FastReport Document Properties( Title, Topic, Version, Author) Setting

I’m creating .pdf reports with c # in fastreport.Then I’m trying to set the document properties in the report. In FastReport, these properties have both set and get properties, but these features are not assigned to the report that I saved.

Before saving the report as .pdf, FastReport can open its own form and enter the relevant topic, title and author data here, but I do not want the user to enter this process every time. I want to set these properties programmatically with c #.

How can I do this?

//c# codes public Report_Test()  { FastReport.Report report1 = new FastReport.Report(); report1.ReportInfo.Author = "Test Test"; report1.ReportInfo.Description = "TEST Report"; report1.ReportInfo.Created = DateTime.Now; report1.ReportInfo.CreatorVersion = "1.1"; report1.ReportInfo.Modified = DateTime.Now; report1.ReportInfo.Name = "1.1"; report1.ReportInfo.Version = "1.1"; /* I wrote other codes here () */ report1.RegisterData(dataSet11.Tables["Datas"], "Datas"); report1.GetDataSource("Datas").Enabled = true; (report1.Report.FindObject("Data1") as FastReport.DataBand).DataSource =  report1.GetDataSource("Datas"); report1.Show(); } 

Menu link title used as page title on first access

Simple problem: I defined some main menu links under /admin/structure/menu. Whenever i access the linked page, the page title shows the menu link title and not the title set in .module. Every access after that shows the correct title from the .module-file. At same point this is reset and it shows the menu link title again for one visit.

This is a problem since i want the menu link titles and the .module titles to be different but always show the .module-title when accessing the page.

How do I remove the title field from a node’s custom view mode

In my Drupal 8 website I created a custom view mode through the UI. I use it to output nodes using a view.

In the view result I do not want the titles of the nodes to appear. The UI (content type > manage display) does not seem to give the option to hide the title.

How can I hide the title in a specific view mode for an entity via the UI or via custom code?

YouTube hashtags don’t appear on top of title if alocation is set

Usually when adding hashtags to the video description, these tags will appear on top of the video title:



However, when adding a location in the advanced settings, the tags are removed from the usual location space above the video title:



I could not verify that this is documented behavior.
Is there any way to have both, location and hashtags above the title ?

Add title text over freezed frame in Kdenlive

Ubuntu 18.04


I’m having difficulty overlaying text over a freezed frame: although I’m able to apply the motion freeze effect over my selected spliced clip, when I add title text on the track above, the freeze effect stops. This is quite cumbersome as I need to label specific components on selected frames.

I’ve referred to prior posts on the matter of freezed frames but saw nothing on difficulties with overlaid text.

Help with title tags seo

For SEo Im doing my title tags to include 2 kewwords "web hosting services" and "web design services".

This is my title tag
"Zeus Host | Web Hosting Services and Web Design Services"

Is this ok. to us "services" twice or is it bad practice. Why?

Items with long title in Android

In an Android application, I have a “Grid Layout” with fixed size cells for describing Three-line items:


download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups

Number of columns and rows in Grid depend to the device dimensions. Also above items (boxes) will created by users and this may cause a problem:

What we have to do if a user enter a long title which exceeds bound of item? Of course we can do:

  1. ellipsis title
  2. limit input characters of title
  3. break long title text into two lines
  4. use “list” instead of grid; but it cause empty/blank spaces on “tablets” around items

What is the best choice?