Interaction between potent cantrip and empowered spell: Thunderclap

According to DnD 5e wizard evoker subclass lvl 2 feature Sculpt Spell, you could prevent 1 friendly adjacent creature from taking damage from a Thunderclap cast by your evoker (it would automatically save the CON save and suffer no damage).

Also, according to evoker lvl 6 feature Potent Cantrip, cantrips that would normally do no damage on a failed save now do half damage (including, I’m assuming, thunderclap). Taken to the letter, this would mean that getting the lvl 6 feature Potent Cantrip would be detrimental to your character, at least with regard to the casting of Thunderclap, since the spell would now harm your friend near you? Am I getting this right?

It may well be the case, but it seems a little bit unfair. Could you choose to apply the Potent Cantrip feature only to your enemies when casting a Thunderclap? Could you choose not to apply Potent Cantrip to a given Thunderclap cantrip casting at all to prevent friendly fire?

Can a druid who is wild shaped into an ape cast non-verbal & non-material (somatic only) spells, example thunderclap? [duplicate]

Similar questions do not deal with “somatic only” spells (they only say “no” due to lack of access to verbal or material components, see the link)

Wild Shape states:

You retain the benefit of any features from your class, race, or other source and can use them if the new form is physically capable of doing so.

Could a druid wild shaped into an ape still cast non-verbal & non-material (somatic only) spells, for example:

Thunderclap: [..] Components: S [..]

My logic: Ape has hands = can clap?