getting crown tickets for stature of liberty

I’m going to be in NYC near the end of July and was wanting to do the crown tour of the Statue of Liberty. is only showing tickets from August 12 to September 30 available for purchase. Same thing for the hard hat tour. Does that mean that all tickets for both tours before August 12 are sold out and that there’s no point to checking for tickets for the end of July henceforth?

Also, if that is indeed what it means then any ideas how far out I should check for ticket availability? August 12 is almost 4 months away to the day. Should I be checking for tickets 4 months before any trip I might have planned if I want a realistic shot of being able to do the tour?

How to coordinate airplane tickets?

I’m sorry if this is a duplicate question (or a trivial one) – I don’t know what to search for (my searches for the question title only bring back mathematical answers).

I’m planning on dropping off my daughter with my grandparents for the summer break and returning at the end of summer to pick her up.

The problem is, I’m not familiar with the ordering process – I bought simple 2-way tickets in the past but in this case she needs one return ticket for the whole summer and I need 2 separate return tickets, one at the beginning of summer (for the drop-off) and another at the end of the summer (to pick her up). Obviously, the leaving / returning dates must coincide on the tickets and I’d want her to sit next to me on the flights. The trips are between DFW and BUD.

What is the easiest way to get such an arrangement? I don’t think this is supported on sites like Travelocity and the like.

How to get cheap Flights Tickets?

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WOW air has ceased operation, can I get my tickets refunded?

4 days ago, me and a couple of friends went and booked a flight to Iceland and back for in the summer holidays. The price of the tickets all together is almost €2500, I payed this for everyone using a Maestro debit card.

This morning, I woke up with the horrible news that WOW air has ceased operation and has cancelled all their flights. Since we are a group of students, not getting our money back would mean that the vacation has to be cancelled.

I am having trouble understanding what I can do to try and get my money back as WOW air fails to communicate and has blocked all customer service. Is there anything I can do to get a refund? If it matters: I am a Dutch citizen.

Tranfer/transit via Schengen area with 2 separate tickets and no visa

I’m Russian. I have no Schengen visa. I want to buy a ticket going via Schengen Area with a transfer less than 24 hours. A transfer will take place in an international airport of Germany, or Spain or some others. I have several options. The thing is, it’ll be an international airport with a transit zone and I won’t leave it.

If I buy a normal a single ticket, there’ll be no problem with the transfer. For instance, Brazil – Portugal – Turkey.

However, I’ve discovered that the price of 2 separate tickets on the same route with the tranfer and duration will be cheaper, around 2 times.

The tickets may be even of different airlines. Still, the condition will remain: no chaning of an airport, no leaving the transit zone, the duration of transit will be less than 24 hours.

Now, people tell me that in case of 2 separate tickets I’ll face a problem with boarding. That is, the 1st airline will take into account only the 1st ticket and neglect the 2nd one. For some unclear reason.

Because those would be 2 separate tickets, possible of different airlines. Or even of the same airline, but if they’re 2 physically separate ones, there would be a problem.

For an airline it’d look like as if I travelled only half-way, with a single, one-way ticket to Schengen Area. And, therefore, it’d reject to board me in the beginning.

Is this true? If so, what is the rule what doesn’t allow to travel with 2 separate tickets via Schengen? And only allows to have single physical one

Note, that I don’t take into accout a checked-in baggage – I may have none. Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, suppose I won’t have it.