I’m tired of a friend’s PC, how to cope with it?

The situation

At my table we are 3 players and one GM. All are close friends of mine. We are currently playing a game of pathfinder 1e with the Path of war supplement and are lvl 8 and all play path of war initiators or T1.

  • There is Max, the min/maxer. Lvl 9
  • There is me, another min/maxer but enjoying the support side of the game.
  • There is Fred, the newer player.
  • Our GM is fairly knew to GMing and is also Max’s girlfriend if that matters (I think not).

The problem(s)

Max is well known for being a power gamer and it’s known yo have caused troubles before. I define his way of power gaming in this way, typically in every game I have played with him, as a player or as a GM his PC had achieved to get all of the following against monster of CR=Lvl:

  • One rounding damages
  • Accuracy so high it miss on natural one only
  • High AC
  • Near-to-immunity saves
  • Infinite and great amount of healing inside combat
  • Ways to negate negative conditions on himself

And that’s the least.

Now, at the table we all enjoy optimizing and playing with capable characters. That’s true for me, Max, Fred and even the GM. We all have powerful characters in some ways. But I’ve got the feeling that Max’s character is too much.

Strong feeling of being useless : Recently we’ve been trough a dungeon and it was a disaster in my opinion. In all of the combat encounters, Fred’s character and mine where struggling to stay alive, while waiting for Max to do all the job. After that, I retired my Arcanist not adapted to the way-higher-lvl-monsters-multiple-encounter-per-day-things the GM was throwing at us to challenge Max.I decided to build an initiator from Path of War to fit better. Fred decided to do the same after his character (a Path of war initiator) died in a solo quest.

Strong feeling of favoritism (in some way) : Max’s character now alone, he decided to do solo-side quest. Not little solo side quest, in fact, he was so well built to be a solo-PC that he took an whole Lvl (81000xp) doing so. And manage to gain an incredible amount of money. While I do understand that doing things must be rewarded, this add to the, now obvious, difference of power between PCs.

Strong feeling of being cheated : On top of that, I discovered that 80% of what makes Max’s character OP was homebrewed to the point of being basically “I pick that feature from this class, this one from that one archetype and that other from that incompatible archetype””… and so on.

What I’ve already done

After that discovery I bring it up to the group and I take the opportunity to explicitly state that, this level of disparity in our group is not something I like, and Fred agreed with me. The fact that it was caused by homebrew only encouraged me to bring it on with Max, Fred and the GM. This caused Max to correct all of the homebrew. But as I expected, his character is now even more powerful and is letting event less space for Fred’s character’s or mine to be remarquable at something, this lead me to a strong feeling of being ignored.

I feel that the only way we can actually matter/not-instantly-die in combat encounter is by having the same build as Max and that is not my cup of tea.

I also helped Fred build his new character and we’ve made a quite good duo. Tank-controller-dps for him and Healer/buffer/debuffer for me, we’re both sharing the spotlight and enjoying this little breath of fresh air.

And now is the time to regroup with Max’s character… and i dont want to feel useless, cheated or ignored anymore. I think I tried the out of character way to deal with it by telling it out loud with no/worst effects. Now I think I might as well leave the table or take the problems in character ( why would his character be with our’s ? he’s so powerful and his quest/interest are so dangerous to ours.).

So I’m here to ask if this is a good/terrible idea or if there are better things than just leave. Thank you for your time reading me.

GSA Search Engine [ I’m so tired ]

I can’t do anything for about 8 months. I bought all the programs, bought a list, bought a proxy, bought mail, but now I’m so tired.

I can not take any action, I cannot get verified. I watched videos, read pdf, but no one is helping me anyway.
I want just verified link……
I have 65 milions LİNK !!!!!!!!!!!

Just I want = 1k article, 1k wikipedia, 1k profil backlink, 1k commend,  bla bla bla bla………..!
and I struggled for 8 months and I have nothing.

why no one is helping me. I’m so tired now please somebody help me, I want to cry

Sick and Tired of Clueless, Unimaginative and/or Boring Content Writers? YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

I'm going to try and make this short and sweet boys and girls. Not on purpose, mind you, but because I'd already typed out a much lengthier, much more in-depth version of the following but thanks to one of those random, blue-screened, automatic reboot error… things… alas, it was lost. It was lost forever.

Thanks to being a steadfast believer in many things happening for a reason, I've decided to tighten up the overall gist of what I'm going to be saying up in here. All…

Sick and Tired of Clueless, Unimaginative and/or Boring Content Writers? YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Sick and tired of Iphone for the following reasons

After my Samsung Note 3 was broken I owned Iphone 6 & I faced several frustrations which two are the most devastating:

1. My friends with other mobile brands (even old models) are connected to wifi while my Iphone shows no sign of signal.

2. I need to restart my iphone when I try to charge my Iphone 6. I tried several things after watching Youtube videos to no avail.

In short Iphone truly sucks!!!

“You look tired!” In which countries is this a compliment?

In which countries/cultures is “You look tired” a compliment?

A travel for work and I often hear the phrase “You look tired” delivered as a compliment. The underlying message seems to be “You are working very hard”.

In the US people might very well get mad at you (although they might not show it) if you tell them something like that.