What are my options when other members of the party think my character is too powerful?

I’ve recently started playing DnD 5e with a group of friends, all of whom are very inexperienced – myself and the DM included. We all agreed at the start we were aiming for a very casual game initially in order to get a feel for the rules and then move in a direction we all agreed with.

Without going into too much detail the party consists of a Paladin, Rogue, Sorcerer, Bard, and my Ranger. We’re all at level 3, and there’s a couple of instances where planning (and fortune) have meant I am noticeably better in combat. My HP rolls have been very high (I have 35 HP) while the rest of the group have 24, 18, 17, and 14. In addition whilst I am not particularly aiming to create a particularly meta-gamed character I am trying to choose complimentary skills, and last session was using various skills/spells to deal far more damage than the others in combat (we also missed a rule which meant I should have done a couple of checks for concentration, but that’s our inexperience and I’ve made a note to check that thoroughly in future).

Now at this point a couple of the guys got a bit put out because they weren’t really able to do much, as I was typically able to go first in any combat due to high DEX, and dealt such insane damage that the guys going last did nothing. In addition the combats are quite short and fulfilling, and truth-be-told I’m not overly enjoying it either. One of the guys said the (dreaded) phrase – that I was meta-gaming my guy to be better than everyone else.

I pointed out that:

  1. The session started in a city where my low CHA, and my character having a somewhat introverted background, meant I didn’t get much to do. I had basically accepted that session would be in the city with little combat and was completely fine with that.
  2. Everyone agreed (and I didn’t press the issue) to leave the city very quickly because they were all anxious to fight stuff again. I was quite content exploring the city and wanted to find out more about a potential side quest I considered more interesting.
  3. Some of the party are not really set up for combat, and are more suited to the city RP, though I accept that doing literally nothing in a given combat is extremely frustrating I was basically giving my stuff to the bard to sell for me in the city.
  4. Any skills I have chosen were those I thought fitted what I thought the character would tend towards by himself in terms of background and ambitions – I’m not particularly leveling with any meta in mind.
  5. I have been incredibly lucky with HP rolls.

All-in-all I honestly don’t want to be harming the game for others, so I’ve been talking to the DM about trying to adjust myself to being more in line with the others. I already offered to the DM after my last HP roll to do it again, and he has agreed if we feel it is needed, but we will come up with an in-game reason for that to happen. What else can I do in order to make the game better for the rest of the players?

EDIT: I can explain a few more things now:

It boiled down to the setup I had of:

Longbow with 17 DEX and Archery as a fighting style, then using Hunter’s Mark and Colossus Slayer to get 3+D10+D8+D6 damage to the bosses, or using two Shortswords and doing something similar. The checks I mentioned were the concentration to keep the spell going after I took a hit.

To my mind, whilst yes I am aiming to make myself good at Combat, that doesn’t seem like I’m deliberately trying to find niche rules to suit me, but just choosing things wisely (and appeared a fairly standard Ranger setup when I later checked. One of the guys and I played Warhammer Fantasy alot, so we’re not unaccustomed to working out what is best to use, it’s two of the other people who had the opinion I was somehow playing the system.

My suggestion to the DM was either I go for the Beast Master route and rejig a few things, as people have also pointed it is considered not as strong, but it doesn’t fit the character well, or we find some reason to drop probably the HP, as at the moment with some guys being really fragile it’s hard to up the difficulty in his opinion as we’ve nearly had people die to Goblins. I have pointed out (as other have here) that other classes will get better later, but people seem to hear none of it. I’m not particularly stung by criticism of what I am doing – I’m just trying to fit in with the team and play my role accordingly.

Also thank you to whoever added tags etc. Apologies as I am somewhat new to this site.

