. He was more violent during the fight against the werewolves, even before the curse (that was all the player’s doing). But only when he finally turns into a monster, everything will make sense.

Either way, the player loves to roleplay, I’m pretty confident he will enjoy both scenarios. I know I described a little bit about his thoughts and feelings, but I don’t intend on going too far with it: it’s his character, and I’m not planning on taking agency from him. I’m pretty sure we’ll figure it out. My real question is: how should I tell him about the curse? How does it work?

In a booking confirmation page, is it good UX to tell the user they have an option to cancel once they have booked?

We want to keep the page as simple as possible with the appointment schedule, booking fee and payment method.

But when keeping in mind a user-centric approach, a problem that might arise would be:

What if the user wants to know if they can still cancel the booking?

Would it be a distraction to the main flow(booking) if we explain to them the cancel policy in the confirmation page?

The policy goes something like :

“You may cancel at least 24 hours before the appointment schedule to get a 100% rebate.”

Take note that this app only charges the booking fee and a rebate would be given after they have cancelled, the payment for the service would be done after the service has been made.

One of the stakeholders also said that: “It would give the idea that we aren’t confident of our bookings because we give the users an idea that they can cancel”

Is it ever ok to tell players how their character feels?

I know it’s generally considered poor form to tell I player how their character feels. I should show, not tell. Show them the orphans and widows, not tell them they feel bad for murdering those guys, for example.

But I think this case is unique. I am running a low-fantasy GURPS game in a homebrewed world, and I think I’d like some regions in my world to exude certain emotions. So I think that, just like I can tell them “You feel warm” on a sunny day, I can tell them “You feel a sense of dread/hope/confidence/etc”. Am I way off base here?

Tell Me any website related problem and i’ll try to solve that for free

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how to tell from log files that someone physically was at the computer

how can you tell from log files that someone was physically at the computer?

background: i’ve been having harassment issues from a neighbor, and have been suspecting that my might be breaking into my place (picking the lock or something). two nights ago when i went to dinner i wanted it to sound like i was home so i turned the sound on (normally i have the wrong configuration profile for sound chosen as i prefer that computer make no sound – so i selected the correct profile to send the sound through the hdmi to my television speakers) and went to youtube (using firefox) and started a random star trek playlist. I made sure the volume was up and everything was working as needed when i left for dinner. when i returned i noticed a few small things out of place, and that the volume on the computer had been lowered all the way. it was not youtubes volume or the tv volume that had been lowered but rather the system sound (i believe via the little sound icon panel from the desktops bottom menu bar. there is for sure absolutely no way i may have done this by mistake or out of confusion.

in order to get camera footage from the property manager i need to have some sort of proof. so i need to find something, somewhere in the logs that shows that a physical person had to be at the computer. the volume is the thing i know was changed, but there is also a possibility that other things were done. i have no looked into that so much yet as the important thing is to just prove someone was in my place while i was at inner.

other info; i’m running current version lubuntu on an older mac mini. with an apple bluettooth keyboard and and a cheep rf wireless usb mouse with a dongle. the computer most likely didn’t sleep as i suspect the playlist on youtube to keep changing the page often enough to avoid suspending.

it would be nice if i could show the volume change specifically but i doubt that’s logged, so anything from usb port usage, to bluetooth/keyboard usage will work… like i said.. just anything to show that a physical person was in front of my computer.

i have since taken the computer over to a friends to figure out it where it was plugged in for a few hours and installed ssh and accessed it mostly that way. otherwise it remains unplugged. not sure if taking the hard drive out of the computer and putting it in an external case to access would be better.. any guidance is appreciated. thank you.

Can you tell the difference between plane shift and invisibility

Should/could a creature tell the difference between an enemy gone invisible and an enemy that switched to the ethereal plane? For example when someone uses blink, would an enemy NPC continue attacking the spot where he was assuming he is invisible?

I’m not sure if there is a RAW answer for this, so I would also appreciate answers based on experience.

How to tell pair of RAID1 drives is successfully mirroring?

