SharePoint Online Custom List Word-Wrap Titles

I am using SharePoint Online and have a custom list in the Modern Experience that has long titles for a few columns. With no luck I have been searching for a solution to have Word-Wraping on the title fields.

I have looked into JSON formatting and so far all of the articles talk about the data fields and not the title headers.

If this was the old SharePoint, I would write CSS in a CEWP and it would be a done deal, but this doesn’t appear to be an option anymore in the Modern Experience.

Any tips or solutions to getting long title names in a custom list on SharePoint Online (Modern Experience) to do a Word-Wrap?

Count the number of words in a list of titles, and working with data-types

I have a list of article titles, where i wish to count the number of occurrences for each word. (and remove some words and characters) The input is in a .csv file where the titles are in column ‘Titles’

I already have a code that does the job(pasted below), but maybe someone could help me do it more elegantly.

import numpy as np import pandas as pd #imports Counter, as we will need it later: from collections import Counter  df = pd.read_csv("Article_titles.csv") print (df.head(10))  #Selecting the titles into variable titles = [] titles = df.Title  remove_words_list = ["at","of","a","and","in","for","the","to","with","on","using","an","after","from","by","use","review","upper","new","system"] remove_characters_list = ".:,-%()[]?'"  huge_title_list = [] #create a list of all article titles: for i in range(len(titles)):   clean_title = titles[i].lower().translate({ord(i): None for i in remove_characters_list})   huge_title_list.append(clean_title)  total_words_string = " ".join(huge_title_list) #join all article titles into one huge string  querywords = total_words_string.split() #split the string into a series of words  resultwords = [word for word in querywords if word not in remove_words_list] #From stackoverflow  resultwords_as_list = list( Counter(resultwords).items())  #Convert resultwords_list to dataframe, then convert count to numbers and finally sorting. resultframe = pd.DataFrame(np.array(resultwords_as_list).reshape(-1,2), columns = ("Keyword","Count")) resultframe.Count = pd.to_numeric(resultframe.Count) sortedframe = resultframe.sort_values(by='Count',ascending=False).reset_index(drop=True) print(sortedframe[0:50]) 

example of Input:

Titles | other_field | other_field2  "Current status of prognostic factors in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma." |"asdf"|12 "Sentinel lymph node biopsy in clinically node-negative Merkel cell carcinoma: the Westmead Hospital experience." |"asdf"|15 

desired output:

Word | Count  carcinoma | 2  cell | 2  biopsy | 1  clinically | 1  ....  ... 

How do you deal with long product titles on mobile?

I have a product card that only allows three lines of text and if it’s longer it adds an ellipsis. If you want to see the full text you just hover over and the tooltip will appear with the full text, pretty simple. The thing is that when you’re on mobile you can’t hover so what options would be good for cases like these where the text is too long?

Right now on mobile and desktop if you click on the title or anywhere inside the card it takes you directly to the product details.

Combining multiple duplicate column titles


I’m supposed to be copying a production SharePoint site to a dev SharePoint site (by hand).

I’ve gotten to the point where we have InfoPath forms from production and I’ve changed the publish location to the dev server. After publishing 4 slightly different forms (and creating new content types from each) I have multiples of the same exact column existing in the document library. On the production sharepoint they do group together.

I’d like to know why they don’t group together like other column titles, and how to fix them.

Other information:

  • I don’t have permissions to view how the content types are set up on production. I’m going off of the best guess that I have from what I can see.

  • Don’t have quick access to ask the person who made the production site about it, as I have to go through my manager for any questions first. We “don’t want to bother the person too much, as they’re busy”

  • The content types you see here are children of content types that were created from the InfoPath forms. The only addition to the xyz_{standard|special} content type is an Inactive column. Which funnily enough, groups just fine even though it’s in all 4 forms.

  • I can’t click and edit any of the content type columns from the views you see below, since they all belong to the content types, not the Document Library.

  • The column names are also duplicated in the Column view from Settings Gear -> Site Settings -> Site Columns

Production view

View of production columns

Dev view

View of dev columns

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