What are the major differences between these four builds with 17 levels of bard? [closed]

I will be making a level 20 character for a one shot that will have a lot of roleplay and combat. I want to be a bard plus something else. Either a Lore or Whisper bard and then either an Aberrant Mind sorcerer or a Great Old One warlock. I want to have at least 17 levels of bard so at a key moment I can use true polymorph and turn into an Aboleth.

What are the pros and cons of and the major differences between each combination of 17 levels of bard (Lore or Whisper) and 3 levels of either Aberrant Mind sorcerer or a Great Old One warlock?

How are these metal dnd dice?

I am an avid board game enthusiast and Kickstarter super backer. I recently found a very nice DND dice on Kickstarter and I hope to share it with you guys.

InfiniDice is a new Kickstarter inspired by Greek Mythology. The creator was inspired by the themes of godly power and a hero’s ability to make their destiny. The dice are made of metal, very heavy and the hand feeling is nice. It’s a handcraft dice but the balance is great. I pledged these two sets from them, they are super pretty. https://bit.ly/3o6kq9s

Help me identify these dice

I have these dice. I don’t know where they came from or how I got them, and I can’t imagine what they are for. They are 20-sided dice but the numbers on the sides are bananas.

See image

enter image description here

Numbers on them are: 4, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21, 24, 28, 35, 36, 42, 49, 54, 56, 64, 72

I really don’t see an overall pattern here. Opposite sides don’t add up to any consistent number. And for some reason I have two of these dice.

Is it possible to model these probabilities in AnyDice?

I was asked by a pal to help him model a dice mechanic in AnyDice. I must admit I am an absolute neophyte with it, and I offered to solve it using software I’m better versed in. I’d like to be able to help them do this in AnyDice.

The mechanic is as follows:

  • The player and their opponent are each assigned a pool of dice. This is done via other mechanics of the game, of which details are not germane. Suffice to say, the player will have some set of dice (say 2D6, 1D8, and 1D12) that will face off against the opponents pool (which will generally be different from the player’s, say 3D6, 2D8 and 1D12).
  • The player and their oppoent roll their pools.
  • The opponent notes their highest value die. This is the target.
  • The player counts the number of their dice that have a higher value than the target, if any.
  • The count of the dice exceeding the target, if any, is the number of success points.

I searched the AnyDice tag here for questions that might be similar, the closest I found was "Modelling an opposed dice pool mechanic in AnyDice", specifically the answer by Ilmari Karonen.

That question and answer, however, deals with only a single die type.

Can a question like "What are the probabilities of N successes when rolling 4D6 and 6D20 as the player against 6D6 and 4D20 for the opponent?", be handled in AnyDice and produce a chart similar to that below?

enter image description here

What’s with these pointless empty log files? And why does the csvlog mode create plaintext ones too?

I’ve been fighting for days now just to get god damn logging set up. I’ve had to write a ton of code manually because PG doesn’t provide any automated mechanism to do this, for some reason, nor even tells you anything, beyond this: https://www.postgresql.org/docs/12/runtime-config-logging.html#RUNTIME-CONFIG-LOGGING-CSVLOG

I have:

  1. Set up the postgres_log table exactly like it says on that page.
  2. Set up my postgresql.conf like this (also as it says on the page, except it only describes it vaguely and lets me find out everything on my own):
log_destination = 'csvlog' logging_collector = on log_directory = 'C:\pglogs' # Yes, I requires double \ chars or else it removes them entirely... log_filename = 'PG_%Y-%m-%d_%H;%M;%S' log_rotation_age = 1min log_rotation_size = 0 log_truncate_on_rotation = on 
  1. Coded my own mechanism to constantly go through C:\pglogs for any .csv file, skipping any ones that PG reports are already in use with pg_current_logfile, feed them into PG’s table and then delete the file. This took me a huge amount of time and effort and not a word about it was mentioned in that "manual".


  1. PostgreSQL creates both PG_2020-09-20_00;56;19.csv (in CSV format) and PG_2020-09-20_00;56;19 (in plaintext format) files. I obviously don’t want the extensionless files. Why are they created?
  2. Every minute (as specified) PG creates new log files, even if there’s nothing new to log. This results in an endless stream of empty log files (which my custom script goes through, "imports" and then deletes). How do I tell PG to stop doing that? It seems like pointless wear & tear on my disk to make empty files which are just deleted seconds later by my ever-running script.
  3. Why isn’t all of this automated? Why do I have to spend so much time to manually cobble together a solution to import the CSV files back into PG? In fact, why are they dumped to CSV files in the first place? Why doesn’t PG have the ability to directly log into that database table? It seems like a pointless exercise to dump CSV files which are only going to be COPYied back into the database and then deleted.

