Resume CV templates website with search engine traffic

For sale a website with resume (CV) templates for different job positions. Site is getting some traffic from search engines and Google Images.
All content is currently made of HTML files (not WordPress nor SQL db) but you can convert it back to WordPress thanks to some cheap services online. Files and images are about 200MB.


Why are you selling this site?
Need to free some space on server
How is it monetized? Not monetized…

Resume CV templates website with search engine traffic

How are templates acquired?

In Golarion how does a creature become an advanced creature?

It says under Monster Advancement that “monsters” can acquire templates, but it doesn’t say how. Is this completely GM territory, or are there some rules guiding this acquirement, that perhaps PCs could make use of for their purchased pets or animal companions or animal cohorts or such?

Well established Templates Directory Website, 10 Years Old

I am here to sell my business that fed me for about 3 years. I am into a new business by Dec 2012 and I need to sell this website for the investment for my new business. I have not ever thought of selling this website as I trusted a person to finance my new business and at last moment he failed. I have no way, other than selling this site. I need to sell this site as soon as possible (I need money before dec 10th).

Currently, This site earns from affiliate programs. I have never used any…

Well established Templates Directory Website, 10 Years Old

Why does content types on sites/libraries contains old document templates?

We are using SharePoint 2013 and have setup a Content Type Hub where we publish content types with attached document templates.

When republishing content types with document templates on them, we started have problems with content databases size growing drastically.

Content database was 400 GB and grew to 800 GB and 2 days later 1400 GB, which of course was alarming.

After some digging we found that by manually republishing the same content type a couple of times, had made one of the content types document templates on all sites to be placed in the recycle bin. When checking one of the libraries that inherited the content type and looking into the forms folder, we found that that content type had 18 document templates attached to it, but only one active, the latest one.

A couple of thousand sub-sites, and the content type had 18 document templates in the sub-sites document libraries forms folder. Which meant that 700.000 document templates was placed in the site collection recycle bin.

The question is now. Why is old inactive document templates saved in published content types? And is it safe to remove them from the CTH _CTS folder before we republish the CT next time, as they are no longer in use by the content type, and can’t be reverted to. Is there a reason why they are keeping old document templates attached to content types?