Making the switch to Ubuntu, any tips?

I’m pretty new to Ubuntu/Linux as a whole, but I’m ready to jump in. I have a Windows 10 machine that only mines since I have a Mac which is my preferred machine. So I’d like to setup Ubuntu on that PC. Any guides that you recommend I look at? What problems should I expect to run into? I’ve posted the specs below with my peripherals:

CPU: Intel i7 6700K Mobo: Asus Z170-A RAM: 16GB of DDR4 at 2333MHz GPU: Nvidia GTX 970 Storage: 1 Samsung SSD 250GB, 2 WD Blue 1TB HDD at 7200RPM CPU Cooler: NZXT X62 Mouse/Keyboard: Both are from Razer WiFi card: TP-Link AC1300 

I know that NordVPN (my VPN service) and Firefox (the browser I currently use) work on Debian, so I should be safe there. The rest will be new territory for me.

All help is much appreciated!

By the way, I’m planning to completely wipe the 3 current drives I have to start fresh with Ubuntu. The Windows product key is associated with my Microsoft account in case I need to revert back and reinstall Windows.

Also, is Ubuntu even the best distro to use? I’m only familiar with Ubuntu and Linux Mint, and based on appearance, Ubuntu is much nicer. I also feel like they both have pretty large support communities, but Ubuntu’s is stronger.

Seeking tips on live-video recording effects

Hello I am a design student, so please bear with me if my question isn’t specific enough. I am in the process of creating a set of two lamps that videocall each other. both lamps run on a raspberry pi. inside the lamps there are little beamers that project the other.

the video that’s being beamed into the lamp would just be a silhouette. so you get the feeling of someone interacting with you through the lamp

enter image description here

I am researching the possibilities of adjusting webcam input and for the project I am working with a software engineer. he will write a client for the raspberry in python . he told me to be as specific as possible. so I want to know is it possible to adjust the video that a webcam records through python? like I would I be able to adjust the contrast of the webcam?

or do you have any other tips on achieving this result?

Thank you very much for your input,


Any tips to stop over-preparing to run a new game?

I have a history of planning and preparing very much more than I need to before I’m comfortable beginning a campaign. I’ve been playing and running games in various systems for decades, but I haven’t been able to kick this bad GM habit.

I’m not asking how much prep is needed, just how to kick start my brain once I’ve got it. Does anybody have any good tips to get past this mental hurdle and just start running a game when I’ve got enough to work with?

What is the name of the control shown to users with tips, tutorials or other messages usually in a lightbox?

Is there a specific name to the control that is shown to users of web sites/apps that is usually a modal window or lightbox that generally displays content like:

  • Tips
  • Guided walkthroughs
  • Important messages relevant to the user since last time they logged in
  • What’s New

Is there a specific name for this control or pattern?

Also, are there recommended libraries to implement this control/experience in a web application?

Here’s an example from the web site for AppDynamics: example whats new lightbox from AppDynamics

Tips to Personalize Your Email Marketing Campaign

Have you heard of any company acquiring online presence and customer attraction without using email marketing services as a marketing tool? Somewhat rare possibility isn't it. This is because e-mail marketing is a significant advertising method used for different reasons that help boost the company's presence during tough competition. With millions of people depending on the Internet, advertising with the help of emails has become an essential tool without which no marketing communication is…

Tips to Personalize Your Email Marketing Campaign

9 Tips to Start your Business

1. Set and write your goals
2. Organize your work schedule
3. Focus on what you have and not on what you need
4. Surround yourself with entrepreneurs with the same passion as you
5. Dedicate all your energy to what you really love
6. Connect with people who push you towards success
7. Find a mentor to help you start
8. Learn and educate yourself at all times
9. Go to the market and publish your idea

Tips for who will live in Switzerland [migrated]

I will travel to Zurich and I will stay there from June 2 until August 31. I would like some tips that will help me to minimize my expenses and also that will make my quality of life there better.

