Are there techniques to know how many times loops like these will run?

How do you evaluate how many times some loops will run, when you start to complicate the boundaries conditions? For example, take this function:

def f(n):     s = 0     for i in range(n):         for j in range(i, (n + i**2) // (n - i) + 1):             s += 1     return s  for i in range(10):     print(i, "->", f(i)) 


0 -> 0 1 -> 2 2 -> 5 3 -> 10 4 -> 17 5 -> 28 6 -> 42 7 -> 60 8 -> 83 9 -> 109 ``` 

Can’t find the folder where these images are stored

Working on a demo website at and the theme has custom settings for social media links. I filled in a few of them but the icons don't show up as you can see in the header. When i try to 'inspect' the elements, i can't see what files are used for the icons or where they should be stored. What am i missing?

Do these bonuses to disguise really stack together to +51 (or even more, eventually)?

Inspired by answer to another question. My character is Kitsune with 22 Charisma* and 8 ranks in Disguise. He has Realistic Likeness feat. So, using logic from answer by william porter (sic!) linked above, we have:

  • 8 ranks + 3 for a class skill + 6 Cha bonus +2 Deceitful = 19
  • Change Shape +10 racial bonus = 29
  • Magic Rules for Polymorph Subschool +10 untyped = 39
  • Realistic Likeness +10 Circumstance = 49
  • Disguise kit +2 Competence = 51

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have +51 bonus to d20 roll and yes, lies and disguise are essential parts of this character, but I feel kinda… awkward. On one side, I don’t want to abuse the rules, on the other hand, I don’t want to cut my own wings. Thus my question:

Is this really possible, within the rules?

* in our campaign everyone started with one 18 and one 8 simply handed out. So 18 + 2 racial + 2 from 8 levels = 22.

United States HIPAA and New Zealand HISO from outside these countries [on hold]

We are developing a software product for storing and managing health records in Australia, with the software product primarily targeted towards Australian healthcare organisations. This requires us to be compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles among other things.

I have two questions that are not immediately clear to me:

  1. This is a SaaS product, where end users sign up themselves. If someone from the United States or New Zealand sign up, and we end up inadvertently storing data from patients who reside in these companies, are we violating any rules? Or is it best practise to ensure this is not possible?
  2. If we wish to willingly engage with customers from these countries, must be also comply with their local healthcare codes of practise? I.e. if we wish to additionally target customers in New Zealand or the United States, is it also now a requirement we adhere to HIPAA, HISO (and all other mandated requirements) despite the fact we are an Australian incorporated company?

Which of these two magic daggers is better for a my rogue?

My rogue with 34hp just found a new dagger for the first time. Being new to D&D, I was filled with excitement for my first new weapon. Then I really read the card and now I’m thinking my old store-bought 1d4 + 1d6 fire dagger (needs Attunement) is still better.

Image of Scarlet: a single-edged dagger with a dark red blade on a heavily curved, carved ivory or bone hilt


Dagger, rare (attunement by rogue)

As a bonus action you can imbue the red raded blade with your blood dealing 1d10 necrotic damage to yourself, which cannot be healed. When the blade is imbued with your blood you gain the Aura of Scarlet the Bloodraven. The Aura lasts for 1 minute and can be cast 2 times a day recharged at a long rest.

When affected by the aura, your sneak attack damage can be come necrotic damage, or poison damage.
You gain plus 1 to your AC
You gain resistance to necrotic damage
When you are attacked by a hostile creature you can target that creature with the Bloodravens curse. You deal an extra 1d4 necrotic damage to that creature, and can impose disadvantage on that creatures perception checks on you.

Scarlet is a +1 weapon, but with a 1 min time limit and the fact I have to be targeted and the chance to lose 1/3 of my health permanently for a day.

Am I missing something or is this weapon kinda lacking and more of a cursed item I need to get rid of? Am I better off with my old flame dagger or the new Scarlet dagger? I still don’t know a lot about D&D and magic items — I’m hoping to get advice from more experienced players. Use Scarlet? Try sell it? Etc.

What is the relationship between these two characters?

In the Baldur’s Gate section of the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, it is mentioned that the former Grand Duke was Dillard Portyr (emphasis mine):

The current Grand Duke is Ulder Ravengard, who is joined by Dukes Thalamra Vanthampur, Belynne Stelmane, and Dillard Portyr, the former grand duke, who ceded the post to Ravengard after the city’s recent troubles.

In the published adventure Tomb of Annihilation there is a character with the same last name, Liara Portyr, but as far as I could find the only mention of the character’s family ties is:

Liara comes from an influential family in Baldur’s Gate and has held her post for the past three years.

It seems likely that these two characters are from the same family but is there any information on how they are related?

How much do you think these domains are worth?

I own the following domains, and would like to know how much the community thinks they're worth. Much appreciated!
(There's a Drop Gold campaign by Grayscale)
(Could be a cool Game domain)
(Single word, premium?)
(Idea for a job posting site)
(Google's new product)
(Idea for a job posting or freelancing site)
(Food site?)
(Sounds cool)…

How much do you think these domains are worth?

Can’t install ubuntu 18.04 LTS BECAUSE THESE SERVICES RUNNING 100% OF MY CPU

okay at first i’ve installed and used ubuntu days ago but i had to uninstall it because of partition issue… i was just trying to switch from windows 10 to ubuntu so i uninstalled windows completely then i tried to install ubuntu 18.04 from live usb but after the boot my cpu has high usage by (systemd-journal … rsyslogd … kworker/1:2 -e and +e) ive been trying to disable or restart the services but it doesn’t work and thats why i cant install ubuntu cause it crashes during installing … also i’ve tried the (pci=nomsi) in grub but it gives me 2 errors …first pci=nomsi is unknown and the second you need to load the kernel first … please help me fix this. thanks