Allow a fixed Two rows to display product title


Please, How to make the product titles AUTOMATICALLY displayed in Woocommerce archive (home & categories) on TWO lines (around 10 words).

The site is not live yet.

I join two pdf files of the Woocommerce archive (before and after). The after one is a photo editing to illustrate.

If you can see I expect:

* To set a permanent and fixed two lines' space for the products' title.
* If the title exceeds Two lines, the 'read more' should be displayed like this: (…)
* Although…

Allow a fixed Two rows to display product title

Confused with User Profile Title, Job Title and people picker Title

I’m seriously confused.

I have a User Profile services which is using User Profile Synchronization with two Configured Synchronization Connections. One Business Data Connectivity (BDC) connection, and one Active Directory connection. Under my “Manage User Properties” I have mapped “Title” to the Active Directory connection Source, using Attribute “title” and Direction “Import”. I have mapped “Job Title” to my BDC connection also with “Import” direction.

When I look at an individual’s “Manage User Profiles” page in Central Admin, the Title field is not updating reflective of what is in AD. However other fields, such as the “Work phone” (also from same AD connection) are updating correctly on Incremental Synch.

However, if I use a people picker, the correct updated job title as in AD is appearing with that user’s name. So SharePoint is storing the correct AD title somewhere, it’s just not getting picked up by my User Profile synchronization service, in the User’s Profile Page and is not in the hidden user information list.

I have been doing only an Incremental Synchronization. What are the risks of doing a Full Synchronization (will I loose changes users have made – ie. uploaded photos, editing location, About Me etc.?)

Thank you!

Title Image bar

I have an issue with newly added image to my portal. Basically, if I change IE Zooming to anything less than 100% it wont cover all the page. I have access to CSS file but the previous image had no issue and I just changed the image.

enter image description here

Google Result Shows Archive Instead Of Title Tag

I have a problem with my review category.

My posts on other categories are shown in a normal way. I mean google shows title tags in the search result, but for the posts in review category, instead of showing title tags, it shows category and archive (course review Archives)enter image description here

of course, it happens when I type my title tag in the search result. for the above example, I type

advanced price action course (review+coupon)

and the result is the above picture. but when I type mentioned title tag plus my website name:

advanced price action course (review+coupon) offbeatforex

I can see the title tag instead of the archive version, however, the archive version still comes after that.

enter image description here

Does anybody know the answer? Your answer will be sedative for my burning mind 🙂 😀

How to iterate through custom posts and add the title to an array

I am trying to query some custom posts so that I can iterate through them, extract the title of ecah and add the titles into an array. The reason I am doing this is so that I can then create a select field in woocommerce using the array contents to generate the options (haven’t done this bit yet)

Can anyone see where I’m going wrong with this snippet or provide any advice, I can’t get it to work. The site goes down and I get nothing in a var_dump

add_action('woocommerce_after_order_notes', 'custom_checkout_field');  function custom_checkout_field($  checkout)  {  $  args = array(     'post_type'         => 'pickup-point',     'posts_per_page'    => -1,     'post_status'       => 'publish'     );  // Custom query to pull in the pickup points. $  query = new WP_Query( $  args );  // Check that we have query results. if ( $  query->have_posts() ) {       $  available_locations = [];    while ( $  query->have_posts() ) {          $  query->the_post();          array_push($  available_locations, the_title());      } }  var_dump ($  available_locations);  }  // Restore original post data. wp_reset_postdata(); 

How do I display only the title on an event in the calendar?

Right now, it is currently showing up as the date and the title but it is all mushed into one line.

I would like to change the default settings for all future events to be ALL DAY events, however every time I try to change it and open up a new event it still does not appear as all day event.

Is there any way to fix this so either the only thing that appears on a banner is the title or make every future default “New event” a all day event?

I have seen many tutorials on how to show more information, but none how to show less.

If someone knows, I would be very grateful. Thanks!