Is there a term / scientific name for “UI feedback”?

For instance, we have a wonderful term for features that communicate interaction – Affordances.

Is there something for the visual/haptic/tactile/sound/any-other feedback of UI controls?

I’m looking if there is an umbrella term of sorts that describes all of these. It actually does not have to be limited to UI, because such feedback is essential for plethora of designs, it’s what finalizes the communication.

My idea is to find a word/phrase that I might google to find hints/examples of their implementation in the wild.

Simply searching for UX feedback, provides results of how important it is to ask for a feedback from users how well the design worked…

Searching for tactile/visual feedback on the other hand, does not hint for interactions I might miss to create an even better control.

What is the proper term for magic cast from material components

I am working on a setting for an RPG and I am trying to research proper terminology for different kinds of magic.

I would like to know what the proper name is for magic cast explicitly from objects. These objects are required for the magic to be performed. An example could be the use of a voodoo doll where any harm done to the doll is also done to a particular person. Or perhaps being able to see distant places through the use of a crystal ball or a mirror. The magic simply can not work without a particular implement.

Through my research I have so far identified the following ‘kinds’ of magic:

  • Theurgy – magical abilities given to a character by a mystical entity. (a deity, a demon, faeries, etc) Think clerics or warlocks from D&D
  • Thaumaturgy – your classical wizard / mage casting spells through sigils, formulas and magic words
  • Psionics – supernatural spell-like abilities created through the power of the mind

So what would you suggest I call this elusive fourth kind of magic? I would much prefer something vaguely latin or greek that fits well with the other terms.

Thanks a lot.

Save post as a draft if term of taxonomy not selected

I have a custom post type with metabox that contains form and few taxonomies in a side panel. Taxonomies are by default checkboxes, and at least one term of each taxonomy must be selected otherwise save post as a draft.

I have solved it but I do not know if this is the right way to do it. Could you please advice?

When I click ‘Publish’ button, function of ‘save_post’ is executed. I grab all data, validate and save it to DB. Among those data I do not have access to taxonomies from side panel only to metabox form fields. So all is saved in DB then inside the same function I grab all taxonomies and terms associated with that post and check if any taxonomy is empty if so update post status to draft. And that works but is this the right way?

As well when I edit post through ‘Quick Edit’ this no longer works. Why?

Why can’t I select alternative Working Languages in Term Store Management Tool?

I tried to create a multi-lingual term sets for a SharePoint Online Team Site following this guide. When trying to change the working language all options are grayed out and I can’t select them. Same goes for the other locales option. Under Site Settings > Language Settings the default language is English and all Alternative Languages are enabled. What do I have to do, to add another working language?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

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