Can the Half-Orc’s relentless endurance protect them from things that would normally kill someone instantly

In our campaign, we have a Half-Orc Barbarian. Very original. We are going along this cliff-side fortress and our worried about falling off. The Half-Orc’s player jokingly says that he’ll be fine, due to his Relentless Endurance. But I was thinking about it, and it seems like he’s right, but this seems excessive. Could he really survive the fall? Or survive lava? Or anything else that should kill instantly?

How many versions of the Ranger class are there in 5e, and what are the differences between them?

I was considering building a Ranger, and consulted my local game shop DM on the matter. He suggested using one of the revised versions of the ranger class, due to the ranger in the PHB being somewhat underpowered as compared to later revisions of the class.

I was also doing some reading, and found a couple of references to a “revised ranger” here and here.

How many different versions of the ranger class are there in 5e, and what are the differences between them?

I’m looking for answers that reference official WotC sources, including UA if it’s applicable.

I’m not asking “How many different ways, subclasses, feats, etc. are there for designing rangers?” Rather, I’m confused since there appear to be multiple releases of the ranger class itself, yet the only version I am familiar with is the version in the PHB.

What happens when Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere is cast on a creature that has momentum going for them?

If a creature casts Otiluke’s resilient sphere on himself while he is walking or running, does the momentum stop when the spell is cast?

I’m thinking about a scenario where a creature is surrounded by a prismatic barrier. It can’t be seen through so to get through it by teleportation misty step is out of the picture. People are split on whether dimension door (having to target the area you are making the door to) is blocked due to the barrier blocking line of effect. The spell ‘teleportation’ is a riskier form of teleportation that is also a higher level spell and is thus more difficult to access. So my thoughts turned to a spell my artificer does have: Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere.

Resilient sphere tells you how it can be moved:

An enclosed creature can use its action to push against the sphere’s walls and thus roll the sphere at up to half the creature’s speed. Similarly, the globe can be picked up and moved by other creatures.

The words of the sphere only include a way for the creature inside to move by expending an action, it would however be fallacious to say this must be an exhaustive list of what ways the sphere can be moved. As it doesn’t say it can’t be moved by other means. These words would indicate that for an creature inside to start moving the sphere it will require its action.

I want to know if there is any way to cast the sphere and move it in the same turn on only your one action (without metamagic). Particularly, what happens if the creature enclosed in the sphere has momentum when the sphere is cast. Can a creature run at the prismatic barrier and cast Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere to get through it? I presume a creature can cast while moving, and if not I know a creature can cast while concentrating on a spell; At the very least a creature should be able to use a ready action to cast the spell and concentrate on it, run at the wall, and activate the spell before he hits the wall.

Why would my ISP have SSLv3 enabled and support insecure suites? SSLLAB rates them an F

A few days ago I tried to log in and pay my bill and their HTTPS was disabled. I questioned it and they enabled it and said they were doing upgrades. Curious, I tested the site with SSL LAB and they received an F because they also support insecure suites.

I asked them about disabling SSLv3 to mitigate POODLE and was told I needed to do that on my end.

I am confused because every other ISP and site with SSL I test receives a B or A score, why would my ISP rest at an F and no one seems to care except me.

How can I tell a player to stop something without seeming like I’m restricting them too much?

I have been running VtM in the form of the players playing as ghouls however one of my recent players has made a charmer character. I am okay with characters wanting to get laid however he considers these things to be fluff and says that he believes the flirting part is important for character development. He does not insist on roleplaying the sex part however he does wish to roleplay how he showers his love interest with kisses and most of his interactions with NPC’s involve similar things.

He seems rather invested in the game so I don’t want to just tell him to stop or tell him that we will be glossing over the flirting but I am starting to feel uncomfortable having to play these NPC’s. It’s been about two weeks since he joined and he has slept with his fellow ghoul,a prostitute and he attempted to sleep with his domitor each involving a fair bit of flirting. (As a note. I have been running him private sessions to catch him up to the group both immersion and experience vice.)

So my question is that how can I make him dial this type of stuff back without seeming judgemental or like I am telling him to change his character?

Trying to understand AC0 reduction: what can be done with them?

I’m trying to understand the basic ideas behind the $ AC^0$ reductions, related to some logical problems e.g. evaluation of boolean formulae. Where can I find some references to what can be done with $ AC^0$ reduction and cannot be done with a LogSpace reduction?

