Can set_post_thumbnail be used to remove a thumbnail?

I have a way to set a thumbnail for a post if a checkbox is selected or not. The problem I’m having is if the checkbox is selected and then unselected, how do you delete the featured image that was set? I.E. remove the featured image. I tried to do set_post_thumbnail($ post->ID, ''); with the ” blank to remove the image but that didn’t work.

My code in my functions.php:

function post_extra_save( $  post_id, $  post){ if ( has_blocks( $  post->post_content ) ) { // get blocks      $  blocks = parse_blocks( $  post->post_content );     foreach ( $  blocks as $  block ) {         if ( $  block['blockName'] === 'acf/opby-cover-image' ) { // name of block             $  media_url_thumb = $  block['attrs']['data']['image_post']; // Image ID from the block             $  check_if_featured = $  block['attrs']['data']['set_featured_image'][0]; // check if checkbox is selected, will say 'sfi' is enabled             if ($  check_if_featured == 'sfi') { // if checkbox is selected                 set_post_thumbnail($  post->ID, $  media_url_thumb);             } else { // if checkbox is not selected                 set_post_thumbnail($  post->ID, '');             }         }     } }; } add_action( 'save_post', 'post_extra_save', 10, 2 ); 

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Como generar un thumbnail de un archivo de texto con pillow

Se pueden generar miniaturas de archivo de texto como un .docx o un .txt pero en forma de miniatura de contenido es decir algo asi:

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

Como pueden ver la miniatura queda como una version pequeña de la primera hoja del documento a diferencia de un arhcivo .docx que utiliza un icono,

He estado buscando alternativas para hacer esto y encontré 2 paquetes thumbnail-master , thumbnail-041 pero no funcionan correctamente al menos no para mi caso.

Después encontré que se puede generar una miniatura de imágenes con pillow pero es posible hacer tambien para archivos de texto.

El codigo es este:

from PIL import Image import glob, os  size = 128, 128  for infile in glob.glob("*.jpg"):     file, ext = os.path.splitext(infile)     im =     im.thumbnail(size) + ".thumbnail", "JPEG") 

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How do I fix some broken thumbnail preview settings in Nautilus?

Okay, I wanted previews for psd files in Nautilus. So I tried the scripts found on this page: How to make Nautilus display .psd thumnails?

This did not work, so then I found this maintained PPA, and I decided to try that.

It did not seem to work either. But it does krita files in addition to psd so I made a krita file and that preview worked!

So I think the issue is that the first script I ran somehow messed up my settings so that the installed PPA won’t work.

Any clue on how I can reverse the effects of the first script? I don’t know enough about the internals of Linux etc to really manipulate this stuff very well. I can use Linux, and do web development but I’m not really clear on how it actually manages thumbnail settings etc. I assume that’s something that the shell does etc.