Players get frustrated when they couldn’t solve a hard diplomatic problem, how to get them to think out of the box


Players got themselves into a diplomatic problem that they know is probably above their pay grade in terms of difficulty. They spent a session trying to figure out this problem with talking to people, and rolling different charisma checks in order to try to persuade people they probably had no business persuading (rolls were average, arguments weren’t extremely compelling). The party didn’t plan any grand schemes, any extraordinary strategies, no clever ideas on the spot, but rather tried very basic head first dialogue.

This has happened in the past in regards to combat, and the party has with a recent deadly encounter had to think out of the box more (one player even said: “guys we need to plan more and think less about just hacking and slashing sometimes”). Now it’s a more diplomatic problem that doesn’t seem as easy as rolling a single charisma check and hoping it works out.

In the end, the party did not manage to solve the diplomatic problem (although there is room in the future for them to try again with the upper hand), and one of the players said they did not enjoy the session. Player enjoyment is my top priority. But I also think dnd is best when there’s risk, when you can fail rolls, when the PCs don’t always win (not that I actively seek this out though).

How can I get the party to perform less linearly in dialogue-related problems?

An example problem:

P: If trying to out smart a bad person with a lot of influence in the town

A: There are options for framing the person, bribing people, seeking dirt on this person to find their weakness, tarnishing their reputation, trying to prove their wrong doing by seeking out evidence, and a bunch of other possibilities.

I’ve tried to have a brief session-0 talk again about if they want dialogue-related problems handicapped, and they didn’t seem to take to that, but rather felt like they tried everything and didn’t know what else to do. I also did a postmortem on this problem and tried to give different options they could have tried, but I get a feeling the players feel like they still tried everything and failed and the session was “a waste” (even though they still got exp, still got some loot, and got some more plot).

Kind of at a loss of how to tackle this issue that isn’t just: “Go watch some dnd podcasts to get ideas, or go read X, Y, and Z resource on the subject”.

Need help dealing with what I think is “My Guy” and how I can reach a middle ground with this player

Now, I feel this needs some context. The place I am role playing at is on this sub-reddit called explore fiction. Its a nice little place where people can post the worlds they have built and role play with those that visit their world. The rules are as follows.

1.We are here to have fun and develop our worlds and characters, be civil.

2.No controlling other people’s characters.

3.No erotica, unless the entire post is NSFW (ex. [Scene] Jim’s Exotic Whorehouse.)

4.Follow the rules of the OP, if they say your character is too overpowered for the scene then tone it down.

5.Original characters and settings only! No fanfiction or established characters of any kind.

So obviously I feel that rule 4 is being broken a little. It is pretty inherent since the sub-reddit lacks any hard rules and is purely narrative. This has lead to power conflicts with those I have RP’d with in the past. Back in the day I would let them have their power fantasy and be done with it, but the longer I do this the more I think I need to address it.

Now the guy I am Role playing with is super cool and is relatively new, so I am not trying be a jerk about all this. Here is the conversation we are having on the topic so far.

Part 1 of the conversation

and part 2

Am I the only one who can’t help but constantly think back on all the horrible security nightmares (and potential ones) from my past? [closed]

I’m not going to go into any specifics here, because I’ve learned that “certain” open source projects are extremely sensitive about any criticism and will defend any kind of madness by blaming the user for not fully reading and comprehending the often extremely cryptic and ambiguous manual, while not putting any blame on the software for allowing the insecure configuration in the first place.

You may think I’m joking, but even 15-20 years later, I still have actual nightmares about things which happened, or could have happened, or may have happened without me ever finding out, in the past, due to bad security, either by myself and others (affecting me).

A huge issue with security is not realizing one’s own limitations and having a big ego. You know how it is: you are 15-16 and you are totally an “1337” cracker, aren’t you? Everyone else is stupid and you know everything. You couldn’t possibly misconfigure or misunderstand anything, right? That manual only seems to verify what you already knew… yes, that seems to be correct… yes, now let’s put it live! It’s rock-solid!

