set (fixed) tab titles, for different profile

Ubuntu 18.4.

In my gnome-terminal I have defined let’s say 2 profiles: hostA hostB

Profile of hostA execute custom command “ssh”. Profile of hostB execute custom command “ssh”.

So, when I click: file -> new tab -> hostA I connect to hostA when I click: file -> new tab -> hostB I connect to hostB

Now, when I open a new tab on profile hostA I would like ‘hostA’ to be the tab title of that terminal tab, when I open a new tab on profile hostB I would like ‘hostB’ to be the tab title of that terminal tab

Is that possible?

Thank you very much.

100 Dating/Relationship/Romance Ebooks – Titles

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100 Dating/Relationship/Romance Ebooks – Titles

WordPress default Search function inconsistent in WooCommerce Product Titles

I have a custom query searching by Post title keyword for WooCommerce. But some words return no results and some words do. This simple query doesn’t return all words.

Words that work:

Words that do not work:

      /* Get all Products by keyword*/       $  args = array(       'post_type' => 'product',       'posts_per_page' => -1,       's' => $  prodkeywords       );     $  the_query = new WP_Query( $  args );     // Posts are found     if ( $  the_query->have_posts() ) {         while ( $  the_query->have_posts() ) :            $  the_query->the_post();             global $  post;           /* Return Results Here */           endwhile;     } 

Should labels in forms follow the same grammar rules as titles

At the company I work at, we follow certain rules for capitalization in titles.
But currently, we’re having a discussion whether these rules also apply to labels above input fields in forms.

First name – or – First Name
Last name – or – Last Name
Arrival date – or – Arrival Date
Departure date – or – Departure Date

Opinions are divided and I can’t find any articles or grammar rules to rule in favour of one opinion or the other.

I also can’t fall back on convention when looking at what other big players do.
Amazon doesn’t treat labels as titles and only capitalizes the first word. BestBuy does treat labels as titles and implements the grammar rules linked above.
In the quick search I did, I’ve seen more companies that don’t treat labels as titles than companies that do treat label as titles. But the difference is not that significant to finalize our discussion.

I know the grammar rules mentioned above are more like guidelines, and since it isn’t about some important report where the right grammar really matters. Any rule, guideline or strong argument in favour of one of the options is helpful.

So… does anybody know of any rule or guideline. Or have a strong argument that could push us passed this tedious discussion?

Why is my alternate CSS not affecting ALL my page titles?

I have a custom css style sheet changing the format of my page titles. This is what I have so far:

#s4-titlerow {     background-color:gray; }  #DeltaTopNavigation{     display:none; } #pageTitle{     color:white;     text-decoration:none;     font-weight:bold; } 

This turns a site wide bar at the top of the page grey and the site title inside it white. It works perfectly on the homepage, however. On the other pages the grey bar appears but the title retains its default formatting. clearly #pageTitle is the wrong ID but I can’t find the right one (and yes I have tried the F12 element inspector).

can I use a wildcard in a datasheet view custom filter to NOT show titles that begin with certain words?

I have a calendar list view and want to be able to filter on the title to NOT show items that begin with the word Deleted.

Can you use a wildcard at the end of Deleted to grab all titles that begin with deleted?

Example Does Not equal Deleted*

Thanks, Rhonda

Change site titles in Sites web part

I am building a Sharepoint Online site and have an issue with the Sites web part in a site collection hub.

I have a number of site collections which do not have the proper title. When I rename the site collection the title changes in the site, but does not change in the associated hub (the hub shows the title that I gave to the site on creation).

Here you can see the admin center site showing the three sites and their hub. The sites are all team sites and no communication sites. Admin view of the site collections and their hub.

When we look in the hub we see the Sites web part. All three sites are shown with the titles Test1, Test2 and Test3. These titles I want to change.

Sites web part in hub

In the individual site collections I have changed the title, which can be seen here “Title that I want”. The title I want in site collection

Renaming the individual site names did not do the trick. I also tried to change the name of the associated O365 Group, but that also did not change the title of the sites displayed in the hub.

How can I change the titles of the site collections in the Sites web part?

How to display 3 Bootstrap Card titles in same row using forach loop

I have view where I need to display 3 card tiles in a same row. But at present it displays one after the other. How Do I display 3 card tiles in same row?

Index.cshtml –

@model List<JobPortal.Models.MyDB> @{    ViewBag.Title = "Current List"; }  <div class="row">  @foreach (var list in Model)  {         <div class="flexcontainer">           @Html.Partial("_MySharedView", list)        </div>  } </div> 

Shared view –

@model JobPortal.Models.MyDB @if (Model.JDetails.Count > 0) {      <div class="card" style="width: 18rem;">        <img class="card-img-top" src="..." alt="Card image cap">       <div class="card-body">       <p class="card-text">Model.details</p>      </div>   </div>  }