How can I make a refreshable Google Docs table of contents in a different doc than it indexes?

When I create the table of contents in a particular doc, I’m able to refresh it after changes are made to that doc. I can even copy and paste this TOC to another doc and the links still work. However the refresh feature no longer seems to work once the TOC is in a new doc.

Is there a workaround to this?


Input fields – Is more user friendly for credit cards than ?

Basically this question, but with more usability focus:

So we have these two general keyboard layouts (at least that’s how they look on my phone).
One is <input type=number> and the other <input type=tel>


Now by the logic they were designed, you would use the number one for credit cards.

But I’m wondering, aren’t the buttons on <input type=tel> much easier to hit for a field where you only need numbers? It feels like all the extra symbols on <input type=number> are just cluttering the view, you can’t use them for this field anyway.

Now the questions are:
Would you consider this a better user experience, even though we’d be using the “wrong” format?
What about possible drawbacks, would this possibly hinder the user in some way?

How print more than one page in VB?

What should i change in my code to see more than one page in Print preview and also print more than one page?

Private Sub PrintDocument1_PrintPage(sender As Object, e As Printing.PrintPageEventArgs) Handles PrintDoc.PrintPage     Static intStart As Integer     Dim font0 As New Font("arial", 24, FontStyle.Underline)     Dim fntText As Font = font0     Dim txtHeight As Integer     Dim LeftMargin As Integer = PrintDoc.DefaultPageSettings.Margins.Left     Dim TopMargin As Integer = PrintDoc.DefaultPageSettings.Margins.Top     txtHeight = PrintDoc.DefaultPageSettings.PaperSize.Height - PrintDoc.DefaultPageSettings.Margins.Top - PrintDoc.DefaultPageSettings.Margins.Bottom      Dim LinesPerPage As Integer = CInt(Math.Round(txtHeight / (fntText.Height + 0.025)))       e.Graphics.DrawRectangle(Pens.White, e.MarginBounds)     Dim intLineNumber As Integer     e.Graphics.DrawString("Support", font0, Brushes.Black, 75, 50)     For intCounter = intStart To lstLinesToPrint.Count - 1          e.Graphics.DrawString(lstLinesToPrint(intCounter), fntText, Brushes.Black, LeftMargin, fntText.Height * intLineNumber + TopMargin)         intLineNumber += 1         If intLineNumber > LinesPerPage - 1 Then             intStart = intCounter             e.HasMorePages = True             Exit For         End If      Next 

End Sub

Example of a polynomial that fails to be non-zero over a higher field than $\mathbb{C}$ or $\mathbb{R}$?

It’s well known over the field $ \mathbb{F}_2 $ that the polynomial $ p(x) = x^2 – x$ is equivalent to the $ 0$ polynomial over the field. Naturally however if we consider say $ \mathbb{R}$ then it’s easy to see that $ x^2 -x$ is not $ 0$ everywhere.

This leads to an interesting question: are there examples of (possibly multivariate) polynomial expressions $ P(x_0,x_1…x_k)$ such that $ P$ is $ 0$ everywhere over $ \mathbb{C}$ or $ \mathbb{R}$ but such that there is a field $ K$ of which $ \mathbb{C}$ or $ \mathbb{R}$ is a quotient field (or sub-field), and the specific polynomial $ P$ is not identically $ 0$ over the entirety of $ K$ .

Choosing heuristic for A* algorithm where cost is less than absolute distance

Looking for information on choosing a heuristic for instances where the cost of traversing an edge can be less than one.

For example, say movement is allowed in the cardinal directions. Should all edge costs be at least one, then I would consider diagonal distance. However, if costs can be less than one, this could lead to an instance where diagonal distance will be an overestimate and thus is not an admissible heuristic.

My thought on the matter is perhaps to find the smallest possible cost and figure out a constant to divide diagonal distance by to guarantee it will never overestimate?

Would appreciate some guidance or some resources to look further into this.

Is there an issue with passport valid less than 6 months

I have an Indian passport valid till 25th Aug 2019. I am travelling from Atlanta(USA) to Bengaluru(India) via Paris with connection time of 3 hrs. Return is on 23rd July 2019 from Bengaluru to Atlanta via Amsterdam with 3 hrs connection time.

During my return I will be renewing my passport.

My question: will there be any issue in boarding flight in ATL ?

When I checked timatic: by adding connecting flights, it says fine for ATL-CDG-BLR but for BLR-AMS-ATL, it says ‘Passport expiry date must be 23 October 2019 or later (3 months after departure from Netherlands)’.

I am renewing passport on return. But will the airlines deny boarding because of the return ineligibility ?

Is there any way to increase your proficiency bonus other than leveling up?

Last Friday, I played my first session of D&D and I loved it.

I have a little bit of an obsession with seeing how to make characters be specifically optimised in one area. Right now I’m trying to figure out what is the highest usable base AC of a playable race.

So far I’ve come to the warforged race with their heavy armor for Integrated Protection. You have to be proficient with heavy armor, but from what I can tell, that has the possibility of giving the highest usable AC.

Class doesn’t seem to matter, as long as you get proficiency with heavy armor.

But back to the race. With the warforged’s Integrated Protection, the plate armor gives you an AC of 16 + proficiency bonus. At level 16, that would make your AC equal to 16 + 6, for a total of 22.

With that in mind, is there any way of increasing your proficiency bonus other than level?

How can I have more than five concurrent torrent downloading with transmission WD MyCloud?

How can I have more than five concurrent torrent downloading with transmission WD MyCloud? I’ve seen an article where I can edit the .json (How to have more than five torrents downloading concurrently with transmission?). But how do I access this on my WD MyCloud Nas Drive?