Are there any algorithms for extracting functions from expressions?

Suppose you have an expression like this:

sqrt(x) * 6 + sqrt(x + 1) * 6 + sqrt(x + 2) * 6 

Are there any well-known or published algorithms that can find the repeated partial expressions and extract a function like this?

let f(x) = sqrt(x) * 6  in f(x) + f(x + 1) + f(x + 2) 

I imagine there are some clever schemes in either the automatic vectorization literature or in automatically finding duplicate code. This is also somewhat similar to common subexpression elimination.

Is there an easy way to remove built-in apps on macOS Mojave?

In the past I was able to do sudo rm -rf /Applications/<app name>. The following resources indicate that this will no longer work without dealing with System Integration Protection (SIP):

  • How delete an application that is bundled with macOS?

The motivation is that I am not motivated to accept updates for apps that I do not expect to use within the foreseeable future.

Is there an easy way to remove the built-in apps that I do not wish to update?

Adding Live Chat on mobile and desktop if there is a sticky bar at the bottom?

Typically, live chat is located on the bottom right as a floater either on desktop and mobile. However, on some of my pages, I have a sticky bar with a CTA button on the bottom right. If we were to add a live chat, the live chat would cover the CTA button.

If we move the floater above the CTA button, it would cover some of the information on the side…

Additionally, is it best practice to keep desktop and mobile experience the same? I think I might need to make the live chat experience different from the mobile site.

I need help figuring out the best place to put a live chat function on this page. Help please!

Is there a real use for the Medicine skill?

Does the Medicine skill have a hidden use I don’t know about? All I can see in the rules is that it allows a successful skill roll to stabilize a dying character, which a healer kit does without a roll, and healer kits are really cheap. Does a successful roll plus a healer kit restore hp? Medicine seems like such a waste of a precious skill slot for such a rare corner case…

Is there a way to recover my system while rebooting

I want to make a recover mechanism for my Ubuntu, meaning that no matter how I change my system while working, if I reboot, the system will always be reset to the original state. For example, I created and remove some files, but after rebooting, the created files should have been removed and the removed files should have been back.

Is there such a tool?

Is there a point $H$ such that $\frac{AH \cdot DM}{HD^2} = \frac{BH \cdot EN}{HE^2} = \frac{CH \cdot FP}{HF^2}$?

enter image description here

$ H$ is a point in non-isoceles triangle $ \triangle ABC$ . The intersections of $ AH$ and $ BC$ , $ BH$ and $ CA$ , $ CH$ and $ AB$ are respectively $ D$ , $ E$ , $ F$ . $ AD$ , $ BE$ and $ CF$ cuts $ (A, B, C)$ respectively at $ M$ , $ N$ and $ P$ . Is there a point $ H$ such that the following equality is correct? $ $ \large \frac{AH \cdot DM}{HD^2} = \frac{BH \cdot EN}{HE^2} = \frac{CH \cdot FP}{HF^2}$ $

  • If there is not, prove why.

  • If there is, illustrate how to put down point $ H$ .

Of course, point $ H$ should be one of the triangle centres identified in the Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers. But I don’t which one it is.

Is there any way how to highlight specific words in search results?

Is there any way how to highlight particular words in cells that I enter to the search window? The thing is that sometimes working with a huge text we need to find only several words among long text and we have to read through all cell content to find it manually because the search option highlights only an entire cell where a searched word located. So I just wonder if there any method how to make google sheets highlight not entire cell but specific words in search results or is it technically impossible?

Is there a rule that creatures without Con scores can not have the Regeneration special ability?

I’ve heard that there’s a rule that creatures without Con scores (e.g. undead) cannot have the regeneration special ability. I can see why that would be the case (immunity to nonlethal damage makes Regeneration pretty powerful), but I’d like to see a rules citation for it if it exists.

i am not able to get the correct output. Is there any error in this code. Please give me your answers

def sumOfDiv(x):

sum = 1 for i in range(2, x):      if x % i == 0:          sum += i  return sum 

Check if pair is amicable

def isAmicable(a, b):
for i in range(a,b+1): if sumOfDiv(a) == b and sumOfDiv(b) == a:

     print(list(a,b))  else:   return "none" 

a=int(input(“enter the number:”)) b=int(input(“\nenter the number2:”)) isAmicable(a,b)