What events are depicted in these frescos from the “Shield of the Hidden Lord” DMsGuild module (which expands on the Descent into Avernus adventure)?

There is an unofficial module on DMsGuild named "Shield of the Hidden Lord" by M.T. Black – who is one of the writers on the official adventure Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus, so I assume its lore is correct.

Pages 7-8 of the "Shield of the Hidden Lord" PDF include the descriptions of 4 frescos on the walls of area T2. These paintings reportedly depict Gargauth (presumably different key aspects or events relating to Gargauth).

What events or aspects exactly are depicted in each of the following frescos?

First Fresco. A handsome sage in amber robes sits on a throne with a pile of scrolls next to him. He is speaking to a group of kings and queens, who listen to him with interest and respect.

  • I suppose this is just an illustration of Gargauth’s charming abilities. Is that the only meaning?

Second Fresco. The sage in amber robes looks at a city in the background. The city is burning, and soldiers fight in its streets. In the foreground are two snakes, twisted together.

  • What city is depicted here?
  • Who are the soldiers, and what organisations do they belong to? Why do they fight?
  • What is the meaning of these snakes?

Third Fresco. The sage in amber robes rides a blue dragon over a dark forest. In a clearing in the forest is a unicorn with a broken, twisted horn.

  • I found this dragon’s name: Rathguul. Is that right?
  • Why is there a unicorn?
  • A twisted horn is Gargauth’s holy symbol. But the module says that Gargauth’s holy symbol is a Knight of the Shield badge. What is right here?

Fourth Fresco. The sage in amber robes wields a rapier and fights a shadowy figure in dark armor. The shadowy figure wears a jeweled gauntlet.

  • Why a rapier?
  • Who is the figure? Bhaal?

Are these Yuan-Ti’s osssra rules balanced?

I am DMing a homebrew campaign and I created an exotic island ruled by Yuan-ti. I read the Serpent Kingdoms 3rd edition manual and I tried to adapt the osssra table (page 150).

In 5th edition the condition Poisoned tries to simplify the effects of poisons, even if in DMG (pages 257-258) some different poisons and their effects are described. I was actually fascinated by the different osssras’ effect on both Yuan-ti and scaleless ones: collapsing every dangerous effect in the Poisoned condition seemed to me quite inadequate. I thus wrote the following rules.

Effect of Ossra on Yuan-ti

In order to gain the advantages given by an osssra, a Yuan–ti must inhale osssra’s smoke for at least 4 rounds, except for Hooloond. A bracer spreading osssra’s smoke covers a circular area of 20 ft. radius (as the fog cloud spell) except for Ulathlasss which covers an area of 15 ft. radius (due to its particular "heaviness").

+---------------------------+----------------------------------------------------+-----------------------+ | Osssra                    | Effect                                             | Duration              | +---------------------------+----------------------------------------------------+-----------------------+ | Mixed flaming osssra oils | Disadvantage on DEX checks and Ranged attacks      | 2d6+2 rounds          | |                           | (20 CON save, no effect on success)                |                       | +---------------------------+----------------------------------------------------+-----------------------+ | Amasstarte smoke          | Cure Wounds 4d8+8                                  |                       | +---------------------------+----------------------------------------------------+-----------------------+ | Battasss smoke            | Advantage on WIS checks, automatic success         | 10 minutes            | |                           | for Concentration spell checks after taking damage |                       | +---------------------------+----------------------------------------------------+-----------------------+ | Duthlah’hass smoke        | The yuan--ti enters in a dreamsleep state          | 4 Hours.              | |                           | (such as under the \emph{Dream} spell), in which   | Ends on damage taken. | |                           | he can retrieve memories (such as where or how     |                       | |                           | they hid something long ago, or snatches of        |                       | |                           | overheard conversation) and/or receive             |                       | |                           | messages from their deities.                       |                       | +---------------------------+----------------------------------------------------+-----------------------+ | Ektharisss smoke          | Levitate                                           | 10 Minutes            | +---------------------------+----------------------------------------------------+-----------------------+ | Faele smoke               | Advantage on CON saving throws, resistance on      | 4 Hours               | |                           | piercing, bludgeoning and slashing damage          |                       | +---------------------------+----------------------------------------------------+-----------------------+ | Hooloond smoke            | Cure Wounds 1d6+1/round while in contact           | Instantaneous,        | |                           | with the Hooloond smoke                            | max 10 rounds         | +---------------------------+----------------------------------------------------+-----------------------+ | Jalasss smoke             | Immune to Enchantment spells                       | 4 Hours               | +---------------------------+----------------------------------------------------+-----------------------+ | Laerisss smoke            | Advantage on DEX checks and ranged attacks         | 4 Hours               | +---------------------------+----------------------------------------------------+-----------------------+ | Ruusstantar smoke         | 1d12 (inhaled smoke) or 2d12 (contact with         | 4 Hours               | |                           | osssra) Temporary HP                               |                       | +---------------------------+----------------------------------------------------+-----------------------+ | Ulathlasss smoke          | Resistance to Fire and Cold damage                 | 4 Hours               | +---------------------------+----------------------------------------------------+-----------------------+ 

