Slow thumbnail loading when lots of images on memory card

I have a Canon 2000D DSLR. I like to keep all my pictures in the relatively big memory card, so that there is a second copy of all pictures in case my laptop SSD dies.

However, every time I connect the DSLR via USB to the computer, loading the thumbnails of all files takes more and more time. It’s now way more than half a minute to load all thumbnails because there’s over 400 pictures! Obviously, the images I’m interested in will be the last ones shown.

Today, I tried to create a directory named “old” to the memory card in the DSLR but the camera didn’t allow creation of a new directory (I don’t remove the memory card from the DSLR, I connect it directly via USB to the computer).

What is the best way to solve this issue? Obviously, one solution could be to just remove the pictures from the memory card and have a separate large USB pen drive as backup, but that would be extra hassle. Is there a way to create an “old” directory in the memory card, which the camera is prohibiting now?

Ideally, I would just fill the memory card and when it’s full purchase a new card and store the old card somewhere, treating it like film negatives.

One solution I was planning would be to sort the list from newest to oldest, so that newest would load first, but then again I’m not sure if Windows remembers the sorting order across detach and reattach cycles.

Thumbnail images missing in WP media library

I have built my own WordPress theme and applied it to my WordPress website.

The issue I am having is out of the blue, the thumbnail images from the media gallery have stopped loading in and now just appear as blank squares… (Please see image)

enter image description here

I think this happened after I went into the server and deleted everything out of the wp uploads folder as I wanted to start fresh and through this would be the quickest way to get rid of all of the images.

Since then, it seems to not be loading in any thumbnails of any new images I upload so I can’t see what is actually in the media library… Kind of annoying.

I have tried using the force Thumbnail regeneration plugin and this also didn’t work.

How can I get the images back, please? 🙁

Thank you

The history of thumbnails (or just a previous thumbnail) is embedded in an image file?

I was surprised when I cropped an image on Windows Phone, saved it, sent it via e-mail to a PC, and then downloaded it – and the thumbnail in the download folder was the one of original, not cropped image for a few seconds until finally it would refresh to the expected one.

Maybe I just don’t know something obvious, but because I couldn’t find any information on image file thumbnail history, jpg old thumbnail stored in file and similar searches, I think that while it may be a known functionality of some image formats, then surely not known widely enough by users. An unaware user might make a photo with private data, crop the private data out and send it to someone, and this private data can not only be possibly acquired from a thumbnail by the intended receiver, but the image may be traveling from hands to hands – there might be millions of images over the Internet which contain private information in old thumbnails.

Here’s some examples:

  • A photo of an identity card can be watermarked for a specific company with a company’s name and a date, e.g. Quizzacious Systems 2016/03/05, to confirm an identity of a player which forgot a password; if a support employee has evil intentions, he can take a previous thumbnail of the image, which has no watermark, and use it to confirm his identity as this person – thumbnails in extra large size actually have a comparable resolution with cheap cellphones and may be accepted as a proof of an identity at least by some companies.
  • A photo of an identity card or anything else with some information censored out by black rectangles – everyone with minimum knowledge knows, that a black rectangle in some formats is not just another layer of data, but removes the original data behind it; at least that’s what I thought before discovering this vulnerability. It seems, however, that you can take a censored image and read censored data from it’s old thumbnail – the resolution might be too low for a scan of a sheet of paper, but it can be enough for something of a size of an ID.
  • A photographic proof may be tested for authenticity by checking an old thumbnail and what was cropped out.
  • A photo with nakedness can be censored or cropped and then get popular over the Internet.

So what I’m missing here? It seems a serious security vulnerability, something at least a common user should be well aware of, and yet I wasn’t. Microsoft answered on my e-mail:

this is not a valid vulnerability as this is by design. This functionality is also inline with cropping in Office.

However I was aware of that in case of MS Office (still many users might not be), and if you print the document to either paper or PDF the cropped data is lost; you can also use the “compress” feature and remove cropped parts of an image there. How to you deal with JPG files, though?

  1. Is there a tool to read old thumbnails of images?
  2. How to remove data from an image permanently?
  3. Is it just a single previous thumbnail or all previous thumbnails that are stored?
  4. Does it affect only thumbnails, or – as MS suggests – it works like in Office and whole original photo is stored in a file?
  5. Where can I read more about this issue/feature?

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Broken video thumbnail with video embed media module and vimeo upload

I don’t know exactly where i’m doing wrong.
I have enabled Video Embed Media Module.I have created a media type with video embed type.
I have created free basic account in ‘’ for testing purpose by selecting “private,edit,upload,public” access.
Also I’m Using ‘Vimeo Upload Module to upload video to Vimeo’.
When i copy any new vimeo video url for first time,the thumbnail will be broken.Original Image itself was not created(In files/video_thumbnails). In some cases, whenever i copy some old uploaded video url, im getting the thumbnail. chmod 755,permission is given for ‘sites/default/files’ system.
What might be the problem? Please suggest me…

Also I have one more problem, Hard refresh is required to get the images in the pages wherever image style is applied.

Magento2 – Category Thumbnail image not uploading

I am using an extension of Amasty for layered navigation which also provides facility of category thumbnail image upload.

Unfortunately the upload of Thumbnail is not working for me, I am not getting any error in console and also nothing is received in var logs.

On debug I figured out few things:

1) when uploading Thumbnail image from category details page afterSave function is not called. I found this function in


2) When uploading simple Category Image that comes default this same afterSave is called.

3) Due to this I think “moveFileFromTmp” this function is not called that is in


This function is responsible for moving file from temp folder to category folder

4) Image is uploaded successfully in temp folder of category.

5) I have crosschecked in Database and the value in backend_model for the attribute is already


** Any suggestion what may be the cause of this uncertain behaviour.