How can I test whether a die is fair?

I have a d20 that seems to be, well, remarkably lucky.* How can I determine whether it’s really just luck, or whether the die is in fact unfairly biased?

*) Well, I don’t, really. This is actually a spin-off from this question, which is specifically about determining whether a die is loaded. This one is intended as a more general question about how to detect any kind of bias in dice, since we apparently don’t have one yet. I’ve posted my own answer below, but feel free to add more.

How to test a peripheral for malware and more?

My concerns here are of devices like the Rubber Ducky, Bash Bunny, malware-infected USBs and other software-related risks. This does NOT cover hardware risks like the USB Killer.

I currently don’t have a separate computer I can plug things into and let them run wild. I only have an Ubuntu machine that can run VMs like on VirtualBox. I may come across a stray USB and get curious and I’d like to check what’s in that USB. Let’s assume plugging it in won’t physically damage my PC like the USB Killer would.

How can I safely plug in the peripheral (most likely a USB but it can be anything like an audio jack or Ethernet port) to test it? How can I extract the contents of the device without damaging my machine? (I’d prefer to do all this without having to take the device apart)

Can I surf the internet with a Virtual Machine not trying to malware test but may run into some

For this project I want to access software using a VM that may contain malware but I won’t be trying to malware test. I understand that malware can breach but are there any precautions to use the internet and not have the malware come back into my host machine and host network?

how can i test if FBconnect app api key is valid or not

i am new to api testing and i have found a fbconnect api key and id of a webapp. i have reported it and its in triage state currently. but the analyst asked me to verify the key if its valid or we have rely on program to verify the key. the problem is program can change secret key in 2 minutes if they dont want to pay. so is there any way for me to check if its valid or not??

so how do i use it to access or login to app for verification. also suggest a safe way to test this if you can.

Someone I don’t know is sending me test mail. Is this a scam? [on hold]

In the last couple of weeks I’ve received several e-mails at my work account (a small research non-profit). The format is similar for all:

  • “Test mail” in subject line
  • No content in body
  • Address follows the format: [First name][two or three digit number][last name]
  • I do not recognize the names, and as this is a work account, I generally wouldn’t be receiving messages from someone’s gmail account anyway

This seems suspicious but I can’t figure out what’s going on here.

Online test with 80 questions best parctices

I have to create an online test that has around 80 questions. These are one sentence questions with 5 answer options for all questions ( no free form ). Now my question is what would be the optimal way of displaying the question for a UX point of view.

Either showing 20 questions per page or showing one question per page and when an answer is selected it automatically and in a fast way takes the user to the new question. ( allowing user to go back if the selected answer is incorrect.


Can anyone please help me with this?

Given two tables:

  1. posts

    id int

    title varchar(255)

    created_at datetime


    id int

    post_id int

    comment_text varchar(1024)

    created_at datetime

Where post_id is the id of the post with which the comment is associated, and corresponds to an id in the posts table.

Write SQL to:

1.Return the total number of comments

2.Find the title of the most recent post

3.Find the comment text of the most recent comment

4.Find the title of the post with the most recent comment

5.Return the number of comments on each post

6.Find the number of posts that have the word ‘Phish’ in their title

7.Find the total number of comments on posts that have the word ‘Phish’ in their title

8.Return a list of post titles, sorted from most recently created to least