Are there common problems between rounting and mat-dialogs in Angular?

What I wanted to do was to open a mat-dialog by clicking on an icon. This mat-dialog is a split panel that has to the left side buttons that can be clicked and to the right side a content space where other components are supposed to be loaded on click on the specific button. Now, I followed the guidelines of the original documentation for routing on , but when I clicked the first icon to open the dialog, it’s style was changed and it didn’t open in form of a dialog anymore. Now I figured I could just keep the dialog style by changing the url within the method of calling the dialog like this

dialogRef.afterOpened().subscribe(result => {       this.router.navigate(['/dialog']);     });    dialogRef.afterClosed().subscribe(result => {      this.router.navigate(['']);     }); 

Like this the url changed with opening anf closing the dialog the way I wanted. But I’ve got another routing-module with another component, which is working perfectly fine, before opening the dialog,but does not work anymore afterwards. And now the loading of the component via routing and using <router-outlet> in the html tag does not work either. Now, my question is if there are some general problems with mat-dialog and routing that I might solve by using a different way? Is it necassary to code a custom dialog (not using mat-dialog)? I had everything working fine before with a service, though I thought changing the url and opening the components by navigation would be a lot less code and a nicer solution.

Hopefully, someone can explain this problem to me and what is actually happening. I might provide more general code, but like I said I pretty much followed the official documentation. Thanks in advance!

Is there any theorem connect to this problem?

It is a question I always ask when I was a primary student:

Could a number only contains digit’1′ with $ p$ digits writes $ $ A=\frac{10^{p}-1}{9} = \underbrace{11\cdots 1}_{p\text{ digits}}$ $ be a prime?

When $ p$ is not a prime, the factorization of $ A$ is obvious, but if $ p$ is a prime, the factorization of $ A$ may be subtle.

Here I made a list of some result for prime $ p$

$ $ \begin{array}{c|lcr} p & \ \text{factors} \ \hline 3 & 3 \times 37\ 5 & 41 \times 271 \ 7 & 239 \times 4649 \ 11 & 21649 \times 513239 \ 13 & 53 \times 79 \times 265371653 \ 17 & 2071723 \times 5363222357 \ 19 & \text{prime} \ 23 & \text{prime} \ 29 & 3191 \times 16763 \times 43037 \times 62003 \times 77843839397 \ 31 & 2791 \times 6943319 \times 57336415063790604359 \ 37 & 2028119 \times 247629013 \times 2212394296770203368013 \ 41 & 83 \times 1231 \times 538987 \times 201763709900322803748657942361 \ 43 & 173 \times 1527791 \times 1963506722254397 \times 2140992015395526641 \ 47 & 35121409 \times 316362908763458525001406154038726382279 \ 53 & 107 \times 1659431 \times 1325815267337711173 \times 47198858799491425660200071 \ 59 & 2559647034361 \times 4340876285657460212144534289928559826755746751 \ 61 & 733 \times 4637 \times 329401 \times 974293 \times 1360682471 \times 106007173861643 \times 7061709990156159479 \ 67 & 493121 \times 79863595778924342083 \times 28213380943176667001263153660999177245677 \ \end{array} $ $

I am not major in number theory, just curious again if there is any theorem or former work on this kind of question.

Is there Shuttle transfer from DXB terminal 1 to 2?

I’m travelling from Manila (MNL) – Muscat and I will be transitting for a connecting flight at Dubai for 2hours. I will be arriving at Dubai Terminal 1 and my connecting flight will be departing at terminal 2. Is there a shuttle service that I can avail of without going out of the airport? How much and how long is the travel if so? I don’t have a visa in dubai and was advised that it’s okay as long as I don’t go out of the airport…


Looking to see if there any improvements to make

It’s a simple app that uses a public API to display data. It works as is, but Im seeing a lot of spaghetti code that my limited experience can fix on its own. Looking for any advice, thanks!

import React, { Component } from "react"; import Spinner from "./components/common/Spinner"; import "../src/App.css";  class App extends Component {   constructor(props) {     super(props);     this.state = {       items: [],       isLoading: false     };   }    componentDidMount() {     const urlParams = new URLSearchParams(;     const city = urlParams.get("city");     fetch(`$  {city}`)       .then(res => res.json())       .then(json => {         this.setState({           isLoading: true,           items: json         });       });   }   render() {     const { isLoading, items } = this.state;     let content = <h2>No Data</h2>;     if (!items.restaurants || items.restaurants === []) {       content = <h2>No Data</h2>;     } else if (items.restaurants.length !== 0) {       console.log(items);       let itemsToArray = Object.values(items.restaurants);       content = (         <div className="App">           <div className="row">             <div className="col-md-3">               { => (                 <li key={} style={{ listStyleType: "none" }}>                   <a                     href={item.reserve_url}                     style={{ color: "red" }}                     target="_blank"                   >                     {}                   </a>{" "}                   | <span style={{ fontStyle: "italic" }}>{item.address}</span>{" "}                   | Price rating:{" "}                   <span style={{ color: "red" }}>{item.price}</span>                 </li>               ))}             </div>           </div>         </div>       );     }     return !isLoading ? (       <div>         <Spinner />       </div>     ) : (       <React.Fragment>         <div className="row">           <div className="col-md-6">             <div>{content}</div>           </div>         </div>       </React.Fragment>     );   } }  export default App; 

Is there a tool to simply join 2 pdf pages in one?

It seems a hard to find an answer to such a simple request: I have a pdf file with 16 pages A4 size. I would like to make a ‘spreads’ view of it, this means that page 1 and page 16 (cover and backcover) should remain A4 size while all the pages in between should become A3 size.

I tried the following:

  1. Using I can display the pdf the way I want but I can’t save it for use with any other pdf viewer.

  2. Print to pdf the in between pages with the “multiple pages per sheet” option doesn’t work for me because page margins are inserted in between the a4 pages.

I know some a good pdf editor can do this but these tools are expensive and I don’t need it for anything else. With Windows I used a simple freeware tool.

Do you know how to do it for Mac?

I am trying to move a file from sdcard to another device folder and it fails with error that file is not there, but it is!

I am trying to move a file from /sdcard to another device file and I am getting the following:

mv: bad 'xxxxxxxx.0': No such file or directory

while ls -l shows the file in directory.

The device is physical one, not an emulator and it is rooted. Why is this happening? file confirms this is an ASCII file. I know cases that this was happening when someone was trying to move 32bit binary to 64bit device, but this is just an ASCII text file.