How to modify and compile ONLY few java files among many thousands and deploy?

This is basically a code development question that deals with frequent changes to one or more java files among many thousands.

A few years ago, as a software intern, I was given a large java / jsp code base and my mentor set me up using intellij IDE to build a WAR file for a web application (a student portal). I would then copy the War file to the tomcat container and launch it. I don’t recall, but I recall to the effect that all I had to do was to press that one button (build?) to generate the WAR file. It took a long while to generate this War file. Intellij used an Ant file to build the war file. The team later migrated to Maven, but that’s when my term was up.

Software development was very slow because I wanted to write code, compile and test code often in the web browser. There wasn’t unit code testing.

So here’s my question:

What does the industry do (for example FANG) where if I wanted to just modify ONE java file, how would I go about in a much faster fashion to compile that one file instead of recompiling every file to create a WAR file and then put it into the tomcat container and run it?

I just want to minimize the amount of time from inserting code to checking out how it behaves.

I tried to write my own batch script but taking into account all the thousands of java dependency was a nightmare. this this post. This is my first post since many years ago. I appreciate for someone to shed light on how I can approach this.

I wasn’t happy with using this IDE solution because there was a very senior software engineer who didn’t use an ide, isntead, used emacs on his mac. He got things done fast, but I didn’t understand how he would go modify a few files and got it to run on tomcat. I can’t imagine that he’d recompile everything. So please share with me some work flow using IDE and also preferably not to use an IDE.

I did my research and google but couldn’t find an examnple tutorial of how such would be done. One reason I ask this question is because if I ever get a software engineering job, I would not want to modify one file and take forever to recompile everything.. it just doesn’t sound like the way to go. This wasn’t taught in school.

If there is a git project that deals with the above.. I’d be grateful if someone can send me an exampile git project that deals with the above webapp scenario.

Thank you. Gordon

Communication Architecture for hundreds or thousands of devices deployed in field [on hold]

I’m building an application (both client and server side code) where probably thousands of devices will be deployed in field and these devices will be connected to internet via cellular connection. Each device will have a SIM in it. Now, these devices are embedded devices with very limited capability in terms of software options. The only comm protocol support by these are TCP, UDP and HTTP/s(server and client). You can’t even add any external libraries to support more protocols like MQTT etc. The development environment is very closed and only allows very specific and limited type of external libraries to be added.

So I’ve decided not to use UDP and TCP because they’re very very low-level and the development time and hence cost will be much high. So, I’m left with HTTP. The application requires to poll some data from the devices at defined intervals and sometimes on-demand as well(when the user requests). This suggests to put the server on devices, and just use GET/POST etc. to acquire the data periodically or whenever the user demands. But since these devices will be put in very remote and geographically different locations, we’ll have to assign a fixed IP(or a domain name) to each device so that the server can send requests. Now this architecture doesn’t seem very good because managing the IPs will be a huge headache.

The last option I have is to put a HTTP server on the actual physical server, and have each device ping periodically(like every 5 or 10 seconds ?) via POST request, for example, and as a response to this post request the server can ask for whatever it wants in json format, be it new data or any configuration changes etc. This ping will also act as a heartbeat. On the server side, due to some limitations I’m bound to use python. So I’m thinking of using Flask with some webserver like Nginx etc.

I need some suggestions if this is the only way I can implement this or are there any better solutions/architecture ? Also, will the flask+nginx be able to handle thousands of requests ? Or are there better options to implement the webserver in python ?

Magento 2 generates thousands of temp table queries on product update

I have a Magento 2.2.5 store with ~20k products and ~250 categories arranged in a tree of maximum 2 sub categories.

One of the top categories has 5k products and when I try to remove a product from the category, or remove the category for a specific product the server takes more than 2 minutes and times out.

After reading the general_log, I saw thousands of queries like this:

SELECT `e`.* FROM `tmp_select_e5e424ef98e4a8a4026e18df9d8088e0` AS `e` WHERE (hash_key = '1_44083') 

peaking the database server to 100%: enter image description here

I think this has something to do with url_rewrites, but I can’t seem to understand how is this a problem with only 5k products.

Are there any configurations I can set maybe loosing functionalities, to be able to do something as simple as removing a product from a category?

Thanks a lot.

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Speeding up thousands of string parses

I have a mapping application which takes string arguments in the form of string arrays. I parse these and then perform an action on the map. One of these is MoveVertex which lets the user pass in the name of an existing shape/feature on the map, the index of the vertex to move, and a new x,y location to move that vertex to.

I’m currently getting thousands of these in a row, all for the same shape. It takes anywhere from 3-10ish seconds to parse them all and complete the action. I’m looking for any improvements I could make.

One thing I did so far was stop the map from refreshing every time a vertex is moved. This helped a bit, but it’s still slow.