Can the following operations on the input formulae can be implemented in $ AC^0$ ? They can be easily implemented by LogSpace (or even const-space) transducer?

  • parse the formula and remove all negation symbols from it,
  • create a copy of the input and return its disjunction.

Is there any nicer way to think about $ AC^0$ reductions than by the means of circuits? Is there any analogy here to parallel complexity?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Will Republicans be successful with their attempts to smear Joe Biden or will Americans see through them?

ERNST: “IA caucuses are this next Monday evening. And I’m really interested to see how this discussion today informs and influences the Iowa caucus voters, those Demcaucus goers. Will they be supporting VP Biden at this point?”

I want to delete connections in tnsnames.ora. I need to figure out which ones are currently in use, so that I don’t delete them mistakenly

I’m using Oracle 12c in Debian 8 (on a vm)

This question is for educational purposes only. I’m not using any production servers, so anything that you can tell me won’t have consecuences

To start with, I found this link to delete registers in tnsnames.ora. I didn’t test it yet because first, I needed to know if there were active connections in the database using the information of the tnsnames.ora.
I’m asking here because I found no way of doing this, but it may be possible to do it.

For you to know, I’m using this command for connecting to the database, so that I clearly specify a tnsname

rlwrap sqlplus sys as sysdba@tnstest 

The contents of my tnsnames.ora are the following

tnstest =   (DESCRIPTION =     (ADDRESS_LIST =       (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = localhost)(PORT = 1539))     )     (CONNECT_DATA =       (SERVER = DEDICATED)       (SERVICE_NAME = orcl)     )   ) 

But, if I want to be 100% sure that this is working, I use this command

tnsping tnstest 

Which results are…

TNS Ping Utility for Linux: Version - Production on 28-JAN-2020 23:51:38  Copyright (c) 1997, 2016, Oracle.  All rights reserved.  Used parameter files: /opt/oracle/product/   Used TNSNAMES adapter to resolve the alias Attempting to contact (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS_LIST = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = localhost)(PORT = 1539))) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVER = DEDICATED) (SERVICE_NAME = orcl))) OK (0 msec) 

After all of this I know that my configuration is working, I’m using a register in tnsnames.ora for the connection, but I don’t know a way of checking…
“Hey, now that I’m connected, I want to know which register I used from the tnsnames file for connecting, if I used that file of course”

Is there any possibility that I could get this information?

Well, my following attempts of trying to figure this out, were checking the v$ session view, if there was any field that I could use to get this information, but I couldn’t find one.

After all of this, ultimately, I came here for asking. I don’t know what else to try nor I have more ideas of what should I do next.

P.S: there’s a chance that this problem is impossible to solve, because this is task I’m doing due to I’m a student of sysadmin, and our teacher intentionally added unsolvable questions.
Even so, I still think there might be a solution for this particular case

[ Small Business ] Open Question : Do you give them leftover paint, even though it is of no use to them?

We are painting over bathroom partitions and metal doors in a restaurant. Seems repainting is about 1/4-1/3 the cost of replacement of items. They are bad, but not too bad. We are creating as near as possible a factory finish. Everything had to be taken apart, sanded, primed, painted. This is not ordinary primer or acrylic paint. In fact we had to sand away some amateurishly applied acrylic paints on some pieces and that was extra work. The paint and primer MUST be sprayed on to get as close to the factory powder coat finish as possible. If a powder coating company did the job, it was close to the cost of replacement, about $ 1,500 per room. We did both rooms for $ 1,000 and that included painting all the metal plus all the drywall and ceilings. They want the paint from the ceiling and walls. That’s fine, it is a custom color. It is about a quart for the walls and less than a quart for the ceilings. We have about a quart left over from the partitions. This is not exactly a custom color. It is the most popular of about 50 possible colors. We use it all the time. It is worth about $ 20 and we use it often.  The paint can’t be brushed on or rolled on. It will look like crap. It must be sprayed. The client doesn’t fully grasp this is not an ordinary paint. Margins are too thin to give away something he couldn’t possibly use. Besides, it was not part of the work order. He is withholding the final payment on the whole place, about $ 1,000 because he wants this paint. Do I just give it to him and make him happy? My guess I will never work for him again and the place will not make it 6 months.