How would you create a frustrated Fire Wizard who wants to be a doctor but things tend to explode when he wants to heal them?

I’m considering a new character for a pirates-themed game of Pathfinder 2e. He was born in an island full of inhabitants with inherent healing magical habilities and in which offensive magic is looked down upon. Naturally, that place became famous for its doctors, and prospered.

My character was, however, gifted with fire magic habilities. So gifted, indeed, that he can’t barely cast anything else without his fire powers manifesting. But he desperately wants to become a doctor… which is a problem, because randomly turning patients on fire is not a very desirable trait.

As a teen, he was going for a walk with his brother when he fell, and broke his leg. Overconfident on his habilities, my character tried to heal it, and the leg exploded. He was deemed unworthy and exiled from the island shortly after.

My character despises offensive magic, despite being really good at it. And desperately wants to redeem himself and return to his island in the future.

How would you implement something like that on pathfinder 2e? My GM is open for any suggestion – including new habilities. I was thinking about a healing hability heavily dependant on the dice and maybe also dependant on wisdom or his level, to mimic him slowly mastering it through the game – lowering (but not nullyfing) the chance of a healing disaster as the game progresses. I would also like if it added a comical factor to the game – a sort of "tension" whenever my character tries to heal somebody, which I think could result in some fun situations for everybody. However, im aware that, if not implemented correctly, it could instead be frustrating.

I’m fairly new to roleplaying games and pathfinder 2e particularly, so I don’t think im able to come with a balanced solution for this. Any ideas?

How do I adjudicate a player trying to sweep kick an enemy’s legs to knock them down?

I’m new to D&D. I already read both the Player’s Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide (I’m mastering) and I would like to know how I could handle this situation:

A player wants to do a sweep kick on an enemy’s legs and knock him down. He rolls a 20 and does the damage, but what about taking the enemy down? There is no rule that covers it.

Following the rules, the player would have to do a specific action to try to push the enemy down, and there would have to be a resisted check to see if the player can actually drop the enemy, so how could I deal with that?

How to store outputs as coordinates and use ListPlot to plot them?

so I have a program that outputs a desired value for incrementing values of alpha. Right now, my program prints a list of these for 40 values of alpha in the form {alpha, newValue}.

d = 1000; For[k = 1, k <= 40, k++,   alpha = 0.1*k;   fd = 3*d^2/(Pi^2);    fs = fd*FareySequence[d];   count = 0;    For[i = 1, i < fd, i++,     For[j = (i - 1), j > 0, j--,       If[(fs[[i]] - fs[[j]]) < alpha, count++, Break[]]];];     newValue = count/d^2;   Print["{", alpha, ",", newValue, "}"];   ]; 

Here are the first few outputs:

{0.1,0} {0.2,0} {0.3,0} {0.4,1911/100000} {0.5,13593/250000} {0.6,90521/1000000} .. .. .. {3.9,1155653/1000000} {4.,74163/62500} 

I want to make a plot all of these outputs as coordinates. I want to plot these point on a graph with alpha on the x axis and newValue on the y axis. Any help would be appreciated.

Can a raging barbarian carry live rabbits to kill them, in order to keep his rage going?

One of my players, a human barbarian, came up with the idea of carrying captured rabbits, feeding them and treating them nicely, so that he can rip them apart mid-battle if he knows he will be unable to attack during the round. Does this sound balanced or does this sound like breaking the rules?

Can a Blinded caster with Blindsight use spells that require them to see the target?

The situation I have in mind is the following:

An epic battle ensues between a Young Green Dragon (caster variant) and a Purple Worm. The Purple Worm swallows the dragon; meanwhile, the dragon has blindsight and can cast Command.

Command is a spell that requires you to see the target. However, the dragon is Blinded (so it can’t see) while swallowed. It has blindsight out to 30 ft, though, so it can perceive its surroundings without relying on sight.

Can the Young Green Dragon use the Command spell to have the Purple Worm retch it out?

The general question is: does the interaction of the Blinded condition with blindsight still prevent the caster from using spells that require them to see the target?

There is another question which asks if creatures with blindsight can be affected by the Blinded condition. The answer is yes, and we begin this question with the fact in mind that the caster is both Blinded and has blindsight.

Does a “willing” creature know the outcome of the spell that is being cast on them?

Perhaps put another way, can you lie when casting a spell on a "willing creature"? For instance, I could cast Dimension Door on myself and one willing creature. I may tell him we’re going across that gorge, but in reality, we’re going 500 feet up for some tasty 20d6 fall damage for both of us, because why not?

Does a willing creature know what they are subjecting themselves to specifically? Or do they merely allow a spell to be cast on them, trusting that you’re going to do what you say you’re going to do?

Do creatures with Legendary Resistance know what is hitting them in order to choose to use the resistance or not?

Say I cast a Fireball at a white dragon, it definitively knows that the spell cast was a Fireball, with all those flames around…

However, some spells are more subtle, such as Banishment. Maybe the characters want to have about 1 minute to build something that will kill the dragon once it returns… but then it could take casting the Banishment spell (or other spells) many times to successfully sending the dragon on a demiplane for a while.

Yet, if the Dragon (or other target) cannot really know what the spell is, then it could accept a failure thinking it may need its resistance later when it is in a worst situation than at this time…

I have not been able to find something in RAW that says the target knows of the exact spell effects when it has the Legendary Resistance skill. Is there?

UE4 MULTIPLAYER: how to Control Multiple Pawns without possesing them (RTS style)?

I am making a multiplayer RTS but i have problem being able to control spawned units (let’s call them Vessels), specifically moving them around with AI MoveTo bp.

Vessels can be created by both Clients and Server and are visible from everyone but neither clients nor Server can move Spanwed Vessels.

Only Vessels placed on map beforehand can be moved and ONLY by the Server.

Also server sees all Client CameraPawn movements and clients see Server CameraPawn movements BUT clients don’t see each other’s CameraPawn Movements (if this is related somehow…)

How can i control a pawn in multiplayer from all clients for starters ? How can i limit control to a specific controller ? Why "preplaced" Vessels work(move) for Server only ? 

FYI: I spend almost all day on the web about it and found nothing close to it. I get the feeling that either i am doing something wrong or understood something wrong…

I’v indexed my pages in search console, but Google didnt show them in search results [duplicate]

I have indexed all of my webpages into google search console tools.. but Google did not show the results in search results.

my website is :

Can you help me please.. see the latests articles, they wont show in search results

Thank you