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Fitness Tips , Fully Automated, 100% Monetized with High Potential Earnings For $ 39

PUBG Game Guide and Tips Website

Want to sale website is about the popular PUBG Game.

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I am a part time blogger, PC and Mobile gamer. I also flip domains and websites from time to time.

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If you are a fan of PUBG Mobile, nothing further details need be mentioned. For all others, this is a blog about PUBG Game with

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PUBG Game Guide and Tips Website

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Why are you selling this site?
Don't have time for it.

How is it monetized?
Different Ads Networks. Can be also monetized with AdSence.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
One hour / week.

What challenges are there with running this site?
Website run on WordPress and have 75 posts. It is well indexed from the search engines and need 1-2 fresh content / week in order to grow.

Tips for running 3 Faction Combat

I am running a game of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.

I am going to run a climactic battle that has three factions- one will be the players, one will be their main antagonist, and the third will be an additional antagonist that is also trying to beat the main villain. I am wondering if there are any best practices when designing and running such an encounter. I don’t want to slow down what should be an epic and climactic battle by having a large number of villain turns, and it may feel like if one set of bad guys attacks the other set, that there is a lack of interaction with the players. Does anyone have experience running multi-faction fights? What were the takeaways that you learned?

Beauty Tips website (4 years old, )

Why are you selling this site?
No time to work on the website.

How is it monetized?
Affiliates, blogpost sales

Does this site come with any social media accounts?
Yes. Twitter account (2000 followers) and facebook group

How much time does this site take to run?
About 1 hour a day will be pretty enough to develop it. Writing 2-3 posts and sharing it in social networks.

What challenges are there with running this site?
Develop website, make some…

Beauty Tips website (4 years old, )

Tips for Scrape non-english country specific list?

Hey, guys.
I would like some tips from the community.
I am trying to rank a non-english site for a particular country.
I realized that it is very difficult for GSA to link to the country I want in the default settings.
I think it’s because footprints are optimized for English.
Do you have any tips or tutorials on how I can rank for a specific country and non-english site?

I’m going to play D&D as twins who had their minds’ merged. Any tips on playing two characters as a singular? [on hold]

So I’m going into a new campaign in D&D 5e as twins who were caught at a young age by mind flayers. Instead of being assimilated, they were found to be immune of the Illithids powers. Long story short, twins play as one character, does anyone have any tips for playing two characters as one in D&D? Advice on character creation is mostly what I need, I have an idea on how to play.

Tips for Email Database Marketing

The term database marketing refers to a well knit relationship between the customer and the manufacturer. This is a new strategy implemented by the business men today, through which they get the valuable information about his client. Once you have the email database, then if you try and build a good relation with your customers, by sending them mailers about special discounts or etc, they will feel privileged and you will get dedicated customer. Thus your product sell will boost.
Thus to start such database marketing, follow the below mentioned tips;
Work on your own list. Don’t buy from the service providers. Although initially it appears like a mammoth task, but sooner or later it will help you collect information only about your potential clients. If you buy list, in many a times you will end up sending mails in the spam folder, which will not lead you anywhere.
[Image: UK-Business-Email-Database.png]
Send you customers, special card, mailers on their birthdays, anniversaries on special occasions, to start with on New Year and Christmas, so that they feel privileged. Once they are informed about special discounts on such occasions, they will turn your dedicated customer. Later collect information about their birthday, anniversary, etc, and surprise them by mailing discount coupon. Hence it will not only boost your sell, but also get you loyal customers.
Develop relationship with your potential customer. Try and collect more information about his/her company and try and find if you get scope of marketing your product there as well. Look for any and every opportunity to expand your business and sell your product. Reach as many as possible.
Your email database must be long and full of information. It must contain the each and every transaction of the contacts mentioned in the database. Try and collect information like, which websites they visit, if they attended any seminar or not. Maintain the history of emails very clearly. You must have a complete record of all those mail that has been sent. This will help in proper analysis of the email database.
Analysis of the email data is very important. This helps in understanding the behavior of the customer towards the product.
Database marketing helps in reactivating many inactive customers. If you send mails to them continuously, they will respond and not ignore the mails. Therefore create innovative and interesting mails so that the reader find its interesting to go through it.

Community-wide tips for T1?

Hello people.

I spent a lot of time wanting to work with this amazing software, and finally I will start, I am very happy.

I would like some tips from the most experienced people who already use it.

My focus is to promote some micro sites in my country. (in Portuguese)

I want something stable and durable.

After much research, I saw a lot of advice for using the GSA for T2 and T3.

What do you indicate for T1? Maybe something in the GSA itself or something I can do manually?

I appreciate any tips and advice. Thanks.