WP Query search for attachments and their exact title

Due to lack of reputation, I must now ask the question. I want to create a search for all images in the media libary. The search result should only appear if you search for the exact title of the image. I already tried it with ‘exact’ => true but it does not work. Still get similar images displayed. I have created a query with the following parameters:

<?php $  args = array(         'post_type' => 'attachment',         'post_mime_type' => 'image',         'orderby' => 'post_date',         'order' => 'desc',         'posts_per_page' => '30',         'post_status'    => 'inherit',          );       $  loop = new WP_Query( $  args );  while ( $  loop->have_posts() ) : $  loop->the_post();  $  image = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_the_ID() ); echo "<img src='" . $  image[0] . "'>";  endwhile; ?> 

Hope that somebody can help me.

Plural or Singular + (s) in title name for dropdown fields

When designing dropdown fields for users that can hold 1 or more values, would you suggest to use the plural form of the title word, or the singular form followed by a (s).

Example 1: Teams

Example 2: Team(s)

In my opinion, the first example implies that the user can select multiple values. On the other hand, the second example shows that a user can also just select 1 value, but it looks not as clean as the first example.

Thanks and kind regards

Remove page title in product page using a function

I would like to ask how to remove < h1 class=”page-title”> in the product page?

h1 page title

Here’s my sample link: https://pwbackup.panelwallart.com/products/colorful-world-map-on-old-wall-canvas-prints-panel-wall-art/

It seems that two < h1> tags exist on product pages, the page title, and product title.

I’m using the Porto theme for my Woocommerce Site.

SP13 – Exclude File Title From Search Results

Scenario: I created a Advance Search Web Pat with Result Source connected to a particular document library. When I enter a topic the results returns document title and more metadata.

Question: Is there a way to exclude the document title from the search results but have the other results appear?

I have changed the search setting to no but I want the search results to still appear but without the document title.

Is this possible?

Sharepoint Online (O365) – Only search Document Title and Names

If i search for a document name in the Document Library, it returns a list of files that contain the search word, but not the document with the correct title.

I want to change the search in Sharepoint so that only document titles and names are searched.

I already found the managed properties -> Contents and the field “mappings to crawled properties” (i hope i translated it correct)

crawled properties

Now someone here mentioned too look out for “Basic:10(Text)” https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/lync/en-US/562c3f58-aa64-40a9-8661-a4543da99ef4/search-file-names-in-document-libraries?forum=sharepointsearchprevious

I only need search to find document titles

What do i need to change here without breaking everything?

I hope you can help me a bit 🙂

Get User Photo, Name &Title of an office 365 group using SPfx

I am trying get the user details i.e. UserName, Title and Profile picture of users that belong to a office 365 distribution group.

I tried this code sample, but i get an undefined error i.e. msGraphClientFactory is undefined.

export default class HelloWorldWebPart extends BaseClientSideWebPart<IHelloWorldWebPartProps> {   public render(): void {     // ...      this.context.msGraphClientFactory       .getClient()       .then((client: MSGraphClient): void => {         // use MSGraphClient here       });   }    // ... }` 

Can someone suggest what i might be doing wrong or suggest an alternative to get the groups members and their user profile info like photo, name an title.

Allow a fixed Two rows to display product title


Please, How to make the product titles AUTOMATICALLY displayed in Woocommerce archive (home & categories) on TWO lines (around 10 words).

The site is not live yet.

I join two pdf files of the Woocommerce archive (before and after). The after one is a photo editing to illustrate.

If you can see I expect:

* To set a permanent and fixed two lines' space for the products' title.
* If the title exceeds Two lines, the 'read more' should be displayed like this: (…)
* Although…

Allow a fixed Two rows to display product title