Why does theme’s reset CSS have higher precedence of plugin’s CSS?

In the style.css of the theme Twenty Twenty-One, there is a piece of reset CSS:

/**  * Reset specific elements to make them easier to style in other contexts.  */ html, body, p, ol, ul, li, dl, dt, dd, blockquote, figure, fieldset, form, legend, textarea, pre, iframe, hr, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {     padding: 0;     margin: 0;     -moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale;     -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; } 

Why does it have higher precedence than the CSS in my custom plugin? The result is that I have to add !important to override this.

how to make sure your wordpress is clean of any old files from previous themes so you can install a new theme

with no issues from past themes/plugins. The goal here is I am planning to install a premium theme for my existing WP site and use Divi Plugin So far I’ve tried contacting Bluehost but they just did a ‘scan’ or something so I don’t know if they understood what I meant. I’m relatively new to WP. Tinkering for about 2 years. I’ve tried google searching and irrelevant articles pop up. When searching this site I got 0 results. Hope I’m articulating my question well.

Creating themes for themeforest

I am currently developing a theme for themeforest and it is almost over. I have some questions before launching it to themeforest.

  1. How to license my theme.
  2. How to add an installable option to my theme (not just copying files to directory).
  3. How to add an option to activate theme with a license key.

I need to know all these stuffs are done by themeforest or it should be done by developer. I am not an experienced developer and if anyone can provide some details and how to do these i very much appreciate that.

Searching for demo data of wordpress themes [closed]

I like to have demo data of some WordPress site like Real Estate Website site as you can see here: enter image description here

So Do yo know any mechanism to scrap the demo data of one wordpress online demo site, or i must find and upload the demo files into the word press by googling and finding those data?

Is there any website as reference for demo data of WordPress sites to do that faster?


Is there a way to add new div class via a theme’s Additional CSS interface?

I am trying to modify a woocommerce website and I have very little HTML/CSS training. Most of what I’ve learned has come from trial and error, some online tutorials, playing around with the developer console in Chrome, etc….

I’m trying to add an image border to the top of a page header right before an area called tg-container. I was able to put one below it, using an existing class, whose info I didn’t need to see. Can it be done with the Additional CSS interface built into the theme or do I have to go into the style.css and html to create the boarder? I know the benefit of the Additional CSS interface is having no need to edit the theme files directly whenever the theme is updated.

Bypass Page

Example Page with border – accessible only after bypass page is visited

IMAGE: Example page with Chrome Developer Console open and showing code for area

Move custom code out of theme’s functions.php file

I have written code to use on a single page, but I’ve placed it in the theme’s functions.php and created a javascript file and placed it in the theme’s JS directory.

Recently, the theme was updated and functions.php was overwritten and JS file disappeared.

Where do I need to put this code so when the theme is updated, my code will not be lost?


 add_action('wp_ajax_zip_search', 'zip_search'); add_action('wp_ajax_nopriv_zip_search', 'zip_search' ); function zip_search() {     global $  wpdb;      $  zip = $  _REQUEST["zip_code"];      /**/      $  query = 'SELECT zone FROM Counties WHERE zip = %s';     $  zone = $  wpdb->get_var( $  wpdb->prepare($  query, $  zip) );      $  output = "<h1>".$  zone."</h1>";     $  t_zone = $  zone;     $  trimmed_zone = trim($  t_zone);      $  query = 'SELECT * FROM Managers WHERE zone = %s;';     $  manager_info = $  wpdb->get_row(  $  wpdb->prepare($  query, $  trimmed_zone) );      $  output .= "<table style=\"width:100%\">" .                      "<tr>".                         "<th>Zone Manager</th>".                         "<th>Phone</th>".                         "<th>Email Address</th>".                     "</tr>" .                     "<tr>" .                          "<td>" . $  manager_info->first_name . " " . $  manager_info->last_name  . "</td>" .                          "<td>" . $  manager_info->phone_number . "</td>" .                          "<td>" . $  manager_info->email_address .  "</td>" .                      "</tr>" .                 "</table>";      $  query = 'SELECT Region_Number FROM Zones WHERE Zone = %s';     $  region = $  wpdb->get_var( $  wpdb->prepare($  query, $  zone) );      $  query = 'SELECT * FROM Agblist WHERE Region_Number = %s';     $  results = $  wpdb->get_results( $  wpdb->prepare($  query, $  region) );          $  output .= "<table style=\"width:100%\">";          $  output .= "<tr>".                 "<th>Company Name</th>".                 "<th>Contact Info</th>".                 "<th>Channel</th>".                 "<th>Territory</th>".                "</tr>";      foreach( $  results as $  result )      {         $  output .= "<tr>".                         "<td>".$  result->Company_Name."</td>".                         "<td>".$  result->Corp_Address_Line_1."</br>".$  result->Corp_Address_Line_2."</br>".$  result->Corp_City.", ".$  result->Corp_State." ".$  result->Corp_Zip_Code."</br>".$  result->Office_Phone_1."</td>".                         "<td>".$  result->Channel."</td>".                         "<td>".$  result->Agent_Territory."</td>".                     "</tr>";     }     //$  output .= "<li>Result: ".$  results."</li>";     $  output .= "</table>"; /**/     //$  output = "<p>here</p>";     $  response = array(         'data' => $  output,     );      wp_send_json_success($  response); }  add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'my_load_scripts' ); function my_load_scripts() {      // Enqueue javascript on the frontend.     wp_enqueue_script(         'zip_js',         get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/zip_search.js',         array('jquery')     );      // The wp_localize_script allows us to output the ajax_url path for our script to use.     wp_localize_script(         'zip_js',         'myAjax',         array( 'ajaxurl' => admin_url( 'admin-ajax.php' ) )     );  } 


jQuery(document).ready( function() {    console.log("Document loaded!");    jQuery("#AgentSearchButton").click( function(e) {       console.log("Search button clicked");       e.preventDefault();        var zipCode = document.getElementById("AgentInputField").value;       console.log("Zip code entered: " + zipCode);       jQuery.ajax({          type : "post",          dataType : "json",          url : myAjax.ajaxurl,          data : {              'action': "zip_search",              'zip_code' : zipCode          },          success: function(response) {             console.log(response.data);             if(response.success) {                 console.log("response.type == success");                 jQuery("#results").html(response.data.data);             }             else {                 console.log("response.type == else");                 console.log(response.data);             }          },         error: function(errorThrown){             console.log("In error, error thrown!");             console.log(errorThrown);         }       })    }) }); 

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