How to restrict Users to see only their databases where has access?

I need to restrict the list of database for our users in a SQL Instance In order to move forward this I revoked the view any database permission to the user desired. But I figured out that only applies for databases owners so if you have access to a database but noy like db_owner even if for this user you deny "view any database". Keep listed the database on the instance

I would like to know how I can restrict to the users to only see their databases where are owners and also databases where only have access.


Does anyone else get paid to host their clients’ websites with a host?

It's just come to my attention that nobody else is doing this. So I am sharing the love… disclaimer: maybe eventually there could be something in it for me ;P

I host the sites I build for clients with a host that pays me to do so. (rev share)

It doesn't make a fortune but it all adds up. Passive income after project handover.

Over the last 8 years I've built just over 100 small business websites in UK.

I'm not going to advertise on here for them but I can put anyone in…

Does anyone else get paid to host their clients' websites with a host?

Plotting relationship between two variables when their relationship is given by a polynomial (2)

I would like to plot the following function $ p$ in the $ x$ -axis and $ V$ in the $ y$ -axis. The function is given by:

62.77142857142857*(6.5+2*(18.57 - V))*(0.005*p*(18.57-V)+(6.5+2 *(18.57-V))*V)*(0.01*p*(18.57-V)+(6.5+2*(18.57-V))*V)*(0.01 *(0.65+ 0.01*(18.57-V))+0.002275*(18.57-V)*V)+0.01*(65+0.0017499999999999998*(18.57-V))*(18.57-V)*((6.5 +2*(18.57-V))*V*(0.005*p*(18.57-V)+(6.5 +2*(18.57-V))*V)-(6.5+2*(18.57-V))*V*(0.01*p*(18.57-V)+(6.5 +2*(18.57-V))*V)+2*(0.005*p*(18.57-V)+ (6.5 +2*(18.57-V))*V)*(0.01*p*(18.57-V)+(6.5+2*(18.57-V))*V))*(-0.05869954325800593*(18.57-V)+0.39*(6.5+2*(18.57-V))*(0.01*(0.65+0.01*(18.57-V))+0.002275*(18.57-V)*V))=0

Can someone please help me with a code for this one?


I posted a similar question yesterday and @Bob Hanlon was kind enough to provide me with a very helpful code. I tried doing the same thing for this polynomial today, and Mathematica shows an error.

Thanks in advance!

How to detect two different mice at the same time, and record their separate movements?

I would like to use two computer mice simultaneously, and to record data their separate movements on windows. I have successfully used TeamPlayer to create two cursors, but the software that I am using to record the movement data records only one output – the sum of the two cursors. How am I to use both computer mice at once, and record their separate outputs?

I have looked at the thread Is it possible to detect two different mice at the same time, and have their movements recorded seperately?, but this is quite old now and most of the solutions offered are now unavailable.

Is there a RAW way to allow the PCs to recover only some of their spell slots etc?

My party were rather foolhardy and have got themselves knocked out and captured. Their captors want to keep them alive for a bit to question and then to sacrifice.

The party expended pretty much all their resources in the battle and so without a long rest are not going to have much chance of escape. However, it also feels wrong to say "you spend the night tied up in a stable and now you have all your spells and HP back". Which would make escape probably quite easy and anticlimactic.

Is there a way to reflect that they got some rest, but not a good night’s sleep?

Does a Warlock receive the benefit of their familiar’s Magic Resistance trait?

The Warlock has access to special forms for their find familiar spell through the Pact of the Chain feature. I’m wondering if these special forms, the Quasit, Imp, and Pseudodragon in particular, allow the player character to share the familiar’s Magic Resistance feature. In the Monster Manual each of these creatures has a sidebar that states that the familiar shares its Magic Resistance feature with the companion they are bonded to, but the PHB doesn’t mention this in any of the creatures’ stat blocks.

For example, in the Variant: Pseudodragon Familiar sidebar on page 254 of the MM it says:

“While the pseudodragon is within 10 feet of its companion, the companion shares the pseudodragon’s Magic Resistance trait.”

This feature seems clear in the MM but I’m led to believe that it wasn’t intended for Player Characters since mention of it is absent from the stat blocks in Appendix D of the PHB (pages 307-309).

Would a 3rd level warlock who chose one of these familiar forms through the Pact of the Chain feature benefit from advantage from saving throws from spells and other magical effects due to these special forms, or was this feature only meant for powerful NPCs and enemy spellcasters who had made this link with these familiars themselves?

How to deal with players that wants their characters to do automatic perception, stealth and searching for traps/secret doors?

Every time my players are exploring a dungeon, they want their characters to do perception checks for monsters, perception checks for traps and/or secret passages while being on stealth mode, all at the same time. If a monster comes or if they activate a trap, they get mad because “my character is always looking for traps”. If I say they need to declare their actions, the game goes like this:

[me describing a area, like a corridor they’re walking in]

player: I check for traps and secret doors in the wall, the floor and the ceiling. I also want to hear anything unusual and walk silently.

They want to be on “automatic mode”, expecting me to roll for their PCs every time they enter a new area. Otherwise they always have this phrase “I check for traps and secret doors in the wall, the floor…” that they say EVERYTIME I introduce a new area. I can’t put them in “automatic” for this kind of roll. We’re playing D&D 5e, but this happen in other campaigns, and it has always been a problem to me.

How do I deal with it?

How should my Warlock player use their familiar during battles?

One of my players has a Warlock character and is using Pact of the Chain for their Pact Boon. They most often cast a pseudodragon as their familiar, but neither of us are sure about how they should be using the pseudodragon during fights. Does the familiar get its own turn in the turn order? Or can the familiar only act when the Warlock gives up their action slot? I read the PHB content, but I’m still unclear how/if the pseudodragon should be used in fights.

Is there a way to browse Scabard’s characters, irrespective of their campaign?

I’ve noticed that a nice resource to get inspirations is Scabard. However it is apparently browsable only on a Campaign level, with all the Campaign’s assets mixed up (characters+cities+random stuff).

Is there a way to browse only a specific category? (i.e. only the characters, or only the cities, for instance)

Even better if I could browse all characters, irrespective of their campaign, but even an in-campaign sorting would be good.