How to think in Object Oriented way when it comes to passing messages?

Somewhere I have read that “Object Oriented” is a misnomer and that OO should really stand for “message-oriented programming”.

What I am not clear about is … what does it mean? For example in procedural style you could do :

/*  * Assume that $  rawInput is an array  * and that function clean_raw_input returns an array  */ $  input = clean_raw_input($  rawInput);  /*  * Do some processing, receive output  */ $  output = process($  input); 

That’s Input -(processing)-> Output workflow.

Note that in the above example data goes in, data comes out, there are no objects. But there are messages – as I understand in this case, messages of $ rawInput goes in, cleaned $ input goes back out.

But what would that be transformed to in an object or message-oriented thinking? Does it just mean encapsulating those functions into object methods? Does that mean returning objects instead of primitives or arrays? Does that mean something else?

Easiest possible way to think of tensor products of modules.

Is it right to consider the tensor product of modules $ V$ ,$ W$ and $ Z$ to be the vector space of finite linear combinations of $ v \otimes w \otimes z$ . Thus all elements of the form $ \sum_{0}^{N} a_{i,j,k} ( v_{i} \otimes w_{j} \otimes z_{k})$ where we impose the conditions that

$ \alpha (v_{i} \otimes w_{j} \otimes z_{k})= \alpha v_{i} \otimes w_{j} \otimes z_{k}= v_{i} \otimes \alpha w_{j} \otimes z_{k}= v_{i} \otimes w_{j} \otimes \alpha z_{k} $ and

$ v_{i}+v_{l} \otimes w_{j} \otimes z_{k}=v_{i} \otimes w_{j} \otimes z_{k}+v_{l} \otimes w_{j} \otimes z_{k}$

$ v_{i} \otimes w_{j}+w_{l} \otimes z_{k}=v_{i} \otimes w_{j} \otimes z_{k}+v_{i} \otimes w_{l} \otimes z_{k}$

$ v_{i} \otimes w_{j} \otimes z_{k}+z_{l}=v_{i} \otimes w_{j} \otimes z_{k}+v_{i} \otimes w_{j} \otimes z_{l}$

in above such sums.

MacBook Pro 2017 suspicious data logs that I don’t know what they mean and think its a spying app

my Boyfriend is a computer programmer and a really good one and like the best in texas and i ask him but if he is monitoring me then of couerse he wouldnt tell me the correct answer so my question are alot but will only ask a few . so what are proxies and what does bypass proxie mean i know some of what it is but dont know what to look for or what are red flag as far as the words in the coding. so anyone with info on what shoiuld i look for and as well as what to look for when i look at the data and logs and specisfic words in coding lingo. thank you so much and i appreciate it.. enter image description here