My sister will fly from Bangkok Thailand to George Town Cyman Island

She will fly from Bangkok to George Town, Cayman Island but needs to pass through Heathrow London Airport as she has a connecting flight there and layover for 4 hours. in that case , will she need a transit visa in London airport for her connecting flight ( BKK, Thailand- Heathrow London airport- Goerge town, Cayman Island)? Please share your experiences with us.. Thank you

If I overstay in Thailand for just 1 day and pay the 500 Baht fine, do I still get some “Overstay” stamp on my passport?

I am currently in Thailand on an extended tourist visa for 90 days. When my visa duration ends I should exit Thailand to issue a student visa and then come back to Thailand.

Due to a mistake at the immigration office (29 days extension instead 30 days extension) my visa expires 1 day before my flight out which was already booked before extending the visa at the immigration office where the extending mistake was made.

Possible solutions:

  • Pay a 1 day 500 baht fine for overstaying 1 day.
  • Contact Thai Air Asia to early my ticket just by 1 day or cancel it and re-booking (which would raise the price a bit)
  • Going back, sometime in the coming two months, to the quite far immigration office to get a new extension stamp (it might mess my already messy-stampy passport but maybe the stamp will be on the same page and it won’t); only going there back and forth is about 300 Baht and will take several hours in traffic jams.

Assuming I choose to pay 500 fine in the end, I fear of an overstay stamp,
am I supposed to get an “overstay” stamp for one day?

Can I exchange Line, True or Alipay “money” for cash somewhere in Thailand conveniently?

Can I exchange Line, True or Alipay “money” for cash somewhere in Thailand conveniently?

So Line, True, Alipay and others are offering payment services these days. I was wondering if I had some of those “credits” or “money”, is it possible to exchange it for cash somewhere in Thailand? Maybe save a few bucks on ATM fees.


Transit visa in thailand

I booked my flight from hyderabad to Bangkok by thai airways and after a layover of 4 hours i shall be catching China airways for my travel to Shantou.both different flights. Do I need to get a transit visa at Suvarnabhoomi airport? I need to collect my baggage which is allowed after immigration only and than I need to go to China airways for my further journey. Pl suggest

T-Mobile network in Thailand: Koh Phayam?

I’ve read mobile data coverage is spotty on Koh Phayam.

I plan to use the “free” international roaming my American T-mobile plan includes (Simple Global at “2G speeds”). What networks do they use in Thailand?

They mark the island as covered but I’d like to try and find some more specific accounts of using their service or the networks they roam on.

Tmobile coverage map

Is living in Thailand on dependant visa termed as living in that country or visiting?

I want to apply for the canada tourist visa, and we have the question under previous travel that says: Since the age of 18 or during the past 5 years, whichever is most recent, have you travelled to any other country or territory other than the country or territory of citizenship or residence?"

I had a Non-Imm O dependant visa while i was in Thailand, in that case, it also conflicts with this other question of another form that asks about any other place I might have lived for more than 6 months.

What should I enter in such a case?

  1. Is Thailand considered as my residential country? I do not have any documents under my name.

  2. Should I record visits to Thailand as visits to the place or Would it mean that it is my country of residence and so I should not include in the travel history?

Does anyone know how i should fill up the forms to avoid rejection?

Traveling to Thailand, immigration and customs check 3 times?

Hello there I have a question about my travel plans to Thailand. I’m currently going to be heading to Thailand and my first flight is out of SNA(John Wayne). We fly to SEA(Seattle) and from there go to NRT(Japan) and from NRT to (BKK)Thailand. I was wondering if we as US citizens will have to go through immigration at John Wayne and then again at Seattle and then again in Japan. The layover we have is only 1hour and 30mins at SEA and I’m wondering if that is enough time to pass through immigration and customs, or do we take a separate pre checked transit lane since we already have been checked in SNA. Then again I don’t know if we need to pick up our bags in SEA because the airline does change from Alaskan to Japan.