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Broken video thumbnail with video embed media module and vimeo upload

I don’t know exactly where i’m doing wrong.
I have enabled Video Embed Media Module.I have created a media type with video embed type.
I have created free basic account in ‘vimeo.com’ for testing purpose by selecting “private,edit,upload,public” access.
Also I’m Using ‘Vimeo Upload Module to upload video to Vimeo’.
When i copy any new vimeo video url for first time,the thumbnail will be broken.Original Image itself was not created(In files/video_thumbnails). In some cases, whenever i copy some old uploaded video url, im getting the thumbnail. chmod 755,permission is given for ‘sites/default/files’ system.
What might be the problem? Please suggest me…

Also I have one more problem, Hard refresh is required to get the images in the pages wherever image style is applied.

Magento2 – Category Thumbnail image not uploading

I am using an extension of Amasty for layered navigation which also provides facility of category thumbnail image upload.

Unfortunately the upload of Thumbnail is not working for me, I am not getting any error in console and also nothing is received in var logs.

On debug I figured out few things:

1) when uploading Thumbnail image from category details page afterSave function is not called. I found this function in


2) When uploading simple Category Image that comes default this same afterSave is called.

3) Due to this I think “moveFileFromTmp” this function is not called that is in


This function is responsible for moving file from temp folder to category folder

4) Image is uploaded successfully in temp folder of category.

5) I have crosschecked in Database and the value in backend_model for the attribute is already


** Any suggestion what may be the cause of this uncertain behaviour.

In 2016 Theme where is the Posts page thumbnail image stored?

We built our new site at a staging URL. We then moved it to the live site and everything works fine -except- for the ‘Posts’ page.

On that page, the image specified as the thumbnail continues to point to the staging URL’s img. Like this (see the src attribute):

<div id="primary" class="content-area">     <main id="main" class="site-main" role="main">                         <header>                         <div class="post-thumbnail">         <img src="https://staging.example.com/wp-content/uploads/img.jpg" class="attachment-post-thumbnail size-post-thumbnail wp-post-image">     </div>           

I tried going into PHPMyAdmin and searching wp_options and wp_postmeta thinking that the URL or image was stored somewhere in those, but I could not find it.

Can someone tell me where this option/value is stored for the theme?

How capture video thumbnail , when video is uploaded under media video type file?

I’m using Core media module to upload video[Media Type is video,which has field video of ‘file field type’].
This module will refer video.png for all video uploaded from the local system.

I want to capture first frame of video as thumbnail when video is uploaded from the local system in media section. I have seen ‘PHP ffmpeg’ , module , But i don’t know the approach to follow to capture first frame of video. If i need to write a custom module to capture thumnail while saving media type of video, which hook function I need to use or please suggest me what apprach I can follow?

What happens if I just delete my thumbnail cache?

I keep data on a thumb drive and sometimes my laptop gets hot running quicklookd presumably trying to make thumbnails of all of the files on the thumb drive. The high runner file types are images, pdfs and JSONs. I am guessing if I kept them zipped I could avoid the thumbnail generation but that’s a different question.

I’ve found index.sqlite and thumbnails.data in the private folder com.apple.QuickLook.thumbnailcache. This answer may address my question indirectly but I don’t really know what to do or what will happen.

If I just go and delete index.sqlite and thumbnails.data and then restart, will my computer blow up? Will it have to generate all thumbnails for files on my start-up HD again?

I have never used SQLite so I don’t think I should try to modify this pair, even with a script, and I understand that next time I use the data quicklookd may fire up again. Still I’d like to know what would likely happen if I deleted this pair of files.

Image preview thumbnail does not display

Drupal 7.

When adding a core image field to a content type to display an image, the preview thumbnail does not display on the edit page when uploading an image.

What appears after clicking on the “Upload” button is a placeholder for the image and an image icon. The placeholder then quickly disappears to leave the icon and the name of the file. It looks like the link is broken and the image cannot be found. However, the uploaded image and it’s preview (thumbnail image style) are in the right folders. This is confirmed when the edit page is reloaded (browser refresh or a new visit to the page) because the preview image then displays properly on the edit page..

Clicking the Save button displays the image in the content.

However, if I do not click the Upload button and click on the Save button directly instead after selecting an image with the Browse button, the content image is not displayed either unless I click on the browser Refresh (or go to another page and come back.)

A few people have had this issue.

In this Youtube tutorial, the issue is reproduced (the thumbnail does not show up.) The instructor notices it but gives no solution: Drupal Tutorials #9 – Custom Content Types Part 2 Manage Display

Does anyone know what’s going on and how to fix this?

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. 🙂