How to obtain Service Tickets (TGS) for Service Accounts with no SPNs (ServicePrincipalName) set?

The first step in a kerberoasting attack is to discover Service Accounts via AD enumeration. One way to do so is searching LDAP for any registered SPNs (Service Principal Names). However, from my understanding, service accounts may exist with no SPNs set. This seems to be confirmed here, specifically;

While SPNs are very reliable and informative, they will not produce a comprehensive list of service accounts. Many accounts do not integrate with Kerberos through SPNs and will have no SPN values set.

And indeed, In my enumeration of LDAP I find service accounts, with names such as “svc_webapp1”, “svc_program” etc (the description and DN also suggest these are service accounts).

The next step in the attack is to request tickets for said service accounts. However, the only way I’m finding online to request service tickets is via the KerberosRequestorSecurityToken class, i.e.;

System.IdentityModel.Tokens.KerberosRequestorSecurityToken ‚ÄďArgumentList '[ServicePrincipalName_to_request_ticket_for_GOES_HERE]'

This requires/assumes the account(s) you want tickets for have SPN(s) set, but the service accounts I have found do not have SPNs registered/set. Is it possible to request tickets for these accounts anyways (possibly via some attribute other then SPN, or some other class)?

Has anybody done a qualitative analysis of support tickets?

I am at a company with a low UX maturity and have little access to actual user data (no interviews, feedback filtered through business analysts, no user tests). What we do have however is a large amount of support tickets in various stages. I would like to use these tickets as a basis for research but I am not sure how to best go about extracting relevant data / structuring it. Has anybody done something like that? I am thinking of going with qualitative coding to try and find patterns and major pain points. Appreciate your input!

How can I know (without going to the station) if RTAP is offering the Anti Pollution tickets?

The Paris public transit system (RTAP) offers a reduced fare on days of high pollution, as described here: (Google Translated).

This fare is a very good deal, especially as a tourist!

It has been offered so far every day that I have been visiting, but I only know that because I have been to the train station and seen it advertised. Is there a website where I can look to see whether a particular day is an anti pollution day?

Are National Rail tickets the same price as TFL Oyster for the same route?

Today I travelled from Orpington to London Charing Cross. Both are National Railway stations and I bought an Anytime Day Return from a ticket machine at Orpington for £14.60.

It was only after I returned that I noticed I could have swiped in and out with an Oyster Card or contactless credit/debit card.

If I had paid using the latter method, would it have cost me the same amount?

Process For Closing Unsolvable Help Desk Tickets

Sometimes, on an IT helpdesk, you have tickets with a few shared characteristics.

1) They’re low priority–just minor annoyances to user 2) They’re extremely hard to reproduce for testing 3) You’ve exhausted all troubleshooting possibilities you have at your disposal 4) You’ve spent hours on the ticket

This is fortunately a small percentage of tickets, but they do happen. My approach has been to leave these tickets open indefinitely, eventually to languish in forgotten land. Are there better ways? What are your processes for closing unsolvable tickets?

Buying tickets for New York Yankees game

I’ll be in NYC on 13th September and was hoping to take my daughter to a Yankees game (we’re Brits and are looking for the quintessential American day out!). They are playing the Toronto Blue Jays. I seek advice on tickets:

Do we buy them on-line from the UK with all the currency hassle?

Or can we wait until the day of the game and buy them at the stadium?

Is it likely to be a sell out?

Lastly, is it safe to buy via StubHub?

Can I buy tickets for the ADO bus online, without a Mexican payment card?

I saw somewhere that you can only buy tickets for the ADO Bus if you have a Mexican credit card. I did the full simulation and, apparently, they even accept Paypal, which in principle, should accept any major credit card I didn’t pay yet as I am not sure of the travel dates yet, so I can’t tell for sure.

Does someone have experience with this? Can one buy an ADO bus ticket online without a Mexican payment card?