How make a custom variable to get Payment ticket bank (Boleto in PT-BR) in Magento 2

How can i get payment ticket link in Magento 2 and set this value in a “Custom Variable” to use in my emails Templates. I know how to get a transaction and i think the ticket is a string inside “transaction object”

Ex: $ transactions = $ this->transactions->create()->addOrderIdFilter($ orderId); $ transaction->exampleGetTiketLink();

But i don’t know how define this in my custom variable in this dashboard. enter image description here

KLM flight from Brussels, pick up ticket from Air France/KLM terminal at Brussel-Zuid/Midi station

I have a KLM flight the day after tomorrow, the first leg is a train journey from Brussels to Schiphol. I don’t know the Brussel-Zuid/Bruxelles-Midi train station well. I have been trying to find out where exactly the Air+Rail terminal is at the station but no luck!

Does anyone know if it is close to the Thalys (Amsterdam train) area, the Eurostar entrance, or elsewhere in the train station?

Do I need a round trip ticket when entering the US as F1 for short term training?

I will be taking English classes in the US as F1 student (ESL program). The program is 3 months long and I plan to stay in the US for at least 4 months. Is entering the US on F1 with a one way ticket enough or do I also need to book the return ticket and possibly show it to the immigration officer?

Is it possible to buy a train ticket CDG airport to Paris truly online?

Next week, I am landing in Paris CDG airport and an hour later I have to be at Gare du Nord. Therefore, I wanted to buy a ticket in advance to get from the airport to Gare du Nord as quickly as possible without having to buy a ticket first.

Here is what I did:

  1. Googled and found this where it says that the ticket with RER B costs 10,30€.

  2. Followed the link to Book online with Parisinfo where I chose “RER B One way Train Ticket Charles de Gaulle airport – Paris” and clicked on “Add to basket”. So far so good.

  3. How it wants me to choose where I would like my order delivered to:

    • Collection point (Free)
    • Home delivery (from 14,50 €)
    • Delivery at your hotel in Paris (12 €)

So clearly, this particular path ends up with them wanting to deliver the ticket physically.

Is there a way to buy this ticket truly online? By “truly online” I mean that I don’t just pay online but the ticket actually gets delivered online, with a QR code to verify its authenticity if needed before or on the train or something like that.

How do I collect a SNCF ticket at the station if I do not have the card it was booked with?

I’m travelling on business by rail from the UK to Stuttgart via Paris next month and the trip has been booked for me by my employer via a travel agent.

For the Paris-Stuttgart leg of the trip, I’ve been told I need to collect the ticket from the station. I have a six-character ‘trip locator’ code and an eight-digit ‘rail confirmation’ number.

The SNCF website says

For outward travel from France, you can collect your tickets from a station or SNCF shop in France. You must present the valid bank card and the confidential code you used for making the payment.

Bank card used for booking must be shown. The bank card has to be still valid when you retrieve your tickets.

If the traveller cannot present the bank card and there is insufficient time for home delivery, he must cancel his tickets.

Obviously I don’t have the bank card that was used to buy the ticket. Can I collect my ticket when I arrive at the station in Paris using one of the codes I have, or do I need to do something else to make sure I have the ticket before I travel?

(Note, I’m certain that the SNCF ticket is separate from my London-Paris Eurostar ticket.)

Return ticket from USA, is it necessary to be for country of origin?

I was travelling from Delhi to San Francisco and had return ticket from San Francisco to Singapore. I was not issued boarding pass on the grounds that I don’t have tickets for Singapore to Delhi. Standing on the booking counter, I had to purchase and show this ticket to counter clerk before he issued me boarding pass. Was the airlines right on insisting it?