How does targeting work when casting Call Lightning through Glyph Of Warding

Call Lightning targets area, then caster choose point in that area and anybody in 5ft radius of that point is damaged, then on each turn caster can use action and choose another point for another lightning.

Casting it through glyph of warding has the benefit of not using concentration and getting whole 10 minutes (100 turns) of duration. But would it work?

Glyph of Warding works with spells that target area by autotargetting the area centered on the triggering creature – that’s fine, the cloud appears above an enemy. But then what happens – would glyph also choose the point in that area to target that enemy? Would the glyph do it every turn? What if the enemy that triggered the spell died on the second turn and there’s still 98 turns more of the spell duration – would the glyph target another enemy?

Or maybe since the caster is still “me” – I get to choose the points where the lightnings fall each round?

Can either nondetection or mind blank prevent information about oneself being divined from others through legend lore?

In this instance the party was trying to legend lore the true name of a legendary creature that had protected itself with nondetection and mind blank.

However this entity’s parents were not given the same security and were still in existence. Would legend before be able to find the information through them?

Especially in question is the line from mind blank:

The spell even foils wish spells and spells or effects of similar power used to affect the target’s mind or to gain information about the target.

How can I take control of my brand online through social media marketing?

Accepting"control" your new isn't really possible , because of social networking. Whether you are at the dialog or not, folks will speak about you on the web, also there isn't any way that you"restrain" exactly what they state. However, what you could do is combine in those conversations, also sway them by being part of those. By negative reviews about Yelp to customer complaints about Twitter, the best way to influence your viewer's understanding of your company is to take part in the talks…

How can I take control of my brand online through social media marketing?

Can Blindsight see through walls?

The reason I’m asking this (when it’s been asked before) is because I’m playing an Animated Armor, which technically HAS no senses. It’s just magic in a shell. (Ghost in the shell, anyone?) So that begs the question, does something that’s purely magical have the ability to see through walls? And if so, can it be stopped by that so many feet of wood, stone, iron, and lead?

Blank Black Screen Part Way Through Boot After HD Replacement

I just replaced the hard drive in my home server with a larger one, and now I get a weird not-quite-booted state. I’m running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (yeah yeah, I know I need to update).

The procedure I used was as follows:

  1. Ran an update.
  2. Rebooted to be sure it was working.
  3. Shut down.
  4. Removed old HD from the server (called “Yemaya”).
  5. Put old and new HD into an entirely different computer (called “Darth”).
  6. Booted Darth off a live USB of CloneZilla.
  7. Did a device-to-device clone of from the old HD to the new HD.
  8. Shut Darth down.
  9. Booted Darth off a live USB of GParted.
  10. Expanded the partitions on the new HD to fill the available space.
  11. Shut down Darth.
  12. Removed both HDs from Darth.
  13. Put the new HD into Yemaya.
  14. Hooked it up and turned it on.

It POSTs fine:

Photo of the system's BIOS screen POST-ing.

It starts booting:

Photo of the system booting.

I allowed the fsck to run; no errors were reported any time I tried it.

Aaaaand at that point it switches to a blank, black screen.

The system is there. If I let it sit for about five minutes, eventually the monitor loses signal and starts searching for one. But if I tap any key on the keyboard, then the monitor finds a signal immediately and resumes displaying an empty black screen. So it’s responding to keyboard input.

I tried SSH’ing into it, but it did not work. I can’t ping it. Whatever is going wrong must be happening before the network gets started.

I can cause it to reboot by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE. When I do, it shows me the Ubuntu shutdown screen:

Picture of the system shutting down.

And then it reboots. I can boot it into recovery mode:

Picture of the system in recovery mode

I checked dmesg, but it had nothing interesting to say. All of my partitions mounted fine. Everything in the recovery mode console appears to work normally.

It feels like it must be a problem with the video driver, but how? I didn’t touch that! The data on the disk is a bit-for-bit copy of the original. The only thing that changed was the disk capacity.

The system is rather elderly. Hardware:

  • Mainboard: Intel D945GSEJT Johnstown
  • CPU: integrated Atom processor (N270 @ 1.333 GhZ, one core, 512 KB -cache)
  • RAM: 2 GB of the fastest the board would take
  • Original HD: Western Digital Scorpio Black WD3200BEKT 320GB 7200 RPM
  • New HD: Western Digital Scorpio Black WD7500BPKT 750GB 7200 RPM

Oracle – loop through list of databases to check status

I have a table with database names and connection strings. Do you know any method to loop through the list of database names (and/or the connection details) and test database connectivity (just need to know if database is up)? The only problem is that I do not have DBLinks pointing to these databases, but we do use OID if that could be of any help/use.


How access Ubuntu 18.04 from Windows 7(guest user) through external network?

I want to access my Ubuntu 18.04 home desktop from a Windows 7 machine at my college which I have no admin privileges.

I want to be able to see the GUI and not just a terminal interface.

Google search shows me a lot of results, but I didn’t found an example showing step-by-step.

I believe I should install a VNC software and after that configure a public IP or DNS, this last part seems to be difficult.

If the characters avoid the encounter through diplomacy, are they awarded the XP for the monsters?

Let’s say that a part of the dungeon with X monsters can be either passed through combat OR through careful diplomacy, can the players be awarded XP points the same way if they choose the latter? It seems like it’s a cool way to reward role playing instead of just fighting – and the players can save spell slots/per-rest abilities at the cost of the loot. Is that something that D&D supports?

Unable to setup secnod HDMI display with Nvidia 1080ti through a DP-HDMI adapter; Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS

Unable to setup secnod HDMI display with Nvidia 1080ti through a DP-HDMI adapter; Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS

I saw a lot of online solutions were using the xrandr command to force output. However, none of those worked for me.

Solution I found: Connect DP end to nvidia graphics card first. With the monitor powered on, connect the hdmi end to the monitor. That worked. The reverse does not. I guess this is a one way activation sequence.