How do I solve these questions regarding homomorphism?

enter image description here Questions:

  1. Give an example of a homomorphism, using the same alphabet, Σ, for both languages A and B.
  2. Now, give a second example of a homomorphism but this time using two different alphabets, Σ and Γ, for languages A and B, respectively.

Questions to stack overflow:

  • How do I give the examples above? Do I make the state diagrams? Do I show it through the tuple-definition?
  • What are some examples of the questions above?

What is the rationale behind two staged credential input these days? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Is having the username and password fields on different pages more secure? 5 answers
  • Why do some sites ask for username/email and password on two separate screens? [duplicate] 6 answers

I have begun to notice some apps and websites (particularly ones made by Apple) which present user login in two steps. In the initial state, only the username/email field is shown. Once you enter a value and press return, then the password field appears.

What is the logic behind hiding this field initially? The field appears too quickly to believe that the app has validated your username/email with a remote service.

How do I solve these audio problems?

I finally took the plunge and installed the latest Pop_OS on my home computer. Windows is gone. However, I am having a few bad issues with the sound configuration. Pop_OS is an Ubuntu-based distro, so I figured I could ask here. If this is against the rules, please remove this question.

My computer is set up for recording and streaming gaming content. On Windows, I was able to use the Realtek HD Audio Drivers and the Sound Manager software that came with it to monitor my mic input through my speakers/headphones so I can hear myself talk. This is very important since I use noise isolating headphones.

Pop_OS, being an Ubuntu based distro, comes with Pulse Audio and Pulse comes with a module called loopback. There are two issues with this. 1: This seems to loop back the mic input into the desktop audio channel with software instead of using the hardware solution on my motherboard. On my Windows system, the microphone input was spliced perfectly into the speaker/headphone output WITHOUT actually having that mic audio be part of the desktop audio stream. I was able to record desktop audio separately from mic audio. If I record desktop audio here on Pop_OS, my voice will be part of the desktop channel AND the mic channel.

2: The looped back audio just sounds weird. It sounds as if my voice is layered on top of itself multiple times and maybe even delayed by just a few milliseconds (despite me using latency_msec=1). I think this comes down to the same issue as the above since it uses software instead of properly talking to the hardware.

EDIT: Problem 3 has resolved itself magically.

These are my main issues now. I’m open to finally buying a sound card that’s supported well on linux if that’s what it takes. Also, keep in mind that I’m a complete noob and by no means a sound engineer, so my interpretations of what’s actually happening might be way off.

Anyway, I appreciate anyone’s help. Thank you.


Ubuntu 18.04.3 doesn’t recognize 2. montor after running these commands

I executed these commands:

sudo bash -c "echo blacklist nouveau > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-nvidia-nouveau.conf"  sudo bash -c "echo options nouveau modeset=0 >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-nvidia-nouveau.conf"  sudo update-initramfs -u  sudo reboot 

But after rebooting, my 2. monitor is black and Ubuntu is not able to detect it. I went to Settings->Devices->Display and now I can only see my main monitor and not my second. Before running these commands, everything worked. How can I redo this?

I ran this commands in reference to this post.

D&D 5E What should the rarity be of these homebrew items? [on hold]

Ethereal Bow Speak the command word to create the bow 3 charges that are regained at midnight, that allow the user to cast Misty Step as they fire the bow and teleport wherever the arrow shoots “When an arrow is shot from the Ethereal Bow, but before it hits, the wielder can choose to transform into mist and merge with the arrow, teleporting instantly to wherever the arrow impacts. If the target is a creature, the wielder emerges adjacent to the target in a space of their choice. If they miss with the attack, the DM determines where the wielder teleports accordingly.” Like whisper from Critical Role After attuning to the ring you can weapon bond it

Rose Tinted Goggles Allows the user to see an overlay of their enemies’ forecasted movements Grants reckless attack from Barbarian

Canetolancer’s Glove Cast the custom spell Pulse (actually Frostbite but skinned and element type changed) It does sound/force damage and there is this shockwave that shoots from the hand that shakes the target (explanation for the imposed disadvantage)

Hamsa’s Hand This gauntlet is sentient and grants it’s host a strength score of 19 However, the eye on the back of the hand is very self conscious. On a critical fail, the wearer’s strength score is reduced by 1 (not sure what the minimum should be for this) when the users score reaches the minimum the gauntlet will pop itself off their arm, refusing to be associated with them. On a critical success the wearer’s strength score is increased by 1 to a maximum of 19.

Also I’d like to have a bunch of slap bracelets as magic items that grant minor benefits but they can stack, so

Instances of these sorts of weight control plans are the emergency

Leptitox Instances of these sorts of weight control plans are the emergency clinic diet (initially proposed to cause individuals to shed a couple of pounds rapidly before an activity), the cabbage soup diet, the juice diet and furthermore the Sonja Bakker diet is viewed as an accident diet What are the outcomes of an accident diet? On the off chance that you pursue an accident diet, you will lose a great deal of weight for the time being, however there is a decent shot that you won’t get enough supplements.

What navigation label would you give these list items?

I read on here recently that a navigation label is a promise to the user that what they are about to click on is appropriately represented next. I love this. However, I am struggling to correctly label these following list items.

What label name would make the most sense to the user in this scenario? Note: The context is an employee portal / intranet.

navigation list