My updates arent working and this is the error code in the terminal: Im new to ubuntu and don’t know how to fix this myself

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Is this Portent-like spell balanced?

As a divinitation wizard, I love the portent mechanic. There is little better than pointing at an ally about to unleash their biggest attack on the BBEG and telling them, ‘you just rolled a 20’ (or whatever number I have that’s high enough for them to hit). It makes me feel like a proper diviniation wizard.

Unfortunately, I have found there are few combat spells that have the same feel of being able to directly influence others’ fortune available. That is why I have tried to capture the feeling of portent in spell form.

Alter Fate

2nd level divination

Casting time: 1 action

Range: sight

Components: V, S, M (a glass bead)

Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute

By focusing your inner eye on the near future you are able to influence the weave of fate. When you cast this spell you roll 1d20 and record the number. As a reaction, you can replace any attack roll, saving throw, or ability check made by you or a creature that you can see with this foretelling roll. You must choose to do so before the roll. This foretelling roll can only be used once.

At higher levels: When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 3rd level or higher, you may add or subtract 1 for each spell level above 2nd to the die roll, with a minimum result of 1 and a maximum result of 20.

I am having trouble finding a proper way to estimate this spell’s power level. I realize that there is a reason divination wizards only receive their third portent die at lvl 14. That is why I have tried to limit the spell by requiring concentration and an action to cast.

The part I am most worried about being unbalanced is the ‘at higher levels’ part. Does the this make it too easy to get critical hits or misses?

A player always wants to recruit NPCs into the party. How do I handle this?

TL;DR: I have a player who wants to recruit lots of NPCs to avoid putting his own character in danger and to grab more spotlight for himself. I’m concerned about how this will affect challenge balance and the amount of fun the other players have. He doesn’t want me to run the NPCs either.

I recently started running Lost Mine of Phandelver as a new DM with a group new to tabletop RPGs. One of the players is a long time friend of mine but he decided he wanted to try to recruit a goblin into the party temporarily. It was the last one of a group that they killed and I responded that they could try to persuade the goblin into fighting for them. He rolled real well and now the goblin follows them. Naturally it will most likely die or something else will happen that will make it no longer part of the party but, when I was talking to the player after the game, he went on that he would just try to recruit another creature or NPC they encounter and if he failed he would just keep trying with other creatures/NPCs.

Now for background I know that he enjoys playing games with a sort of overpowered sense. He likes to play god a little as well as have others get their hands dirty for him. (Example: In Skyrim he uses mods to have tons of followers that fight for him) He doesn’t care for a challenge that has real consequence. He prefers simulated challenge (he also uses mods to keep followers from dying so he can still have a challenge of a difficult encounter but it will never end in complete failure.) He has told me that he prefers this style of play and it doesn’t take away at all from the “fun” or enjoyment of the story and gameplay. He likes to take the spotlight and appear as a cool or respected or even idolized by others that may look up to his “greatness”.

So my question is how should I handle him wanting to constantly recruit non PCs into the party. I don’t mind the occasional NPC tagging along if the NPC’s goals can be met by doing so… but I don’t really like the idea of constantly having him persuading non PCs into the party to fight for him, especially if he does it to give him a sense of control over the party and take the spotlight as a leader all the time. I’m also worried a little bit about balancing and if the other two players will get annoyed with this. They seemed fine with this one instance but what if later down the line they grow tired of the concept and it steals from them trying to enjoy the game.

When I confronted him one on one about it and he told me his future plans I tried to gently let him know that I really wouldn’t be comfortable with this being a regular thing and stating that as a new DM I’m not 100% sure how to balance and make sure the other players don’t feel left out or over shadowed by his play style. Let’s just say he grew rather upset of me ruining his fun.

We never came to a conclusion and I’m not sure if I should just let him do what he wants and just keep losing and gaining followers in the party or should I be firm about this and say it can’t continue to happen more than the occasional NPC doing it for the NPCs own reasons or if I should create a permanent NPC follower. One of the problems is it can’t even be a NPC I control as a DM, he wants to control it.

I’m new to DMing and this is the first problem I’ve run into where I’m not really sure how to rule on it (and I’ve been very liberal with the “Yes you can try to do that” attitude) I would really appreciate any advice.

How would this House Rule for combined Advantage/Disadvantage Impact Rolls?

According to the rules for Advantage/Disadvantage:

If circumstances cause a roll to have both advantage and disadvantage, you are considered to have neither of them, and you roll one d20. This is true even if multiple circumstances impose disadvantage and only one grants advantage or vice versa. In such a situation, you have neither advantage nor disadvantage.

(PBR 60)

While I understand the main point of this is to simplify things and avoid the insane stacking of individual bonuses found in 3.5e, it’s disappointing that stacking advantage and disadvantage is the same as having neither. I’m thinking of a house rule like this:

If circumstances cause a roll to have both advantage and disadvantage, instead roll three d20 and take the median value.

My gut says that this would keep the average roll at 10.5, but tend to cluster rolls around 10 instead of the even distribution of a single roll, but I’m not sure how to actually calculate the distribution. Regardless, rolling dice is fun, so this seems like a way to keep things balanced while still keeping the thrill of rolling extra dice that comes from advantage or disadvantage.

Would this method actually keep the average output the same as 1d20? Are there any edge cases or unforeseen circumstances where this would be more advantageous or disadvantageous than it should be?

Does Shadow Lore require the Bard to physically whisper, and could the target or a nearby creature detect this?

A 14th level College of Whispers Bard gains the following class feature:

Shadow Lore: As an action, you magically whisper a phrase that only one creature of your choice within 30 feet of you can hear. The target must make a Wisdom saving throw against your spell save DC. It automatically succeeds if it doesn’t share a language with you or if it can’t hear you. On a successful saving throw, your whisper sounds like unintelligible mumbling and has no effect.

If the target fails its saving throw, it is charmed by you for the next 8 hours or until you or your allies attack or damage it. It interprets the whispers as a description of its most mortifying secret.

While you gain no knowledge of this secret, the target is convinced you know it. While charmed in this way, the creature obeys your commands for fear that you will reveal its secret. It won’t risk its life for you or fight for you, unless it was already inclined to do so. It grants you favors and gifts it would offer to a close friend.

When the effect ends, the creature has no understanding of why it held you in such fear.

(pg 16, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything)

When using Shadow Lore, would the Bard physically whisper something that only the Target can hear, or is it more like a telepathic whisper that the target hears?

Would the target, or a nearby creature, be able to tell that Shadow Lore was used and potentially who used it?

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