Travel to South Korea with a German residence permit (but less than 6 months)

I am a foreigner living in Germany. I want to travel to South Korea in April 2019 (only for 7 days) and would like therefore to apply a tourist visa. I have checked all the requirements on the official website and I can fulfil them, e.g. passport, bank account, etc. I have even bought a two-way ticket, as required for the visa application. However, I just realized and now I am not sure whether the validity of my German residence permit (which is less than 6 months, namely 4.5 months on the departure date) would be a problem. Do you have any similar experience?

Many thanks!

CFG for the language {ω ∈ {a, b}*| in every prefix of ω, the number of a’s is greater than or equal to number of b’s}

I know the answer which is:

S -> aS | S1

S1 -> aS1bS1 | (empty string)

Now, bbaaa is in the language. But the given CFG cannot generate it. Is it a possible misunderstanding on my end about the prefix’s? Can you explain? And if the CFG given is wrong, what is the correct CFG for the language?

Maybe this is the right grammar? :

S -> aS | S1

S1 -> aS1bS | bS1aS | (empty string)

SQL – SELECT unique rows AND older than 4 hours

I’m trying to SELECT all rows which are older than 4 hours, only unique ones, and limit them with 250 rows.

My database looks like this:

id | titleid | timestamp 1  | TEST1   | 2019-03-23 02:40:33 2  | TEST1   | 2019-03-23 02:40:33 3  | TEST2   | 2019-03-23 02:40:33 4  | TEST3   | 2019-03-23 02:40:33 

I have this query:

SELECT m1.* FROM patch_queue m1 LEFT JOIN patch_queue m2 ON (m1.titleid = m2.titleid AND < WHERE timestamp <= DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 4 HOUR) AND IS NULL LIMIT 250

Which should do the trick. I’m just not sure how I can combine it into one. It throws:

Column ‘timestamp’ in where clause is ambiguous

Does anyone happen to know how can I do this?

Directory submission more than 500 websites for $4

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Why Magento Better than WordPress

Any Help Regarding to this highly Appriciated.

I see wordpress is light weight , fast and easy to work on it more over very cheap hosting like shared hosting is compatible for wordpress however also have very low amount of bugs

when i compared with Magento. Magento is High Level of coding, complex to install, and very complex CLI interface and and very slow than wordpress, and also need expensive hosting..

i need to know the difference between them please only reliable answer

Birth Certificate is larger than an 8.5 x 11 – how to photocopy?

I am applying for my first passport. I have a copy of my birth certificate, but it’s on 9 x 14 paper. Given that I will be required to have a photocopy of said birth certificate to mail off, how do I scan and print it it?

Can I scan two halves with plenty of overlap and send it off like that? I assume when scanning my state ID card I’ll end up with two sheets of paper (one for the front, one for the back) so can I have my birth certificate also be in two pieces if they clearly overlap?

If not, should I find somewhere to make a 9 x 14 scan of it? Will that be alright to mail off?

Which brand 1.4 Teleconverter ensures autofocus for Sigma 150-600mm C other than TC 1401 sigmas own

I have a Kenko tokina 1.4 teleconverter. When attached to 150-600mm C sigma lens and camera switched on, it shows Err01. However if the electrical contacts of the teleconverter are blocked with a tape the lens and teleconverter operates Manual. The same teleconverter works allright with a canon 70-200mm L lens with autofocus options. Tried all techniques to overcome Err01 error. Did not succeed. So which brand of 1.4 teleconverter offers autofocus.

My British passport is expired and has been expired for more than 15 years [migrated]

  • I was born in England, 1984
  • Currently have Canadian Passport and reside in the United States
  • I am a permanent resident in the US (Green Card)
  • I have a British Birth Certificate

Please find out what the most convenient process for renewal is, how long it takes approx, any forms that need to be filled out, and whether I need to send my CAnadian passport in or not.