Ubuntu 18.04: VS code and chrome browser does not show up window however I can see they are running in background

I have installed something that affected both vs code and chrome browser. Now both do not work. I tried reinstalling both still I have the same issue. I deleted all the configuration files.

I can see both of them running background when I start using command line however if I try clicking the icon it cannot start.

rm -rf ~/.config/Code/ 

I also tried running using verbose command which does not show any error message.

vscode --verbose 

Looks like I have replaced some shared library which is used by both chrome and vscode. Interestingly, If I use chromium browser it works however vs codium does not work.

Difference between gnome-shell.css and ubuntu.css, and what are they for?

In ~/.local/share/themes/MyCustomTheme/gnome-shell/gnome-shell.css, I had amended #lockDialogGroup{} to try to show an image in the GDM and made changes to /* Auth Dialogs & Screen Shield */ to change the locking appearance. However, I discovered that these changes did not take effect. Instead, I had to implement the changes to /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/ubuntu.css to see their effect.

Am I correct to conclude from these observations that:

  1. ubuntu.css is used to control the style of the GNOME Display Manager(Login screen) while gnome-shell.css is used to control the style of the Desktop? If so, why does gnome-shell.css also contain a section on #lockDialogGroup{} and /* Auth Dialogs & Screen Shield */ as they seem redundant?
  2. Would I be able to override /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/ubuntu.css with my own ~/.local/share/themes/MyCustomTheme/gnome-shell/gnome-shell.css?

Would a flying character fall prone after dashing if they had lost a leg

Suppose I’m playing a character that has a flying speed (such as a Varient (Winged) Tiefling or an Aarakocra) and get critically hit. The DM rolls on the Lingering Injuries table and after rolling a 3 tells me I lose a leg. The table says (emphasis mine)

Lose a Foot or Leg. Your speed on foot is halved, and you must use a cane or crutch to move unless you have a peg leg or other prosthesis. You fall prone after using the Dash action. You have disadvantage on Dexterity checks made to balance. Magic such as the regenerate spell can restore the lost appendage.

If I’m using my flying movement I know from reading this that my speed isn’t reduced (I’m not walking with my feet, I’m flying with my wings) but reading this seems to imply that if I dash while flying I still fall prone (and arguably am in worse trouble than if I were trying to run on foot). Is that the case or am I missing something here?

All employees have permission, but they get the “ask for permission” message

For multiple SharePoint Online subsites that I have created, I’m experiencing unusual behavior. No one who has not already visited the sites can gain access, even though “All employees” have Read access. Others, who have viewed pages in the past, find it to perform normally.

On another special-purpose subsite, a site owner is told she lacks permissions when she clicks a link (which is just that, a link to a file in a Quick Links web part). If she opens the Document Library the file is in, she can download it from there, but the link doesn’t work–again, for one of the owners of the site.

We have tested in both Google Chrome (latest) and Internet Explorer 11. These are the only corporate-approved browsers at this time.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Can angels, demons, aeons change what they are only through magic or also through alignment change?

After reading about Enryies (spelling?) and a few other denizens of the different planes I’m wondering. Is there some magic behind a denizen of a plane becoming that of another one, or is a simple alignment change all that is needed (and if so is it even posible for a succubi as example to become lawful good)?

Are illusions just mind tricks or do they produce physical images and sounds?

Do illusions exist as images and sounds in the world, like holograms, or do they exist only in the beholder’s mind, like mass hallucinations? There are paragraphs in the PHB that can support both assumptions.

Clarification: the question primarily concerns illusions produced by Minor Illusion, Programmed Illusion, Silent Image, Major Image, Disguise Self spells. Spells like Fear or Phantasmal Killer explicitly says they affect creatures, so they are out of the scope.

Illusions as actual images and sounds

Spell description explicitly says that the caster “creates a sound or an image”:

You create a sound or an image of an object within range

When casting an illusion, the caster have to specify a location, not a creature. Anyone who looks at the location perceives the illusion.

Many obviously mind-affecting spells like “friends” or “charm person” are enchantments, not illusions.

While there are creatures immune to charm, there is no creatures immune to illusions. Even a construct can perceive an illusion.

Illusions as mind tricks

The wizard’s arcane tradition describes the School of Illusion as

magic that dazzles the senses, befuddles the mind

Being revealed, an illusion looks different to the perceiving person only:

If a creature discerns the illusion for what it is, the illusion becomes faint to the creature.

When does it matter

There are several cases when the outcome might depend on where the spell effect is located:

Antimagic Field – to be negated, should the illusion “itself” be in the field, or does any creature in the field become immune to illusions?

Detect Magic – assuming that Detect Magic spell can detect illusions, what exactly should be in the 30 feet range to be detected?

Also there are ambiguity with light, vision and line of sight:

Block light – A caster tries to use an illusion to cover a window, or conceal a lit torch.

Block vision – Many cases. A caster tries to hide an object “under” an illusion, but the spell description says it can only “create an image” and not “hide an object”. If we assume an illusion actually can cover an object or a creature, Disguise Self would protect from all LoS-dependent spells, etc.

Is there a dedicated place within RPG SE for users to post source codes or helpful spreadsheets that they made/use to share the love to other users? [migrated]

I play a summoning focused druid in my 3.5e campaign and handling multiple summons and math on the fly with all the augments got tiresome – I couldn’t find a helpful sheet for animal/creature templates, so I decided to try to make one (.NET, C#). It’s a work in progress, but I want to share the source code when/if it’s workable and/or “finished.”

So, rpg friends, is there a dedicated place for this? Where do I look when I want to do some looking, and/or where do I throw my links/sheets when I want to share the love? If I see there’s a preference among the community for prefer sheets instead of source code, I’d shift my work towards getting it into a sheets format.

Screenshot for the idea of the program/progress

enter image description here

If you have multiple situational save bonuses and are in a situation where they all apply do they stack?

So let’s say you get hit by charm person. It has the enchantment (charm) and mind effecting subtypes.

You have a +2 will save against charm and compulsion illusions and enchantments, a +2 will save against all mind affecting spells, and +2 will save bonus that applies to everything giving you a +6.

Would all 3 of those apply? I’m aware that the same effect from multiple sources typically does not stack while these all do the same thing but the conditions vary so I wanted to check.