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Cobertura (Coverage Testing Tool) : Problem with executing .jar file and displaying the form?

I want to use cobertura for coverage testing. I followed the following link:

Cobertura Link

That link provides a EC-Cobertura.jar file through download. I think it creates a parameter for passing arguments to cobertura. I am trying to run EC-Cobertura.jar but its giving me error:

:~/cobertura$   ls -l EC-Cobertura.jar -rw-rw-r-- 1 zulfi zulfi 165174 Mar  8 17:53 EC-Cobertura.jar :~/cobertura$   java -jar EC-Cobertura.jar no main manifest attribute,in EC-Cobertura.jar 

Jar file error

:~/cobertura$   chmod a+rx EC-Cobertura.jar   :~/cobertura$    ./EC-Cobertura.jar   no main manifest attribute, in cobertura/EC-Cobertura.jar :~/cobertura$   

I have already downloaded the cobertura and its installed on my ubuntu 18.04.

:~$   whereis cobertura-instrument cobertura-instrument:  /usr/bin/cobertura-instrument  /usr/share/man/man1/cobertura-instrument.1.gz :~$   

And it has the same version as the tar file provides whose link is :

cobertura download link

provided in the link of the associated help button page:

:~$   cobertura-instrument -version   Cobertura 2.1.1 - GNU GPL License  (NO WARRANTY) - See COPYRIGHT file [INFO] Cobertura: Saved information  on 0 classes. [INFO] Cobertura: Saved information on 0 classes. :~$   

But the help file does not say anything about the jar file. I still don’t know how to execute the jar file and how to display the form shown on the link:

plugin link

Somebody please guide me how to display the form? What is the purpose of EC-Cobertura.jar in this connection.


Primality testing algorithm

Say, I would like to check a hypothesis concerning primes. Something like “there exists a prime between $ n$ and $ 2n$ for every choice of $ n$ “. I would like to run a code in MATLAB for choices of $ n$ upto $ 2^{32}$ and then use that data and publish the conjecture in a journal.

The question is, what should I use to check primality. Obviously, AKS is an option but it is really really slow. I can use the in-built MATLAB function $ isprime()$ which I think uses $ 10$ instances of Miller-Rabin. This will be way faster but the journal might reject this saying that Miller Rabin is probabilistic and that I should instead use a deterministicalgorithm since one exists.

What should I do? Use AKS? Go with MATLAB’s inbuilt Miller-Rabin? Or look at other deterministic algorithms?

I don’t think this is the best place to ask this. However I could not find where else to ask. Any suggestions?

Hash Table Testing in C++

I’m attempting to learn C++ right now, but I am struggling on this project from here:

I’m desperate for help right now, as I have no idea how to do it. If anybody would be so kind as to explain how to do this project in detail, that would be wonderful.

Is testing for all executables without considering any files in the system is enough for deducing whether the system is infected with malware?

I came to know that the malicious activities will be carried out only by a software(program) whereas the malicious files(data to the softwares installed in the system) can’t perform the malicious activities directly by themselves but they can responsible for bringing those malicious softwares to the system( say like steganography).Hence those softwares also must be installed ( automatically or manually) before performing their activity.

If this is true scanning for malware in softwares before they get installed( triggered manually or automatically) is enough to say that the system is 100% secure(considering that our detector is ideally 100%accurate)?

Testing session.cookie_httponly .htaccess

I have been trying to confirm which browsers will accept session.cookie_httponly but for my test each browser I am using fails. Which more than likely indicates my test is not correct. What I am wanting to do is test whether or not JavaScript has access to the session cookie (cookies in general). To do this I have first set the following inside my .htaccess

php_value session.cookie_httponly 1 

I then open my browser and attempt the following in JavaScript:

document.cookie = 'test'; alert(document.cookie); 

If I do not receive a blank alert or an error to console I would consider that a failed test. How do I need to be setting this up in .htaccess and how should I be testing for effectiveness?

Looking for feedback to improve user testing and usability platform

Hi everyone!
I am working on the development of online user testing and usability platform to help web and UX designers, UX researchers and Front end testers. We are looking for feedback from web designers that is why I am posting here. If you tried it out and gave us some opinions you would be very helpful. Please register HERE .
We will also activate full access for 30 days free if you email what mail you used to register at so you can improve your…

Looking for feedback to improve user testing and usability platform

Testing whether polynomial is in algebra of other polynomials

A collection $ \Sigma$ of polynomials is an algebra if: (1) $ \lambda f + \eta g \in \Sigma$ for any $ f,g \in \Sigma, \lambda,\eta \in \mathbb{R}$ and (2) $ f,g \in \Sigma$ implies $ fg \in \Sigma$ . We say that $ P$ is in the algebra of $ \{P_1,\dots,P_n\}$ if $ P$ is in the smallest algebra containing $ P_1,\dots,P_n$ .

I was wondering if there was a way, on any computer math software, to check whether a given $ P$ as in the algebra of a given collection $ P_1,\dots,P_n$ .

Example: take $ n \ge 1$ and let $ P_1 = x_1+\dots+x_n, P_2 = x_1^2+\dots+x_n^2,\dots P_n = x_1^n+\dots+x_n^n$ . Then all $ n$ of the following symmetric functions are in the algebra generated by $ P_1,\dots,P_n$ : $ $ x_1+\dots+x_n$ $ $ $ x_1x_2+\dots+x_{n-1}x_n$ $ $ $ x_1x_2x_3+\dots+x_{n-2}x_{n-1}x_n$ $ $ $ \dots$ $ $ $ x_1\dots x_n$ $

I’d appreciate any help.

GSA SER not responding when testing Proxies

I have yesterday (20200106) registered and bought current version (14.24) of GSA SER. Because I yet need to more details for the Project, I just started with adding and testing proxies. No matter what was the threads value set to, it was still freezing. During the time of proxies scrapping and testing was not running any other application. In the Task Manager was shown, that the impact on the system is “Very High”. The Configuration of my system is as follows: Windows 10 PRO 1909 64-bit, AMD 3,9GHZ, 8GB DDR4, 2TB SSD, 500Mbps).
note: this was experienced even in older versions during summer (not sure what exactly was the version though).
Do you have any hint, how to prevent this? Thanks for your answers