This is not an urgent problem, but I would like to know if I am currently making use of both of my hard drives (and/or if I can fix that).

Essentially, I purchased this computer without an OS and I have successfully installed Ubuntu Server on it.

The computer comes with 2 3TB hard drives.

My understanding is that I can either have a RAID0 configuration to have 6 TB of storage space, or a RAID1 configuration where 1 3 TB drive mirrors the other 3 TB drive.

Given that I have started to run analysis on the server, I am OK with mirroring the hard drive (RAID1).

However, I don’t think I have successfully done that. For example, if I check my /proc/mdstat file, this is what it says:

Personalities : [raid1] [linear] [multipath] [raid0] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4] [raid10] md126 : active raid1 sda[1] sdb[0]       2930264064 blocks super external:/md127/0 [2/2] [UU]  md127 : inactive sda[1](S) sdb[0](S)       5040 blocks super external:imsm  unused devices: <none> 

Likewise, this how those drives are recognized using lsblk -o NAME,SIZE,FSTYPE,TYPE,MOUNTPOINT

NAME         SIZE FSTYPE          TYPE  MOUNTPOINT sda          2.7T isw_raid_member disk └─md126      2.7T                 raid1   ├─md126p1  512M vfat            md    /boot/efi   └─md126p2  2.7T ext4            md    / sdb          2.7T isw_raid_member disk └─md126      2.7T                 raid1   ├─md126p1  512M vfat            md    /boot/efi   └─md126p2  2.7T ext4            md    / sr0         1024M                 rom 

However, this is the available space that I have using df:

Filesystem      1K-blocks      Used  Available Use% Mounted on udev             16370772         0   16370772   0% /dev tmpfs             3280440       940    3279500   1% /run /dev/md126p2   2882700496 223265236 2512931992   9% / tmpfs            16402180         0   16402180   0% /dev/shm tmpfs                5120         0       5120   0% /run/lock tmpfs            16402180         0   16402180   0% /sys/fs/cgroup /dev/md126p1       523248      6152     517096   2% /boot/efi tmpfs             3280436         0    3280436   0% /run/user/1000 

So, my questions are as follows:

  1. Am I actually mirroring my hard drive with a RAID1 configuration?
    If so, how can I recover my hard drive is something goes wrong?

    From the /proc/mdstat file, it looks like there is some sort of the link between the drives (since md126 is listed with super external:/md127/0, on the 2nd line)

  2. If both hard drives are not currently being used (for RAID1 mirroring), what do I need to change? Can I start mirroring my first hard drive without erasing everything currently on the first drive?

How can i tell the difference between fishing for rolls and being involved?

I have recently started playing BW and i decided to go in a new direction(Mainly because i couldn’t make a druid.) and made a charlatan with some bard sprinkled in. A noble woman in her early twenties that were to receive formal education at a religious institude but bailed out after learning superficial knowledge about pretty much everything and she has been using those skills to be a jack of all trades that seems like she knows a lot but only has enough to fake it.

With that i thought i would play her as someone that will try to help with everything. Someone wounded?I’ll help. Need to interpret stars?I’ll help and so on. My problem is that with such a diverse skillset in the first session i ended up asking to roll for things far more than other players coming up with a bunch of stuff i wanted to try.

My problem is that I fear that i may advance quicker than others and end up being a munchkin or something similar. So what i wanted to ask was that how can i play my character as someone who tries everything without turning her into a munchkin that can do everything better than everyone else?

Having a code-signed binary, how can I tell if it’s signed with an Extended Validation (EV) certificate?

I can’t seem to find an answer to this seemingly simple question. Say, on Windows, if I have a binary file:

enter image description here

How can I tell if it was signed with an extended validation (EV) code-signing certificate?

Say, the file above, being a Windows driver on a 64-bit Windows 10 has to have an EV signature to be able to load. So I can’t seem to find anything in its properties that can indicate that it’s an EV:

enter image description here

And since the OS can clearly tell the difference between EV and OV cert, how does it know?