Effect of Ossra on Scaleless Ones

As soon as a scaleless one enters in an area where an osssra smoke is present, they have to make a Constitution saving throw (DC set by the type of osssra in the table below). The effects are active as long as the creature stands in the area covered by the smoke (see previous section for the dimension). If the creature exists the area, it must make a Constitution saving throw or suffer from the secondary effect for 1d4-1 (min. 1) more rounds.

+---------------------------+---------+------------------------------------+--------------------------------+--------+ | Osssra                    | DC(CON) | Effect on failed save              | Effect on succeeded save       | Price  | +---------------------------+---------+------------------------------------+--------------------------------+--------+ | Mixed flaming osssra oils | 20      | 3d4+3 Poison damage, Poisoned      | Disadvantage on DEX checks     | varies | |                           |         |                                    |  and Ranged attacks            |        | +---------------------------+---------+------------------------------------+--------------------------------+--------+ | Amasstarte smoke          | 13      | Paralized for 1d4+1 rounds         | Slow 1d4+1 Rounds              | 500    | +---------------------------+---------+------------------------------------+--------------------------------+--------+ | Battasss smoke            | 14      | Poisoned                           | Disadvantage on WIS checks     | 800    | +---------------------------+---------+------------------------------------+--------------------------------+--------+ | Duthlah’hass smoke        | 15      | Unconscious for 1d4+1 round        | Retching and prone.            | 1200   | +---------------------------+---------+------------------------------------+--------------------------------+--------+ | Ektharisss smoke          | 14      | Disadvantage on STR checks         | Disadvantage melee attacks     | 800    | |                           |         | and Disadvantage on melee attacks  |                                |        | +---------------------------+---------+------------------------------------+--------------------------------+--------+ | Faele smoke               | 15      | Stunned                            | Disadvantage on CON checks     | 1800   | +---------------------------+---------+------------------------------------+--------------------------------+--------+ | Hooloond smoke            | 17      | 4d6 Poison                         | Half damage                    | 1400   | +---------------------------+---------+------------------------------------+--------------------------------+--------+ | Jalasss smoke             | 13      | Disadvantage on INT and WIS checks | Disadvantage on INT checks .   | 800    | +---------------------------+---------+------------------------------------+--------------------------------+--------+ | Laerisss smoke            | 14      | 2d4 Acid damage,                   | 2d4 Acid Damage                | 300    | |                           |         | Disadvantage on DEX checks         |                                |        | +---------------------------+---------+------------------------------------+--------------------------------+--------+ | Ruusstantar smoke         | 15      | 4d4 Poison Damage                  | Half damage                    | 500    | +---------------------------+---------+------------------------------------+--------------------------------+--------+ | Ulathlasss smoke          | 16      | Paralized for 1d4+1 rounds         | Incapacitated for 1d4+1 rounds | 1800   | +---------------------------+---------+------------------------------------+--------------------------------+--------+ 


I have the following thoughts about what I wrote.

  • I tried to follow some logical connections between the effects on Yuan-ti and on scaleless one.
  • Are the DCs balanced? Maybe they are quite low, but even in case of a successful saving throw a creature has some disadvantages, hence I thought it was a good way to create a sort of equilibrium.
  • I decided to put effects on a successful saving throw because I think that these osssras are very powerful
  • Is it ok to make the effect lasting after a creature exits the smoke cloud?
  • The cost is very similar to the table of the 3rd edition.
  • I rely on the description on Serpent Kingdoms for ingredients, visual aspects and smells of the ossras.