… and then it turns out that somebody has been remotely connecting from across the world to your ultra-sensitive database for the last eight months and saved all your private information to blackmail you perpetually. Because it allowed any password as long as they guessed the default admin account. Which was supposed to only be accessible from

The most frustrating part is perhaps that, now that I know about many of these things, I find it utterly impossible to educate others about it. They are just as deaf to my advice as I would’ve been to advice from others back when I thought it was a good idea to enable that stupid mode which bypasses all passwords, because even though I read the manual, I read it horribly wrong!

I actually remember saying to myself: “Well, they can’t mean that ANY password goes, because that would defeat the entire purpose of having passwords in the first place, so I can safely conclude that they didn’t mean this.”

They meant it.

Not one day goes by without me thinking back on all these stupid decisions, and while I know very well that it does me no good, I can’t help but be bombarded with these memories and thoughts. It’s easy to laugh at it now and shake one’s head, but when I saved the config that fateful day and reloaded the service in question, I was 100% convinced that my database was fully locked down and that I was the only person in the world who would ever be able to access it, because I had read the manual as I was always instructed to do.

The above vague story is just one out of many such cases which I’ve experienced or heard of. Somehow, these experiences make me fully understand how there can be almost daily news of major critical databases exposed to the Internet with no password. They were simply set up by people who just didn’t understand what they were doing, and I consider it unfair to put all the blame on them.

I think a lot of software is made with a strange attitude to security, where you are harshly punished for not knowing everything about the software, as the developers (but nobody else) does.

[ Comedy ] Open Question : Comedy Section: In your opinion, which character of Friends do you think is popular?

Out of these list of characters, which Friends do you think is better? 1. Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) 2. Monica Geller (Courtney Cox) 3. Phoboe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) 4. Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) 5. Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) 6. Ross Geller (David Schwimmer)

I think my neighbors are hacking my cellular data

My neighbors and I don’t get along. I moved out of the place to get away from my neighbors because I suspected that they have been hacking my cellular data and WiFi. After 2 months, I move back to the same place and now I can’t access the internet using cellular data on my iPhone 7. I’m too scared to use WiFi on my phone. I have an Ultra mobile plan and my cellular data is 4G LTE. The LTE sign on the upper left is still visible, but I cannot connect to the internet. Any page I visit it will say cannot connect to the server. I don’t have unlimited data in my plan but I checked it and it says I have about 799 MBs of mobile data left so I should still be able to surf the web.

I think it could be either a DDos attack on my cellular data’s IP address or something jamming the signal?? I really don’t know and it’s stressing me out. I mean I could go and buy a new ultra mobile SIM card for $ 30, but it would be pointless to buy it just for it to happen again. Any ideas what is going on and how can I prevent this from happening?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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If you’re intimidated about doing market research, don’t be. It’s significantly easier than you think it is, that we’ll promise. Thanks to the election scandal, Facebook has purposed to be more transparent when it comes to ads and customer data. And this means that they have given us a powerful tool in that we can now click through competitors' ads in less time than it takes to ask if it's possible. The first step is to navigate to your competitor's Facebook page. You’ll see a button on the…

Finding Your Competitors Facebook Ads Is Easier Than You Think

[ Etiquette ] Open Question : Why do people think I ignore them on purpose at work?

I work at McDonald’s. On multiple occasions, an hourly manager at work called my name multiple times and I never answered. Why? Because I didn’t hear her. She never believed me when I said I didn’t hear her. Well, I was doing something else. She called for me 5 times? ok well I didn’t hear her any of those times. She’s not the only one. The GM sometimes tell me to do something 3 or 4 times b4 I hear him. He doesn’t accuse me of ignoring him. Yet, she says I never listen and ignore the hell out of her. If I’m getting something done, I’m focusing on it. How can anyone expect me to hear anything more than few feet away? Outside work: I could be getting out of a friend’s car when they drop me off somewhere (like work) and as I get out, she be yelling my name but I wouldn’t hear a thing. Then she be so damn offended. Well I was already several feet away