Does Yellow Mold tick at 0 HP

If a creature got hit by a cloud of Yellow Mold (DMG p105) and it fails it’s saving throw it becomes poisoned.

While poisoned in this way, the creature takes 5 (1d10) poison damage at the start of each of its turns.

What happens if this creature drops to 0 hit points? Does it still takes the poison damage each round and for that dies after 3 rounds?

Understanding Frightful Aura and Frightened tick down

I have a question concerning Pathfinder Second Edition:

From my understanding, when a creature enters the Lich’s Frightful Presence aura, it has to roll Will save.

Because of the nature of Frightened, every time the creature’s turn comes, it ticks down by one.

So within two turns, the aura is completely without any effect for the next 8 turns. (Gain immunity for 1 minute).

For an example of why this is weird to me: The party of adventurers made it down to the Lich’s evil lair. Beyond the door, the Lich Xarxark the Terrible awaits. The adventurers are Frightened by the Lich’s aura that permeates through the door. As the Rogue takes turns to unlock it, the Frightened value ticks back down to 0 and now the party is ready to face the Boss, undaunted.

Is my understanding correct?

How do I rescale tick marks on a plot?

I am working with an external “number-crunching” application that generates radiation patterns for antennas. The data that I am working with is a function of spherical angles theta and phi and it produces numbers in the range of 0 through some maximum value. I want to plot using PolarPlot to show a “scaled” tick mark where the scaling is the result of some function that I write to do the proper transformation. So, here is an example [below, phi is controlled externally and sometimes via Manipulate[]).

PolarPlot[  gdb[180/Pi (Abs[Pi/2 - theta]), phi], {theta, 0, Pi},   PolarAxes -> True, PolarTicks -> {"Degrees", Automatic},   PolarGridLines -> Automatic, PlotRangeClipping -> False,   PolarAxesOrigin -> Automatic] 

And, this is the resultant plot: PolarPlot

Now, the PolarAxesOrigin with the Automatic assignment generates the axes labeled from 20 thru the maximum of 80. However, for this same plot, the only change I want (in this example) is to scale that axes tick mark labels as 0.0 for the 80 tick mark label and then the inner concentric circles would be -10, -20, -30, -40, and so on. Thus, the labeling are all negative numbers with zero as the maximum range on the PolarAxesOrigin.

I have researched various posted questions here and experimented using scaling features, tick functions, and other things (merely guessing) to figure out how to achieve this and nothing works right. I am hoping that I can provide some kind of function that can do a transformation from the plotted values to some scaled tick mark labels. Changing the data itself to be negative does not work, the resultant plot is not correct.

Ensuring a Recursive method completes in one update tick?

OK so I have a method that calls itself as this was the only way I could think to get the behaviour I needed. Its a tetris clone i am making and this method is for checking for full lines across X axis.

    void CheckForFullLine(int starting_Y) {     for (int y = starting_Y; y < frozenCells.GetLength(1); y++)     {         for (int x = 0; x < frozenCells.GetLength(0); x++)         {             if (!frozenCells[x, y].isFilled)             {                 CheckForFullLine(starting_Y + 1);                 return;             }              if (x == CELL_COUNT_X - 1)             {                 tetrisLinesThisTick++;                 Debug.Log("lines this tick: " + tetrisLinesThisTick + "on tick: " + tick);                 ClearLine(y);             }         }     } } 

but when i test the game, most of the time (more than 9/10 times) when you get multiple lines, the debug log says we only got 1 line in that ‘tick’.

Here is the update method where at the top I set tetrisLinesPerTick to 0 at the start of each frame.

    private void Update() {     tick++;     // reset the tetris-lines this tick value:     tetrisLinesThisTick = 0;      ClearScreen();     CheckForFullLine(0);     HandleMovementAndBlockCreation();     DrawFallingPiece();     DrawFrozenBricks(); } 

For example if I get 2 lines in one go, I get the debug log saying ‘…linesPerTick 1’ twice in quick succession.

Strangely , occasionaly I do get the 2 or even 3 lines and it says the correct amount, but this is rare and i don’t know how i reproduce that yet.

Another very strange thing (the relevant code might not be here for this part..) …quite rarely one of the frozen blocks will turn grey after falling, then I can still ‘use’ it in game to make more lines, but it doesnt disappear like the others, then make a couple more lines using this grey block and it disappears as normal :S (well just in case you feel like helping me with this part, he is more code :P):

    void ClearLine(int line) {     // TODO: Add score      // remove complete line     for (int x = 0; x < frozenCells.GetLength(0); x++)     {         frozenCells[x, line].isFilled = false;     }      //shift all lines down        // todo: figure out if its a multi-line tetris to give better scores...     for (int y = line; y < frozenCells.GetLength(1); y++)     {         for (int x = 0; x < frozenCells.GetLength(0); x++)         {             if (frozenCells[x, y].isFilled)             {                 if (y > 0)                 {                     frozenCells[x, y].isFilled = false;                     frozenCells[x, y - 1].isFilled = true;                 }             }         }     }  } 

For some reason, I feel it may be the recursive method i made and the fact that ‘linesPerTick’ value is getting set back to zero prior to the other lines being removed (in the same move), is what is causing my problem but i could be completely wrong about it!

The whole project is just one .cs file and a block texture i made in GIMP, I could paste the whole script here if you want to try it please let me know. Cheers for any help!

Inserting date automatically when a tick box is ticked

I have a simple sheet that has two columns with tick boxes in them (columns 5 and 8) The goal is when the box is ticked the date and time are inserted in the column next to it. I have got it working correctly with one column with the following code:

function onEdit(e) {   var aCell = e.source.getActiveCell(), col = aCell.getColumn();    if(col == 5) {     var adjacentCell = aCell.offset(0, 1);       var newDate = Utilities.formatDate(new Date(),        "GMT+1", "dd/MM/yyyy kk:mm:ss");     adjacentCell.setValue(newDate);   } } 

For the life of me, I can’t work out how to modify that so that it works with column 8 as well. Any help will save me tearing my hair out!

Hide Show Div Based On Tick Box

I have a div that hides and shows based on a button click. This works perfectly but I’d like to be able to do this based on a check box being ticked or not.

<html>    <head>     <script src=""></script>   </head>    <body>     <div id="box" class="box">       <table border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" style="width: 500px;">         <tbody>           <tr>             <td>test text</td>             <td>1</td>           </tr>           <tr>             <td>in dummy</td>             <td>2</td>           </tr>           <tr>             <td>table</td>             <td>3</td>           </tr>         </tbody>       </table>      </div>     <button>TOGGLE VISIBILITY</button>      <input type="checkbox" id="2" name="display" value="Y">     <script>       try {         var box = $  ('#box');          $  ('button').on('click', function() {            if (box.hasClass('hidden')) {             box.removeClass('hidden');             setTimeout(function() {               box.removeClass('visuallyhidden');             }, 20);           } else {             box.addClass('visuallyhidden');   'transitionend', function(e) {               box.addClass('hidden');             });           }          });       } catch (error) {         throw error;       }      </script>   </body>  </html> 

This example looks at the button but I’d like it to reference the status of the checkbox