What is current status (5E) of Thay and its economy?

In the last century between 3.5E (~1372 DR), and 5E (~1489), Thay went through the civil war in which lich Szass Tam won, and banished other wizards making necromancy and undead arcanist the ruling class of the nation.

In 3.5E Thay was famous for two exports – slaves and magic items. However, in the current situation of the world creating magic items is more difficult, and Thay going full necromancy shouldn’t be so interested in the exports.

This connects with enclaves which they were building in distant countries in the Sword Coast. If I remember they even appeared in one of the offical adventures for D&D 3E. I can’t find any materials which confirm that they are still there, but if they can’t produce and export magic items they don’t make too much sense.

Is there any mention in the books or other official materials for D&D 5E that Thay Mages still are selling magical items in the enclaves, or are they abandoned?

What do the Red Wizards of Thay, and particularly Rath Modar, want? [on hold]

I’m currently re-working a small Adventurers League module to insert into my campaign. It involves a Wizard of Thay secretly raising a decent-sized army of undead in the city’s catacombs without anyone noticing.

The original plot hook from the module is that they are trying to help Tiamat to break into the real world using said army of undead (in a convoluted, non-direct way, but still). But I have enough world-ending threats in my current campaign, so I want to change it to something more grounded, but something that still could be investigated by players for further play.

But… it’s hard to guess what Wizards of the Thay want? Especially their outcast — Rath Mogar, who the local zombie-raising wizard works for. Any good ideas for what they would possibly want in Neverwinter? Or at all?

Because I’m getting ideas with only something too generic, like “they are evil and want tons of zombies, duuuuh” and such.