Window Title Bars Differ in Height

I am delving a little into theming and css styling.

It mostly works well, but I am having trouble with the styling of the title bars. They all accept well gradient, background color and such, but not all applications adopt the title bar height.

I tried to code

.titlebar and   .headerbar  

in all forms I can imagine, but still the height of the title bars remains incoherent. Some applications adopt the title bar height, others totally ignore it.

This apparently happens all across themes.

I wonder what the reason for this is, and how I can achieve equal height of all title/ header bars.

I am using Ubuntu Budgie 19.05, on a Dell laptop.

enter image description here

How can I implement the html code to upload a picture under the page title in sharepoint?

I’m trying to put a picture that I uploaded in my Site Assets under the page title on SharePoint 2013. This is what I tried so far:

.ms-background-image{ background-image:url(; }

Although, I don’t think it’s the correct class to add a picture on the top of the page only. I would need help to figure out which class this part is referencing too as well as the CSS and HTML code to implement the top background picture.

Thank you.

Who caused errors in book selling sites by having code in book title

I heard this story about two years ago. Some hacker/digital artist collective who had a bit of code in the title of their book, so that that code was executed by the book store websites. Also they had a webpage which was really really long. I think they called themselves “Bitnicks”. Have anyone heard of this? I’m trying to find this story, but the search topic seems to be impossible to search for (just getting links to books about hacking).

Can’t align core page Title

On SharePoint 2013, I’m trying to center-align the page title with a Content Editor web part. Sadly it doesn’t work. Here’s my code:

<style>     .ms-core-pageTitle{        text-align: center;     } </style> 

I need help to figure out why it’s not working because when I’m adding the code directly to F12 it’s working.

Using same website title as domain name?

Hi this is my 1st post and I have a question.

I was lucky enough to get a really good keyword based domain name for my website.
Lets say my keywords were "eating bananas is good"
I got a domain EatingBananasIsGood with . com domain name extension.

Now my question is whats better:
– use the same keyword phrase as I have also for title of the website (the title and the h1 tag would therefor be "Eating Bananas Is Good")
– or should i use something that's not completely the same for the…

Using same website title as domain name?

How to customize title area of modern page using PnP PowerShell

I am able to create new page with below code

$  newPage = Add-PnPClientSidePage -Name $  pageName -LayoutType Article $  newPageProperties = Set-PnPClientSidePage -Identity $  pageName -Title $  pageTitle -PromoteAs "NewsArticle" -Name $  pageName -HeaderType Custom  -Publish $  updateProperties = Set-PnPListItem -List $  listName -Identity $  itemId -Values @{"Status"="Completed"} 

I don’t have issue with above code. But when I try to change the layout as shown below, I am not finding any options to update. enter image description here

What are the pnp powershell commands to update highlighted areas in the image?