do_action hook is not loading the template parts from child-theme

I have the same exact file/folder structure in my child and parent them but there is this template-functions.php that is still being loaded from the parent theme.

The hook that is calling the function looks like this, do_action('underboot_branding_menu'); and underboot_branding_menu is a function in template-functions.php and this file is located in a folder called "inc". I know includes don’t search the child-theme but it doesn’t look this file is called using include().

I have tracked all the template parts and pieces and they are all being loaded from the child-theme expect for template-functions.php.

This is how the code calling the function looks like if it helps:

<?php             /**              *               * @hooked underboot_site_branding              * @see template-functions file              *               */             do_action('underboot_branding_menu'); ?> 

What is the most standardized way to handle spells from a template?

I need help with a specific piece of a problem in a game I’m running, which generalizes to the question title.

Specifically, there is a big bad dracolich somewhere that the players want to be. They have a cunning plan to simply wish the dracolich away to a different place. They have access to wish through an essentially homebrewed acquired template that one of them has gained (a spiffier version of Smoking Eye Creature, from the Shackled City campaign path). The template is tied to a demiplane, and the wish effect works once/year, and the demi-plane eats the xp cost.

I have existing houserules that say wish can essentially only be used for the explicitly listed uses (it does those things without issue, and is actively malicious about perverting or failing any off-label wishes). However, this is one of the listed effects:

A wish can lift one creature per caster level from anywhere on any plane and place those creatures anywhere else on any plane regardless of local conditions. An unwilling target gets a Will save to negate the effect, and spell resistance (if any) applies.

This is where it breaks down: I haven’t specified a caster level or save value for the wish ability. What would be the most standardized way to determine those?

I’m really looking for a textual basis for this. I know there are not exact rules to cover this situation (are there?), so a good answer will probably explain how this matches some existing pattern, and have a clear method for finding caster level (for SR) and saving throw DC.

How can I transfer this code (originally for FPS template) for use in a Third Person Template?

I learned how to create a blueprint for making a character be able to pick up and drop objects: code It did not work, and I believe the reason is because it was originally made to work for the FPS template that Unreal comes with. I decided to use the Third Person template, and I think that’s why it’s not working. Am I correct? What blueprint coding should I be looking at? What’s missing, or what’s preventing this from working? Thanks!

Can the half-dragon template have a negative impact on fly speed?

First example: A half-dragon astral deva. Astral devas normally have wings, but they’re Medium, and the Half-Dragon template states that Medium half-dragons don’t have wings. Does the Astral deva lose its wings due to the template?

Second example: A half-dragon solar. Solars have a land speed of 50 ft., and a fly speed of 150 ft. The Half-Dragon template states that a creature of this size can fly at twice its base land speed, with a maximum of 120 ft. Does the solar have its fly speed reduced to double its land speed (100 ft.), or to the Half-Dragon template’s maximum fly speed (120 ft.), or does it keep its base fly speed (150 ft.)? Similarly, what (if anything) happens to its maneuverability?

Third example, based on the maneuverability part of the previous point: a half-dragon great wyrm (or any creature with a fly speed greater than 120 ft. but worse than the average maneuverability given by the Half-Dragon template). Does it keep the best aspects of its flight sources, or the worst aspects, or does it take one source for its wings in its entirety?

How to create a custom template for a custom post types category

I’m working on a custom post type and need to assign a new template to one of the custom post types categories.

So far i’ve tried adding a new categories.php file with the category name at the end, which is ‘automotive’. However, It didn’t seem to overwrite the default template which is set for the custom post type.

Can someone please advise me on how I can assign a new template to a custom post type category.

FREE Optimized GSA SER Project Template for Beginners

Setting up campaigns in GSA can be intimidating with all the options it has. After years of using it I eventually made a default template I use. I’m sharing the template and settings here to help out those starting out with GSA.

This template is aimed at building contextual backlinks.
Right click inside GSA SER and click Modify Project -> Restore

Then edit the URLs, add your articles, and add your e-mail address. It’ll pull target sites from your Verified Folder

Download at

How to use a page template on the blog

I have home.php handling my main blog page. I am trying to set up an additional page template to be able to change the layout of the blog occasionally. I am able to choose the custom page template attribute from any page …. but there isn’t any page templates available on the blog page. Is this not possible? Thank you.

How to Override Page Template if URL matches query?

I have 4 Page Templates that my theme uses for all the pages – Default Template, Template One, Template Two and Template Three.

When the relevant Page Template is selected, it loads an Advanced Custom Fields Group which enables the user to build/design a specific page – i.e. Template Two is for an F.A.Q page, Template Three is for a photo gallery.

I have added 4 new links in the Admin Sidebar which directs the user to the "Add New Page" URL – "post-new.php?post_type=page". For each link, it appends the name of the template at the end of the URL i.e. "post-new.php?post_type=page&template=three".

I would like to have the Edit Page load the correct Page Template depending on the template dictated in the URL – "template=three" would load "Template Three".

I am able to do a check with the URL and form an if statement with the below code —

list($  uri, $  templateURL) = explode('&', $  _SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);     if ( $  templateURL == "template=services" ) {    ... 

I am struggling with how to hook this into functions.php. I have tried editing the below ( ) but it isn’t working:

function wpse196289_default_page_template() {   global $  post;   list($  uri, $  templateURL) = explode('&', $  _SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);     if ( 'page' == $  post->post_type )     && ( $  templateURL == "template=services" )     {       $  post->page_template = "page-mytemplate.php";     } } add_action('add_meta_boxes', 'wpse196289_default_page_template', 1);  

Whats the highest racial or template charisma boost you can get for a +1 LA?

I’m currently working on a Sha’ir Gish character that will eventually PrC into Zhentarim Skymage(LoD) and I need to buff my charisma as much as possible. Skymage has a gimmick of giving you a paladin mount, or at least a close facially thereof, which can be any creature that’s a size larger than you and has no more hit die than your Skymage level + Charisma mod + 1. I already have Spark(Dragon Mag) for +2. I’m also considering Prestige Races (also Dragon) for another +1. Unseelie Fey is unfortunately banned so that’s not an option. Other than that just about anything official is allowed. I’d prefer to stay at or below LA +1 is possible. Some other options i considered were Athasian Human (also Dragon mag) +2 to two stats, Draconic Creature for +2 to strength, con, and charisma, and savage progression half fey. Spark was ruled to only work on PHB races and not variants like Athasian so that’s probably off the table, and it kind of negates the benefits of any +2 charisma LA 0 race like Spellscale and Savage Progression Aasimar.

I could use magic items like tomes eventually to raise it farther, but i can’t rely on temporary boosts like cloaks of charisma because if my charisma gets lowered, like taking the cloak off, my mount might rebell and attack or abandon me, and that’s not fun for anyone. I’d prefer human for story reasons in the setting and to open up Human paragon as an option for another +2 untyped bonus, though small races aren’t a bad choice either because that opens up a medium mount. I’m aiming for a Wyvern to be my first mount with a True dragon of some kind as my final. Mostly likely a 11-14 hit dice gold dragon for general power and the ability to turn into a smaller animal for easy transportation. Though if anyone want’s to make a better suggestion id be happy to hear it.