I believe that from November I will stay for some years in Zurich. Therefore give tips that are useful for tourists and also for residents of Switzerland.

I’m going to put down some tips that I found out on internet because maybe they give you an idea of what I’m looking for.

  • It’s a good idea to visit Konstanz, which is a city in Germany, to buy food there. By doing this you can save a lot of money on food.
  • To save money, it is essential to prepare your own food at home. Eating in restaurants or snack bars considerably increases your expenses since in Switzerland everything is absurdly expensive.
  • If you register to Sunrise network, you can get a 50% discount on Halbtax, which is ~160 CHF.
  • With Halbtax you get some special offers during winter. For example, you can get a return ticket and a daily ski pass for ~70 CHF.
  • The ticket for night buses costs 5 CHF per ride, but if you are registered at ZKB bank, you can get the rides for free. The other most popular bank is UBS, which doesn’t charge you for using any ATM in Switzerland.
  • Shop at Denner, Aldi Suisse or Lidl Suisse. They are on average 30% less expensive than comparable products in Coop/Migros.
  • Don’t get your haircut in the city, where you pay at least 45 CHF. In the outskirts (e.g. Urdorf) you can get a good haircut for 30CHF

I have seen some things on the internet in relation to transport in Switzerland. One could clarify which pass would be best for me considering that I will rarely leave Zurich. I would like to leave Zurich only once or twice a month to visit other places in Switzerland and even neighboring countries.

Thanks for the help!

Change Password/Confirm_Password Password Tips

How does one go about changing the Password Tips for the password_confirm form element?

This one specifically:

Recommendations to make your password stronger:  •Make it at least 12 characters  •Add lowercase letters •Add uppercase letters  •Add numbers  •Add punctuation 

Into something like:

Password should have:  • Minimum of 12 characters  • At least one lowercase letter • At least one uppercase letter • At least one number • At least one special character • No three consecutive same characters 

I’m tried using the hook_element_info_alter() hook that calls a method my_module_form_process_password_confirm() and followed this template(

But it doesn’t seem to be working.

/**  * Implements hook_element_info_alter().  */ function client_element_info_alter(array &$  types) {   if (isset($  types['password_confirm'])) {     $  types['password_confirm']['#process'][] = 'client_form_process_password_confirm';   } }  function client_form_process_password_confirm($  element){   if (($  key = array_search('user_form_process_password_confirm', $  element['#process'])) !== false) {     unset($  element['#process'][$  key]);   }   $  element['#process'] = array_values($  element['#process']);    $  password_settings = [     'confirmTitle' => t('Passwords match DOES IT:'),     'confirmSuccess' => t('yes'),     'confirmFailure' => t('no'),     'showStrengthIndicator' => FALSE,   ];    $  password_settings['showStrengthIndicator'] = TRUE;   $  password_settings += [     'strengthTitle' => t('Password strength:'),     'hasWeaknesses' => t('Password should have:'),     'tooShort' => t('Minimum of 12 characters'),     'addLowerCase' => t('At least one lowercase letter'),     'addUpperCase' => t('At least one uppercase letter'),     'addNumbers' => t('At least one number'),     'addPunctuation' => t('At least one special character'),     'sameAsUsername' => t('Make it different from your username'),     'weak' => t('Weak'),     'fair' => t('Fair'),     'good' => t('Good'),     'strong' => t('Strong'),     'username' => \Drupal::currentUser()->getUsername(),   ];    $  element['#attached']['library'][] = 'user/drupal.user';   $  element['#attached']['drupalSettings']['password'] = $  password_settings;    return $  element; } 

Tools and Tips for Promoting a Podcast

Hi all,

I am planning a launch for my new podcast which is focused mainly on motorsports.

I have my own website and am active on a few motorsport forums, but would be very interested in any tips people have on how to promote my podcast and any tools you use to push the content to popular platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, social media etc.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.