[ Politics ] Open Question : Why did Rush Limbaugh tell his listeners on Feb 24, 2020: “I’m dead right on this. The coronavirus is the common cold, folks.”?

Isn’t that both misleading and dangerous? Could he lose his broadcast license for endangering the public in this way? Responding to Kathy is a Nurse: Thanks, I would believe that 1% (and dropping) mortality rate.  As hospitals get more experience, they improve treatment, and so mortality drops.  On the other hand, mortality from a bad flu like 2017-18 was 75,000/45,000,000 = 0.16%, so isn’t COVID-19 more dangerous than the flu and far more dangerous than the common cold? More to Kathy:  Also, the media has been saying 2% mortality, which was the early official rate, even if it may now be down to 1%.  Given those facts, it more dangerous to report double the mortality rate, 2%, or to report 0.001% as Rush Limbaugh did?  I think Limbaugh’s claim is worse. The CDC disagrees with Limbaugh https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/faq.html  “What is a novel coronavirus?” “The virus causing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is not that same as the coronaviruses that commonly circulate among humans and cause mild illness, like the common cold.”

How can I tell a player to stop something without seeming like I’m restricting them too much?

I have been running VtM in the form of the players playing as ghouls however one of my recent players has made a charmer character. I am okay with characters wanting to get laid however he considers these things to be fluff and says that he believes the flirting part is important for character development. He does not insist on roleplaying the sex part however he does wish to roleplay how he showers his love interest with kisses and most of his interactions with NPC’s involve similar things.

He seems rather invested in the game so I don’t want to just tell him to stop or tell him that we will be glossing over the flirting but I am starting to feel uncomfortable having to play these NPC’s. It’s been about two weeks since he joined and he has slept with his fellow ghoul,a prostitute and he attempted to sleep with his domitor each involving a fair bit of flirting. (As a note. I have been running him private sessions to catch him up to the group both immersion and experience vice.)

So my question is that how can I make him dial this type of stuff back without seeming judgemental or like I am telling him to change his character?

How to tell potential players to pick up their game

Everyone in this story works mostly together. Some work friends and my wife were talking about playing D&D, and I was appointed the DM. I’ve played the game once 20 years ago, so I’ve spent the past few months buying the resources and learning as much as I can about the game so I can make it as enjoyable for then as possible, we are yet to have our first session.

But to make it easier so I don’t have to teach them literally everything I asked them to read the Basic Rules so they have some idea of what they are in for and the expectations of them and me are.

But they came back with “its too hard to read it, I learn by doing, that’s what we have you for”.

I’m super pissed by this, I’ve spent so much time and effort learning this game and they can’t be fcked to put any effort in.

My question is should I let them know how much it’s annoyed me, and reiterate they need to know stuff, or just ignore it and carry on?

anyone can tell me about GSA addon SERengines.com

Hello Everyone @Sven

anyone can tell me about the GSA addon SERengines.com

Is it still good working or getting results?

i try to contact this site but no one can reply…

and i try to buy SERengines license but there is a requirement to buy a minimum 3-month license 

how can i buy 3 months license if i don’t know how it’s working 

if anyone knows about this so please let me know 


Can Someone Tell Me How To Learn Unity Easily? [closed]

I am 14 year old boy who likes programming!

I know javascript, html and css. I like to make games so I use phaser to make games, I don´t know a lot of programming, and I don´t know anything about C++(Unity language!). I wish someone tell me how to make games in unity, starting to games like a guy with a gun that shoots a block and then the block dissapears! I wish someone tell me like, steps, websites or videos. I just wanna make games and have fun.

I know that stack overflow is not the perfect place to make this question, but I wanted real help, and I know that I can find that here.

new product for prototyping. tell me your opinion

Easyframe is not just a commercial product that the team created for the sake of making money, but a really working tool that helps the Design Studio to show its clients prototypes literally while they are dating. Easyframe is designed to speed up and simplify the prototyping process as much as possible and not lose customers due to slowness or banal lack of time. now case uses 8 designers every day in the Studio, and the percentage of unsatisfied customers for 2 months has decreased by…

new product for prototyping. tell me your opinion

Is it incorrect to use Passive Insight to tell Players what their Characters already know about NPCs?

I have a party of 4 noobs, 1 is a pro on other games but new to 5e (like myself – but I haven’t played in years), 3 are actually playing their first characters ever. Ages run from 13 to 50 (I love a challenge).

I don’t like telling players what they can and cannot do if the rules do not explicitly state it, but I also hate to bash new characters for new player naivety. I also try to keep house rules to a minimum (just to make it easier for them to learn the basic rules). So I kind of “chose” to read the Passive Insight score as a social version of the Passive Perception which can “determine whether anyone in the group notices a hidden threat” (PHB Ch.8).

One of the PCs, a 1st-Level Rogue, was setting a trap for a Slaver Ship Captain & Crew to aid the City Guard. To add to the tension, I had the Captain make a snide reference to the human cargo as ‘commodities.’ The Player, morally offended, snapped back, “shut up you freaking idiot.” Caught off-guard, I asked for his Passive Insight and responded, “With your knowledge of the underworld, you know insulting him like that in front of his men will require a violent show of authority. You can say that, but are you sure you want to?”

A little later the same Player went to strike a final blow to a surrendering NPC while others were striking to incapacitate. I did the same thing, ending with, “Your character has been around enough to know that executing a defenseless man in front of the guard would be murder. They might not notice, or they might let it go, but maybe not. Do you want to kill him or knock him unconscious?”

I’m willing to let the Players do the wrong thing and suffer consequences, I just want them to know the consequences ahead of time. The worst part is that I already know the score – it’s on the inside of my screen along with his AC & HP, I’m only asking to make it come from his character’s mind instead of my mouth. Of course, I fear that come will across as passive-aggressively robbing them of agency – which is why I’ve only done that about 3 other times in 13 sessions so far.

My question is, am I actually within the rules by doing this?

Bonus question: Is this a actually a spineless way to force character behavior while pretending like I’m giving them free will?