Example of the string[] commands being sent:

command[0] = "move" //command type command[1] = "vertex" //what to move command[2] = "testLine[10]" //move the vertex at index 10 in testLine's list of vertices command[3] = "x" //new x value for the vertex command[4] = "y" //new y value for the vertex 

Here’s the function that does the work:

public static void MoveVertex(string[] command, Layer inMemoryFeatureLayer, Map map) {     int index; //this will be the index of the vertex in the collection of vertices of the shape     string featureName; //name of the shape/feature that has the vertex to move      if (command.Length < 5) //can't be more than 5 parameters     {         return;     }      try     {         if (!command[2].Contains('[')) //if it doesn't contain brackets which contain an index of the vertices         {             return;         }          const string pattern = @"\[(.*?)\]";         var query = command[2];         var matches = Regex.Matches(query, pattern); //Gets anything inside the brackets         index = Convert.ToInt32(matches[0].Groups[1].Value); //should be an int          featureName = command[2].Substring(0, command[2].IndexOf('[')).ToUpper(); //everything before the bracket is the name of the object     }     catch (Exception ex)     {         return;     }      if (!double.TryParse(command[3], out double longitude) || !double.TryParse(command[4], out double latitude))     {         return;     }      try     {         BaseShape shape;          inMemoryFeatureLayer.Open(); //make sure the layer is open         if (inMemoryFeatureLayer.Name.Contains(GlobalVars.LineType)) if it's the layer holding line shapes         {             shape = (LineShape)inMemoryFeatureLayer.FeatureSource.GetFeatureById(featureName, ReturningColumnsType.NoColumns).GetShape();             ((LineShape)shape).Vertices[index] = new Vertex(longitude, latitude); //set the vertex to a new location         }         else //it's the layer holdilng polygone shapes         {             shape = (PolygonShape)inMemoryFeatureLayer.FeatureSource.GetFeatureById(featureName, ReturningColumnsType.NoColumns).GetShape();             ((PolygonShape)shape).OuterRing.Vertices[index] = new Vertex(longitude, latitude); //set the vertex to a new location         }          inMemoryFeatureLayer.EditTools.BeginTransaction();         inMemoryFeatureLayer.EditTools.Update(shape);         inMemoryFeatureLayer.EditTools.CommitTransaction();         map.Refresh(); //this won't happen because I suspend refreshes beforehand     }     catch (Exception ex)     {         //log it     } } 

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Why on the first page Google says there are thousands of results but on the last page there are less than a hundred?

Why on the first page Google says there are thousands of results but on the last page there are less than a hundred?

That’s kind of a recursive Google Search that should be self-explanatory. It did take me some time to tweak the sentence and trying to find a number which would correspond precisely, the reason why I changed it to “hundreds” instead! 😛

If you have used Google long enough you certainly have stumbled on situations similar to this, many times. Whenever it shows less than 10 pages it’s quite easy to see it. The point is: the number of results on any page except the last one seems like a terrible estimate.

What’s even weirder, some random times the estimate suddenly becomes much better and almost exactly the same on all pages than it is on the last page – the only page that’s always correct.

So, anyone knows why?

Thousands of incoming SSH connection attempts despite firewall lockdown

So my server is getting slammed with thousands of SSH login attempts. Fail2ban is catching and banning them – but my inbox it’s worrying me and it filling up inbox with alerts. Here’s a sample of what I’m seeing:

May 28 15:26:09 sshd[4908]: input_userauth_request: invalid user test [preauth] May 28 15:26:09 sshd[4908]: pam_unix(sshd:auth): check pass; user unknown May 28 15:26:09 sshd[4908]: pam_unix(sshd:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=ssh ruser= rhost=<<SNIPIP>> May 28 15:26:11 sshd[4908]: Failed password for invalid user test from <<SNIPIP>> port 41344 ssh2 May 28 15:26:11 sshd[4908]: Received disconnect from <<SNIPIP>> port 41344:11: Bye Bye [preauth] May 28 15:26:11 sshd[4908]: Disconnected from <<SNIPIP>> port 41344 [preauth] 

What’s interesting is when I attempt to connect using something like:
ssh test@myserverip -p 41344

my connection attempt eventually times out and I see no entry in auth.log – which is what I would expect to happen given I’ve locked the machine firewall down via UFW: (sidenote: I’m already running ssh on a non standard port)

ufw status verbose Status: active Logging: on (low) Default: deny (incoming), allow (outgoing), disabled (routed) New profiles: skip  To                         Action      From --                         ------      ---- Anywhere                   DENY IN Anywhere                   DENY IN Anywhere                   DENY IN Anywhere                   DENY IN Anywhere                   DENY IN Anywhere                   DENY IN Anywhere                   DENY IN Anywhere                   DENY IN Anywhere                   DENY IN 22                         DENY IN     Anywhere 2200/tcp                   ALLOW IN    Anywhere 25/tcp                     ALLOW IN    Anywhere 80,443/tcp (Nginx Full)    ALLOW IN    Anywhere 2246                       ALLOW IN    Anywhere 2812                       ALLOW IN    Anywhere 2247/tcp                   ALLOW IN    Anywhere 19999/tcp                  ALLOW IN    Anywhere 82/tcp                     ALLOW IN    Anywhere 22 (v6)                    DENY IN     Anywhere (v6) 2200/tcp (v6)              ALLOW IN    Anywhere (v6) 25/tcp (v6)                ALLOW IN    Anywhere (v6) 80,443/tcp (Nginx Full (v6)) ALLOW IN    Anywhere (v6) 2246 (v6)                  ALLOW IN    Anywhere (v6) 2812 (v6)                  ALLOW IN    Anywhere (v6) 2247/tcp (v6)              ALLOW IN    Anywhere (v6) 19999/tcp (v6)             ALLOW IN    Anywhere (v6) 82/tcp (v6)                ALLOW IN    Anywhere (v6) 

So my main question is, how is it possible that someone is even getting a chance to attempt a login on port 41344 when I can’t?