Term to summarize webpage and mobile app

I am currently making a UX design course, so I am sorry if my question is silly.

I am starting with my first projects and this question that I´ve been asking to myself for a while, is now stuck in my head. Is there a (single) term to summarize webpage and mobile app? I feel that for usability tests and surveys, it will be easier to get users straighter thoughts with one term.

I know I could say web/mobile app. But most users seem to relate ¨app¨ with mobile products only.

Term for a title automatically changing at an interval?

I’m looking for a search term and ultimately examples of website which have something along the line of:

This is Beatiful 

Where the word Beautiful would change after a few seconds to Amazing or Stunning.

I know how to implement this but it must have a name? For now, all I was able to find were questions on how to implement something like this.

With some more research a stumbled onto a typing carousel or text carousel which come very close to the effect.

Freelance Copywriter Wanted – Long Term (India)

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Freelance Copywriter Wanted – Long Term (India)

What untyped term inhabits induction on natural numbers in CoC?

Induction on Church-encoded natural numbers (which I will call indNat) can not be defined within the Calculus of Constructions.

If we assumed indNat as an axiom, is there an untyped term that would have the semantics of the induction function? What if we had Scott-encoded natural numbers and fix?

Can induction be inhabited in CoC + fix (such that the function would have the proper semantics, not an infinite loop)?

Term for a graph decomposition based on a maximum matching

Let $ M$ be a maximum cardinality matching in a bipartite graph $ G(X+Y,E)$ . Let $ X_0$ be the subset of $ X$ unmatched by $ M$ . Define the following sequence:

  • $ Y_1 = $ the neighbors of $ X_0$ using edges in $ E\setminus M$ .
  • $ X_1 = $ the neighbors of $ Y_1$ using edges in $ M$ .
  • $ Y_2 = $ the new neighbors of $ X_1$ (“new” = not in $ Y_1$ ) using edges in $ E\setminus M$ .
  • etc…

Since the graph is finite, at some point we stop finding new vertices, so the process stops and we have a maximal sequence.

Let $ X_S,Y_S$ be the vertices contained in the sequence, and $ X_L,Y_L$ the leftover vertices:

enter image description here

We have a decomposition of $ X$ and $ Y$ into two subsets. This decompositionhas some nice properties (for example, $ X_L$ and $ X_S$ are the same regardless of what maximum matching $ M$ we start from).

Such a nice decomposition must have a name… what is its name? And what is a standard reference for the decomposition and its properties?

KQL with multi value term field values – SharePoint Online

I have a multivalue page property(MyProperty) pointing to a term set and I have a managed property(MyManagedProperty)

Stored values are MyManagedProperty:Value1; Value2; Value3 – at least 10 items has these values Page.MyProperty:Value1; Value2 – current page has these values

When I search like this


I expect to see some results but nothing comes back. I had this query in another site and it works but this newly created site has a problem.

Any idea on how to trouble shoot this issue? Is there some sort of SharePoint Online Search Timer Job needs to kick in before this thing works?

Do I need a round trip ticket when entering the US as F1 for short term training?

I will be taking English classes in the US as F1 student (ESL program). The program is 3 months long and I plan to stay in the US for at least 4 months. Is entering the US on F1 with a one way ticket enough or do I also need to book the return ticket and possibly show it to the immigration officer?