Thinking About Tevida? 6 Reasons Why It’s Time To Stop!

Tevida encounter while using this test increaser Stomach irritation Nausea Dizziness Headaches Constipation Vomiting Diarrhea These side effects may occur due to saw palmetto in this technique but note that the adverse responses from this component are generally mild declares WebMD tevida warnings tevida Product Warnings There are some tevida warnings to figure out These are as follows The statements created about tevida have not been…

Thinking About Tevida? 6 Reasons Why It's Time To Stop!

Have 3 domains and thinking to boost on google. But confused between the content

I bought 3 domains.

if i add same content on all of three website. Then i want to rank these website in various countries like USA, India, and Australis with same keywords uses.

Is that content called plagiarized or i have to go with unique content on these three domains.

or simply i will go with <link rel="canonical"> What should i choose?

Thinking Like an Algorithim


To understand an algorithm you must think like one and whenever possible look like one.

Take a minute to understand the process of trying to crawl around 1 billion web pages an hour or trying to cover around 2+ billion web sites. How can a crawler check these backlinks and rate each website accordingly.

As an engineer with over 20+ years experience in networking architecture I can…

Thinking Like an Algorithim

I spend more time thinking about implementation rather than actually writing code. Am I alone?

As the title says, I often find myself spending most of my time “programming”, not actually programming but pondering/researching/asking questions about the best way to implement the algorithms for my applications. Sometimes I will totally delete entire projects with 50+ hours invested because about half way through they can be done more elegantly if I start from scratch…

I am just wondering if this is normal and if anyone else has been in the same boat.