Recorrent problem with Time Machine Failing

I have time machine backing up to two USB external disks at the same time.

In the last few days both backups are failing with the message

Time Machine could not create a local snapshot to back up from. 

I then delete all snapshots I have on the main disk and create a new one, by doing the following commands on terminal:

  1. tmutil listlocalsnapshots /
  2. then I delete all snapshots
  3. and create a new one sudo tmutil enable and sudo tmutil localsnapshot

This works perfectly and I am able to backup again but two days later, the problem returns.

Both my external disks have 50% of the space free. My Mac’s hard disk has 400 GB free. So its is no lack of free space on disk.

In resume: TM fails, I delete local snapshots, it works. Problem is back days later.

First time DM for semi-experienced group: which module? [on hold]

My group’s currently finishing Princes of the Apocalypse and I will be DM’ing the next campaign (D&D 5e). I’ve never done it before and I can’t decide on the module. I don’t mind prep and some improv at all, but I want to have something to fall back on, as a first timer. There are also some additional complications:

  • We can’t play Curse of Strahd or Tomb of Annihilation because one of the players has DM’ed and is playing them, respectively.
  • We’ve already played Lost Mine of Phandelver.

My players have said I can pick the module, but I asked for some preferences and they said they would prefer a campaign with a story (not dungeon crawling), preferably linear with the option to mess around every once in a while. (The PotA sandbox got a little “why are we here again?” at the end.)

AFAIK this leaves Out of the Abyss, Storm King’s Thunder and Waterdeep: Dragon Heist.

Our party would have:

  • Fighter (as yet undecided on race)
  • Dragonborn paladin
  • Bard (as yet undecided on race)
  • Goliath barbarian
  • Aasimar sorcerer

Personally I’m not leaning towards Waterdeep bc it only goes up to L5. My research indicated STK has a solid beginning and end, but you basically DIY inbetween, and the OotA gets a little repetitive and there’s a million NPC’s to keep track of as DM.

What would more experienced DM’s recommend? One of these three or something else altogether?

[ Movies ] Open Question : Why isn’t Leonardo DiCaprio rated more highly in debates about the greatest actors of all time?

He easily passes all the criteria: (1) won an Oscar for Best Actor, deserves at least 8-10 more (2) did extremely difficult roles that no other actors could (3) starred in films with other greatest actors (4) starred in one of the highest grossing films of all time (5) has a widely known legendary reputation throughout the world (6) worked with some of the best directors and producers (7) has starred in at least 10 films that deserve a Best Film Oscar. (8) all of his roles are interesting and unique (9) has no bad performance (10) has at least 5 classics He is easily number one on my all time actors list and I’m a movie enthusiast.

Project: Create an App (for android only) that makes a content-window appear after a given time (no matter what app was used until then)

to be more precise…

imagine you’re using your tablet. You’re doing things like youtube, email, games, etc… and after 10 minutes a window opens and slides over whatever you were doing until then. That new window would be used to show/display text-information, videos, etc.

The purpose:

The person who needs this app owns several sales stands and every sales person at such a stand has a tablet. Those sales people should receive notifications in shape of a window that slides over cover what they were doing on the tablet. That new window (be it a browser-window or something else) will be used as canvas for text-information, a short educational video or a reminder to not browse through the web all the time, etc…

It is less about determining what apps the sales person has access to, but rather the option, to have a window appear on the tablet with information the sales person should see. One additional task of that overlaying window would be, that it should appear regularly after x minutes.

My thoughts now are:

I do know that Android tablets have a screensaver function, so maybe that can be modified in a way that it provides the mentioned functions? If that doesnt work… how could such an app be realised?

  • Browserbased WebApp?
    • I’m thinking that Webapps probably don’t have the permission to “dominate” the screen and push all other apps aside that were in use?
  • Native Android App? Or maybe I’m wrong?
    • I have 0 experience with native apps.
  • something else?

Big oh notation run time

I have this Question , I want the answer and show me how to solve it Please :

Analyze the running time of the following algorithm using Big-Oh notation

maxerea =0; maxpt1 =maxpt2 = maxpt3 =0; for(i =1;i<=n;i++)     for(j =i+1;j<=n;j++)        for(k =j+1;k<=n;k++){            empty = True;          for(l =1;l<=n;l++){          if((l != i) && (l != j) && (l != k))             if insideTriangle(i,j,k,l) then empty = False;             }               area = TriangleArea(i,j,k);             if (area < maxarea) {                 maxarea =area;                   maxpt1 = i; maxpt2 = j; maxpt3 = k;                }            }   print, maxpt1, maxpt2, maxpt3  

Can Pass Without Trace affect anyone within 30 ft. at any time while the spell is active, or only those who were within 30 ft. when it was first cast?

The pass without trace spell description reads:

A veil of shadows and silence radiates from you, masking you and your companions from detection. For the duration, each creature you choose within 30 feet of you (including you) has a +10 bonus to Dexterity (Stealth) checks and can’t be tracked except by magical means. A creature that receives this bonus leaves behind no tracks or other traces of its passage.

Does this mean that an ally who moves within 30 feet of the caster after the spell has been cast can begin to benefit from the spell? Does an ally who leaves the 30-foot radius while the spell is in effect lose the spell’s benefits?

I need to transfer the data form a time machine backup SSD to my local hard drive

I need to transfer the data from an SSD containing my Time Machine Backup to my current MacBook Pro. I don’t want to restore the backup or settings.

When I try to copy the Backups.backupdb it says that the volume is the wrong format for the backup. I also tried using one a method from the terminal when I was searching for people with similar problems but that didn’t work in my case. I’ve also tried to copy files individually but it is taking a lot of time to transfer.

Why is default Luma theme so slow (Time to interactive) on PageSpeed insight?

I had bad result on Google Pagespeed Insight on small Magento Websites, using default theme and modifying only little stuff, plus adding static content to homepages.

And Pagespeed Insight rating are bad, more on mobile.

So I installed an empty 2.2.8 shop (no categorie, no product) to try to find out what I was doing wrong.

I tested with GTMetrix and get an A (99%) on PageSpeed (so I guess it’s not a configuration problem)

JS and CSS are minified, even HTML. I even installed a Varnish to be sure !

But PageSpeed Insight ratings are as bad as with modified Luma. (around 38-40) (the link might not be valid in time, it’s just a test website)

So does anyone knows why default template got so bad ratings ?

Is there a way to improve it easily (I’m more of a backend than a frontend dev) ?

Do you know an ultra basic templates with good PageSpeed ratings ?

Thanks in advance !