CSS-in-JS: What do you think?

What do you guys think about the "CSS-in-JS" thing? Do you think it's good or bad? Why? I came across the following article and, while I remain very skeptical of such an approach, I wonder whether there are good reasons/usage cases for it.


Designing for Healthcare website, what do you guys think its the limit of clinic cards to show for each page?

So, I am working on a clinic search website where people can look for the clinics/hospitals to book the treatments they need. I was wondering how many clinic cards would be best to show per page. Currently I decided to go for 10 each page. They are not too big -420×550- and so,I am trying to find best solution for both SEO purposes -page speed and keywords- but also in terms of bouncing rate. Is there and guidelines I could also refer to -maybe from ecommerce websites or in general?.

Thank you so much.

P.S: I attached an actual picture of a clinic card from ANOTHER website so that it would be clear what I’m talking about.enter image description here

How much do you think these domains are worth?

I own the following domains, and would like to know how much the community thinks they're worth. Much appreciated!

(There's a Drop Gold campaign by Grayscale)

(Could be a cool Game domain)

(Single word, premium?)

(Idea for a job posting site)

(Google's new product)

(Idea for a job posting or freelancing site)

(Food site?)

(Sounds cool)…

How much do you think these domains are worth?

If I think I have a publishable idea on a certain problem, how do I publish and proceed?

I’m new to research. I’m working on a certain problem that has sort of been abandoned by all researchers (as far as publications go). Anyway, I like it for its simplicity and easiness to grasp. However, it’s a new algorithm for a problem and a new way of possibly answering theoretical questions about the problem.

There is so little research out there on the certain problem, that it would literally take you a day or less to view it all and ascertain that indeed the idea hasn’t been looked at yet. I’m applying the well-studied field of integer programming / linear algebra to model each instance of the problem.

Anyhow, regardless of whether I answer a major open problem, I think the approach is valuable in itself, if for no other reason that it makes answering basic questions about the problem a lot more easy, sort of like how algebraic geometry answers questions about geometric objects using algebra.

Question: How do I proceed. Do I just spend a month perfecting the paper on my own and put it on arXiv? Is that all?


For Stronger Password Protection, What Do You think About A System Like This?

I’m a Sr. software developer. Three years ago I watched a PBS TV show called “Rise of the Hackers”, in which it talked about the vulnerability of the Internet and said traditional password is a weak link in cyber security. That inspired me to do something about it and fix this problem, so I came up with a solution called GATE : Graphic Access Tabular Entry.

GATE is an interception-resistant user authentication system, which means even if someone intercepts/sees you when you log in [ assume he sees/records every detail of your authentication ], he still won’t know what your password is, there are detailed info, demo and videos on my website : https://www.gatecybertech.com

GATE can use short and easy to remember passcodes to defeat peeking, keylogging, phishing and dictionary attack.

The GATE system can be used for : door access, safe box, PC, mobile phone, web login, ATM, weapons system, facilities [ infrastructure ] …

Here are some info about the password problems :




Anyone interested can try the GATE passcode system :

Live demo site 1 : https://gatecybertech.net [ data saved ]

Live demo site 2 : https://gate-web.herokuapp.com/index.jsp [ data deleted over night ]

Feel free to share the above info with anyone who might benefit.

There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds : https://www.cybintsolutions.com/cyber-security-facts-stats/

Hacked passwords cause 81% of data breaches : https://www.cso.com.au/mediareleases/29642/hacked-passwords-cause-81-of-data-breaches/

Average total cost of a data breach is $ 3.92 million : https://www.ibm.com/security/data-breach

In the past year GATE has won 5 international cyber security awards. I wonder what you think about this innovation. Any feedback is welcome.

Thank you.


enter image description here

enter image description here

What do you think about it?

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How do I make an application think it is running from desktop server (e.g gdm3)?

I have an application binary that works fine if I run it from a terminal in an windows environment (say gdm).

If I run it from raw console (Ctrl+Alt+F3), it emits errors.

But I do need to run this from console.

Is there any way I can run it from console, but make it ‘think’ it is running from a terminal in a windows environment?

What I tried –

  • I already tried “export DISPLAY=:0”, which didn’t do the trick.
  • I suspect it depends on a graphics library, may be opengl for some computations, which is not properly initialized if I run from console.

Evince and fc-match think Windows 8.1 courbd.ttf is worse match than DejaVu Sans Book font

I have invoice PDF where the shop’s software uses Courier New and Courier New Bold fonts. However, both Evince and fc-match decide (assuming through Fontconfig) that my Windows 8.1 original Courier New Bold in courbd.ttf is not the best match and it decides to use DejaVu Sans Book instead. This completely breaks the PDF rendering in Evince.

This is best demonstrated using fc-match "Courier New Bold":

/usr/share/fonts> fc-match  "Courier New Bold"          DejaVuSans.ttf: "DejaVu Sans" "Book" 

If I up the debugging output for Fontconfig using FC_DEBUG=2 environment variable I can see it looking at my courbd.ttf but somehow it rejects it in favour of DejaVu Sans.

This is all on Ubuntu/Xubuntu 19.04.