I have a one way ticket to Austria, will they send me back home?

Next June I’ll be going to Austria and I have booked a one way ticket, cause I have an italian citizenship and I’m planning on going to Italy to issue my passport afterwards. If the passport thing goes right then I’ll be able to stay in Europe legally as long as I want, which is the original plan since I’d like to stay in Austria. If not then I’ll come back to Argentina before the 90 days period. But I’m afraid maybe they don’t let me into Austria without a return ticket. Do you think customs will be asking questions, and if they do, do you think they will understand my situation or should I get a return ticket just in case? And do you think I’ll be able to issue my passport in Italy?

Won a ticket to attend Cannes Lions, a conference. Which type of visa should I apply for?

I’m from the Philippines and I won a competition wherein the prize is a complete pass to Cannes Lion. I will still be talking to the person from their side but I want to prepare beforehand.

Is the purpose of this travel considered a business trip or a visitor trip? What supporting documents will I be needing from Cannes Lions?

Trying to change return ticket date on group flight but travel agency is being difficult and airline reroutes to agency

I’m a member in a student chorus that’s going on tour to Hungary. Our director/the university booked and arranged the tour through a travel agency. I wasn’t sure I’d get to join but about a month ago everything got confirmed.

I called the travel agent to see if I could change my return date. She was very rude and said nothing could be done because it’s a group ticket, and that I would’ve needed to make these arrangements months ago.

On a whim, I called the airline this evening, and the representative let it slip that the date can be changed (no idea about fee), but the agent has to call the airline’s support number and do it directly because they’re the ones that booked it.

  • Is this true?

  • Is there a reason for the agent to not work with me? (I said I’d be willing to pay a fee)

  • Most importantly: Is there a way around this on the airline’s end?

Paris pass vs carnet ticket

I am planning for visit to Paris this weekend with my wife and my son of 13 years. I am confused for what should i do? Should i purchase carnet of 10 ticket or visite pass for the following planning:

Sunday: from Bercy to Bir Hakeim and back to Bercy
Monday: Bercy to Disneyland metro and back
Tuesday: Bercy to local city tour hip hop bus
Wednesday: Bercy to Gare de Lyon for TGV train to Zurich which i have reserved.

How to use Kurzstrecke ticket to travel from Berlin to Potsdam?

I have question about using Kurzstrecke ticket to travel from Berlin to Potsdam. As I see it’s the most economic ticket plan for stay in Berlin with one planned visit to Potsdam. So I’d have to buy A+B ticket for Berlin and 2 Kurzstrecke tickets for 1,40 Euro each.

But, how to validate Kurzstrecke ticket in S-Bahn? Can I do it during the passage? Or I need to go out, validate the ticket and wait for the next S-Bahn train?

I purchased a ticket with foreign passport but now I have a citizen Passport, What to do? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • I have two passports/nationalities. How do I use them when I travel? 5 answers

I need your advice. I purchased a ticket with my Brazilian passport in January, and since then I received my Australian Passport that has a different ‘first name’, ‘last name’. I called Qantas to change the name, and they said I would have to cancel my flight, get the refund, and purchase a new ticket with the current available price. They said that the Qantas ticket flight is not transferable, even though I’m not transferring the ticket, I’m changing my name to match the Australia Passport. Any advice? What can and should I do?