GenericArguments[0], ‘EntityGenericBase`1[TModel]’ violates the constraint of type parameter ‘TModel’.

Can someone help me in resolving this issue: I created a Generic Base “User Control” using c# Winforms as fellow:

public class EntityGenericBase<TModel> : UserControl     where TModel : class, IEntityClass, new() {} 

and i have created another User Control that inherits “EntityGenericBase” above as fellow:

public class DepartmentView : EntityGenericBase<Department> {     public DepartmentView():base()     {         InitializeComponent();     } } 

But unluckily when i try to view the user control in design mode, i receive the following error:

GenericArguments[0], ‘Department’, on ‘EntityGenericBase`1[TModel]’ violates the constraint of type parameter ‘TModel’.

Remark: When i remove the constraint “where clause”, everything works fine. despite it launches without any problem.

I use “Visual Studio Community 2017”