UE4 – Timeline isn’t running

I suspected in my last question, that the problem was caused probably by the timeline I used in the custom event I made, Move To.

What I did was I researched this problem, viewed the documentation, and took a good look at the timeline itself, but I couldn’t find anything that could solve this problem.

The code is pasted here in BlueprintUE, in the MoveTo custom event if you need to see the code. Here is a picture of the timeline:


I have been trying to fix this problem for days, help would be very much appreciated! Thank you!

How can I effectively keep track of the timeline of a campaign?


I’ve been playing table top RPGs for some twelve years now, both as a player and a frequent DM. During this time, I’ve had maybe half a dozen campaigns and none of them have been particularly accurate in regards to timeline and time management.

The problem

The problem revolves around keeping track of the smaller time frames in which events occur and, in extension, what else would occur during that time.

The bigger timeline (Year 2000: A happened, Year 2050: B happened, and so forth) is quite easy to keep track of, since most campaign (at least the ones I’ve played) take place within a year or so. The problem I have is keeping track of the day-to-day timeline.


The PARTY sets off by foot from TOWN1, through the FOREST, before intending to reach TOWN2. This journey is estimated to take one week. Now, before they left TOWN1, the WOODELF sent a message via raven, asking his siblings to meet up with them in FOREST. Furthermore, two nights before leaving, PARTY burglarised a corrupt ARISTOBRAT and stole THINGY1. ARISTOBRAT wants THINGY1 back and has sent out nationwide messages, alerting local authorities of the theft and PARTY’s description.

Halfway through FOREST, PARTY is ambushed by a band of villains, resulting in a long (play-time-wise) fight and once PARTY is victorious, the GROUP decide to call it a night.

Next time GROUP gets together, it’s hard remembering how long the journey was going to take, how long PARTY had been travelling for, how long the raven would take to get to WOODELF’s siblings, when ARISTOBRAT’s message will reach various cities and holdfasts and what the result of that may be. The timeline, and thus potentially the campaign, gets messed up.


Is there a quick, easy-to-use and flexible method, application or other service that can help me keep track of the timeline of a campaign?


  • I’ve tried writing it down in a notebook or word document. It easily becomes gibberish, and/or disappears among all other notes. Word document is easier, but disrupts the game flow (Wait, I have to write this down. Hang on, let me find the right document. Oh, damn, computer is laggy).
  • The answers to this question suggests either not bothering with it (which I obviously want to do) or using counters which I think works splendidly for keeping track of time passing, but not as much on keeping track of when along the timeline a given event occurred. thanks to @BESW for the question
  • This question relates to keeping track of events that occur regularly, with an even spread on the timeline, which is not the case for my question, as it relates more to creating and managing a detailed timeline of events that occur, pardon my lack of sophistication, willy-nilly. thanks to @BESW for the question

What is the ISP Log retention timeline?

So I have this particular question, how do ISP store Ip logs in timeline terms?

Suppose an ISP stores logs for 6 months.

Do they store the january-december (Yearly) logs for 6 months,

Or do they rotate so each month is only stored 6 months.

Example: January logs is stored for 6 months, and then gets rotated, then February log gets stored for 6 months and then gets rotated, and so on.

I hope to hear from you guys Best Regards

Ranking timeline system

Does anyone know a good way to show when someone become a legend, ancient, Myths…. Like a system that show how long time it take for someone to become it. I want to create a ranking power system that show how powerful someone can get with time.

A example of this:

  • Hero – 50 year
  • Legend – 500 year
  • Ancient – 1000 year
  • Myths – 2000 year

How to make a historical timeline for a magical world

I’m writing a campaign and I’m a big fan of history and I want to write a history of my campaign’s world.

The problem is, I have no idea how to do this.

I am aware that I should bullet point wars and things of the sort as well as the destruction of different societies and specific eras in history.

I looked at the DMG and I couldn’t find any answers, nor did 2 hours of scouring google find what I was looking for. A large reason why nothing helped is that in D&D magic exists and there’s not a lot of good examples in timeline structures are based on a fantasy setting.

In what order would the normal progression of eras and advancements in technology impact a fantasy world?

Timeline for Implementing UX Process

I am in the process of presenting and implementing a brand new UI/UX process. I have gotten buy in for the proposed phases of the design process. But I am getting timeline questions regarding how long it would take to implement the full process or how much could be done within a 6month window and how to plan out a 6month window. I know this is super subjective but has anyone had any experience with anything similar? Or how long each step in a design process could take to nail down/implement?


How to display section in timeline without frames

I’ve an app, where the user can play an animation. The animation progress is indicated in the timeline (with blue color). The playable, but not active part of the timeline has gray color. The timeline has also part, where are no frames, but I need to somehow display this part of the timeline too. And this is the tricky part. Currently I have displayed this section with border, but it’s looking strange. I’ve also tried not displaying it at all, but my lead returned it, because for the user is useful to know that there aren’t frames, and it’s part of the timeline.

enter image description here

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