Is there a guide on how to create a monster to 1 v 1 a PC?

I have read all about how to create an encounter or “boss” monster for a group of PCs to defeat based on challenge rating, but I do not see if there is any guidance on how to create/modify a monster to make it a challenge of any certain rating if it were a 1 v 1 situation.

Essentially I want a PC (Level 5) to be forced to fight in a gladiator pit for its survival/release from prison, and I would like to design/modify an Orc to be the challenger.

Obviously a CR5 monster would be way too tough, but I am not sure if the CR system would help figure out what a hard/deadly challenge would be for a single character to handle.

Curious if there are guides out there that could help explain how to create/modify a monster for this role.

Thank you!

Is there official clarification how firbolg’s Hidden Step interacts with delayed damage/save effects?

The playable Firbolg race from Volo’s Guide to Monsters has the Hidden Step racial feature (emphasis mine):

Hidden Step. As a bonus action, you can magically turn invisible until the start of your next turn or until you attack, make a damage roll, or force someone to make a saving throw. Once you use this trait, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

I can see how the text says it works, but there are situations where its wording ends invisibility without you taking any offensive action. That’s really unusual for invisibility effects.

(For example, the spell Booming Blade makes you make a damage roll for the spell later, but it’s not you personally taking new offensive action: it deals damage when a previously-hit opponent moves before the caster’s next turn.)

Therefore my question: Have any errata or developer statements been made that clarify if “passive” delayed damage rolls or saving throws aren’t meant to end Hidden Step?

I’m specifically looking for official statements clarifying this exact kind of interaction. Interpretations based on the text aren’t useful answers because I can already see how the interaction works absent errata, and speculation on the intention aren’t official clarification.

I myself have been unable to find an official statement that clarifies this issue, only this statement, which confirms that you are allowed to cast beneficial spells.

Is there a way to set ALSA microphone as the main one?

I’m using Kubuntu 19.04 and i’m getting weird pop sounds at my microphone whenever I talk. I’ve recorded my mic via Pulseaudio and via ALSA (thanks to Audacity) and I noticed that the pops only appear in the Pulseaudio’s record.

I’ve already tried a lot of config solutions (and even tried to disable Pulseaudio), but unfortunately nothing worked.

Is there a way to select ALSA microphone as the system default?

Pulseaudio’s record:

ALSA’s record:

Are there any sorcerer spells that can snuff torches?

Points of interest

  • I have dark-vision
  • I’m an 11th level sorcerer
  • We are preparing to split up while taking on a keep for in game reasons.
  • I’ve saved up enough to buy a page of spell knowledge of 5th level or lower, but i’d rather not spend that much if i’m able.
  • We have 66 days to prepare, have things crafted etc before we miss our chance.
  • There shouldn’t be any spellcasters in the area i’m to take care of. (i.e no light spells)

Okay my party and i are about to head into a keep that we have scouted out the inside of before.There are not going to be any windows on the level i need to take care of but there are allot of torches. The people in the keep don’t have any form of darkvision to my knowledge.

I’m looking for a magic item or a spell with a duration i’m able to cast that will keep snuffing out the light sources at a range where normal vision won’t be able to pick me up. I’ll admit i’m looking for something that will snuff the fire instead of just using darkness for two reasons, 1 so they are not re illuminating after i pass them and 2 i use some fear based spells and my GM encourages me to “set the mood” for the fear magic and I think fires literally ether slowly dying or getting blown out quickly will have such effect… So in short RP reasons. I’ve been looking at wind based magic but haven’t found any wind based one that actually put out flames.

I’ve been and will be busy until a day before our session so it may be a bit lazy of me to ask here for ideas but google didn’t pull up anything but a 3rd party cantrip called “Snuff”, but i don’t like using 3rd party stuff and the cantrip isn’t a “Cast once and just let it work for awhile” I’d have to cast it on each light source. and honestly i don’t have the time to do any deeper diving so i came here.

Is there a “Take 20” mechanic?

Most d20 systems have a “take 20” mechanic as per the d20 SRD

When you have plenty of time (generally 2 minutes for a skill that can normally be checked in 1 round, one full-round action, or one standard action), you are faced with no threats or distractions, and the skill being attempted carries no penalties for failure, you can take 20. In other words, eventually you will get a 20 on 1d20 if you roll enough times. Instead of rolling 1d20 for the skill check, just calculate your result as if you had rolled a 20.

Taking 20 means you are trying until you get it right, and it assumes that you fail many times before succeeding. Taking 20 takes twenty times as long as making a single check would take.

Since taking 20 assumes that the character will fail many times before succeeding, if you did attempt to take 20 on a skill that carries penalties for failure, your character would automatically incur those penalties before he or she could complete the task. Common “take 20” skills include Escape Artist, Open Lock, and Search.

I haven’t found anything in the M&M 3e SRD, but the 2e rules had it, and maybe I was looking on the wrong place.