When a ysoki is holding items in his cheek pouches, can others tell if they have something in there?

The rules on ysoki cheek pouches are rather vague on whether objects held inside them are actually concealed. It seems possible that someone else would be able to determine that the ysoki was concealing something either by visible bulge or by the impact the object has on the ysoki’s speech. Is there any published Starfinder source that addresses this question? If not, is there anything about rodent biology that suggests a good ruling?

How to tell a friend that they are the problem?

I know of a person who often rants in the server I am in about how every group he joins is terrible but from what he tells me he usually plays a homebrew class,has a backstory far different than other players(He also insists he is original and other players are unoriginal but the other players think his character is unoriginal. ) The last homebrew class he played was a gunslinger that also deals with demons.

I can tell that he is genuine in his complaints but I believe that he is the problem. I feel like I should tell him but I am not sure how to do it without starting a fight or getting ignored. So my question is how should I do it?

How can you tell the distances by road between the settlements of Ten Towns in Icewind Dale?

I’ve read through Chapter 1 of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden and have not found any guidance on how to judge distances and travel times between the settlements of Ten Towns.

Other than a good old fashion ruler compared to the map scale, is there a quick way to determine the distances between the settlements of Ten Towns?

How much do I tell new players about new monsters?


I am a brand-new DM, about to lead a game for brand-new players. I have a lot of knowledge of rules from playing Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights over and over, leafing through a friend’s books, and finally buying the three basic books for myself.


How much information should I give to my players about monsters they encounter?

Should I essentially read the entire MM entry to them, or let them figure out how the enemies operate through experience, or (as I assume), something in the middle? Keep in mind, only one of them has even peripheral experience with D&D (they are very good sports for giving it a shot!), so they won’t be bringing background knowledge to the table. For example, do DMs generally let players know what immunities creatures have, or do they let them figure it out by trial and error? What about offensive abilities? For example, if a player has a potion of fire resistance, should I give them a heads-up about the fact that the chimera they’re facing has a fire breath attack?

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can someone please tell me how can we download malware pcap in ubuntu VM in microsoft azure?