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Responsive table with many text inputs

I have a table of this type: Table

So I need to make it responsive, look good on mobile devices. Several notices about table:
1) Yeah, there definitely should be some tips for every text field, it’s pretty important. “Tips” – maybe these labels in the header, or something that describes inputs (“Card number”, “Chip number”);
2) Yeah, button “Save” should be in front of every row, that’s necessary;
3) That icon on the left side has destiny too – it may be visible for some row and invisible for other rows;

Of course, the first what came to my head, was something like accordion with this look-like content: enter image description here
But if there are a lot of rows (the average count should be like 20), It’s gonna be a little tough to click for each of them to collapse, then to save. So what I ask is help making this table be responsive

What is the best way to indicate that text in a text input field is editable?

Imagine an app like yelp. In this case, you select the number of stars that you want to rate something. When you do, a pre-generated text is displayed in the text input field. You can either keep this text, as it is a useful pre-generated review, or you can delete this text and write your own.

I’m trying to decide what the best way is to indicate that this text is something that you don’t HAVE to use, that it’s an option, not forced upon you. That it is editable.

I can: – have an icon that indicates that it is editable (pencil?) (not very clear) – have text that says e.g. “tap to edit” (a bit messy, having a hint on screen) – have the text be “selected” the moment it appears on the screen. (cleanest way, but is it clear enough?)

Anything obvious I’m missing? What do you think is best?

Is it possible to crack a CRC value for short text validation when someone tries to change a readable text?

I’d like to validate message texts with CRC-8/16/32 but I’m afraid that they could be changed to another one (for example, adding a “No” at the beginning). There will be no special characters besides the usual ones (? , . ; ª º + =…) and the number of bytes will be counted as well. The messages will not be encrypted.

Decode/decrypt Cipher text of unknown custom algorithm

I have a university assignment by the professor to decode unknown encoding schemes but i haven’t able to decode. The message is sample of communication between Indian external affairs to different country’s embassies. The professor hint first few Plain text characters as:


and also hint the plain text charters length, as Ciphertext hexadecimal charter are 3296, the Plain text characters length will be 2824(hex char)

The Cipher text is(with egm extension):


All text in Gnome system monitor displays as squares

I just installed Ubuntu 18.04. I decided I didn’t like gnome and installed XFCE. I was experimenting with some system settings in gsettings and installing/removing some software; I don’t remember exactly what I did. But now gnome-system-monitor displays all its text as squares. How do I fix this?

Screenshot of gnome system monitor with all text as squares

Custom text styles for rich text editors load forever

I have created my own custom styles for rich text editors to replace the defaults. I have followed this blog post

Here’s a sample css style

.lzpd-Style-Teaser { -ms-name: "Teaser"; font-family: arial; font-weight: bold; font-size: 14px; color: #000000; 


The CSS file is registered using scriptlink on the masterpage:

<SharePoint:ScriptLink id="RTEForDialogs" language="javascript" name="~SiteCollection/Style Library/RTEforDialogs.js" OnDemand="false" LoadAfterUI="true" runat="server" Localizable="false"/> 

Then I register my custom prefix using

ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(rte_dialog_pub, "sp.ui.rte.publishing.js");   function rte_dialog_pub() { $  (".ms-rtestate-write").attr('PrefixStyleSheet', 'lzpd-'); $  (".ms-rtestate-write").attr('AllowParagraphFormatting', 'False'); $  (".ms-rtestate-write").attr('AllowFonts', 'False'); 


But when I try to load the page in edit mode, I get a working on it animation in all text style fields. It only stops, when I click on the dropdown button next to them. Then I can use them. I can’t figure out what is blocking the display after page load.

trying to load the styles