WordPress Theme Gallery Website

This website is made for WP themes shop, or just sharing with the community. So far there are 2 themes that can be downloaded on the web.

The idea for those who want to continue, by direct selling the themes or by giving free themes that can be easier to get traffic, then promote products related to themes and premium plugins from ThemeForest or other providers and get affiliate commissions, affiliate hosting, or selling web design services.

The sale includes:
– Main website
– 2 themes…

WordPress Theme Gallery Website

What are some good spells in 5e that have a chaotic theme?

I am currently working on a 5e home-brew warlock otherworldly patron option for a campaign I am starting soon.

My idea is that you make a pact with chaos itself like the embodiment of the primordial void from Greek myth. However, I am at a loss as to what chaotic themed spells to add to the warlock spell list.

Does anyone maybe have a few suggestion as to some good chaos or luck themed spells that would be helpful?

How do I encourage players to make characters appropriate to the tone and theme of a game?

I have been a GM for many years and have experience with many different systems and settings of different themes and moods, but my current group seems to be having issues I’ve never had to deal with before. Their characters have wildly different themes and tones, most of which even run counter to the game(s) we are currently running. It doesn’t matter what theme and mood we use, from nihilistic horror to slapstick comedy, they always make characters that don’t “fit”.

How do I encourage the players to make characters appropriate to the system and setting? I feel bad just telling them their idea doesn’t work, but the games suffer due to this lack of cohesion and identity. What I’m looking for most is what has worked and what hasn’t in similar situations.

Website Theme Flickering in Chrome

This website – https://www.millworksconstructionservices.com/ – flickers when you scroll down in Chrome. I get this issue at home and in the office, and unofortunately clients are starting to report the issue. If I switch over to another theme, the flickering goes away. Any idea on a fix for this?

Chrome: Version 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Looking for a fully customisable WP responsive theme to develop a small scale fiverr type site for voice artists [closed]

I’m new here, not totally wet behind the ears but in reality, a beginner. I am looking for a free, fully customisable WP theme to develop a fiverr type site for voice artists but on a much smaller scale. I’m thinking of limiting membership to 3000 to begin, including buyers and talent – if interest is shown.

I will need a lot of help as this is quite a bit to chew off but I’m determined. I just need a good starting point – a theme (I think), unless anyone has any other suggestions. It would need to be able to handle lots of uploading of mp4, mp3, jpeg, png, buying and selling with Paypal, Escrow etc.

Security is of utmost importance.

Anyone have any solid advice on which theme I could use that is user friendly? I am using XAMP.

Thank youin advance for any feedback!

All the best!

Does Avada theme, Fusion Builder or Toolset plugin store some data remotely?

I have a new task to try to speed up one WordPress site. In order to do so, I copied the existing site to my company’s dev server. The problem is pages do not look quite the same. The code and DB are totally the same. After search I found that some theme settings and some fusion and toolset settings are not the same on prod and dev server. For example header width, fonts, custom.css is empty on dev (one that belongs to theme and can be edited from backend), etc…

What can that be? Do some of these components store data remotely and because of diff domain, I can not get that or I miss something else?