Ubuntu 18.04 todays update – hdmi monitor stopped working

I’ve installed todays update including among others:

unpacked linux-headers-4.15.0-52-generic:amd64 4.15.0-52.56

After required reboot – HDMI connected display stopped working:

tail on Xorg.0.log file:

[  2617.439] (WW) xf86CloseConsole: KDSETMODE failed: Input/output error [  2617.439] (WW) xf86CloseConsole: VT_GETMODE failed: Input/output error [  2617.439] (WW) xf86CloseConsole: VT_ACTIVATE failed: Input/output error 

Changed default cell in Sheets to today’s date – How do I default it so it displays this cell at startup?

I used this script to default the cell to today’s date – How to make Google Sheets jump to today's row when opened?

function onOpen() {  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();  var sheet = ss.getActiveSheet();  var range = sheet.getRange("A:A");  var values = range.getValues();    var day = 24*3600*1000;    var today = parseInt((new Date().setHours(0,0,0,0))/day);    var ssdate;   for (var i=0; i<values.length; i++) {    try {      ssdate = values[i][0].getTime()/day;    }    catch(e) {    }    if (ssdate && Math.floor(ssdate) == today) {      sheet.setActiveRange(range.offset(i,0,1,1));      break;    }      } } 

The formula works and it’s great. Unfortunately the view still defaults to the top of the sheet but with the selected cell being the today’s date way down the spreadsheet.

I have to press an arrow key and the view will change.

Can I somehow alter the default view to the selected cell? As I’m writing this it may be as easy as scripting the down key after running the initial code.

I’m no coder though so the help would be nice.


Bind the DateTimeField field with Today’s date using SPServices and jQuery

How to bind the DateTimeField field with today’s date using SPServices and jQuery? I can’t use the default Today to set the column in the Sharepoint UI to use Today’s Date as the default value in my SharePoint 2010 SPList. My date field control name is: Request Received Date

When the newform.aspx is loaded, I need to bind this field with today’s date.

  <script type="text/javascript">  _spBodyOnLoadFunctionNames.push("setRequestEndTime");   // Set the Request End Time to today's date    function setRequestEndTime()  {    var d = new Date();  d = (d.getMonth() + 1).toString()   + "/" + d.getDate().toString()   + "/" + d.getFullYear().toString()  + " " + d.getHours().toString()  + ":" + d.getMinutes().toString()     + ":" + d.getSeconds().toString();  //alert(d);     today = new Date();        todayDay = today.getDate();        todayMon = today.getMonth() + 1;        todayYear = today.getYear();        //alert('setRequestEndTime');        var tags = document.getElementsByTagName('input');        for (var i=0; i < tags.length; i++)      {            //alert(' tags[' + i + '].id=' + tags[i].id);            if(tags[i].id.indexOf('ff2_new') > 0)          {              //alert('HIT tags[' + i + '].id=' + tags[i].id);                tags[i].value = todayMon + "/" + todayDay + "/" +            todayYear;            }        }      }   </script> 

I tried to add the above code refer: (http://sympmarc.com/2009/05/20/pre-filling-column-values-in-a-sharepoint-form/”) in a content editor web part. but I didn’t get the value assigned to the datetime field. Sorry for my JavaScript skills, am unable to get what’s meant by ff2_new.


  <script type="text/javascript">   var $  j = jQuery.noConflict();   function PreSaveAction()   {     alert("here..........");   var txtDueDate = $  j(":input[title='Due By']").val();   var txtReqstRecvdDate = $  j(":input[title='RequestReceivedDate']").val();  } 

here the requestrecvdate is my today’s date. if i set the todays date value, i am getting “undefined” here. so i am unable to compare the txtduedate with the requestrecvdate. Hence I am trying to bind the today’s date with the requestrecvdate field instead of setting the column-settings–> Today’s Date

In Google Sheets, how do i add a condition that when Todays date is after a date in a cell, a checkbox will be ticked?

I have a cell with an “end date” and I have a checkbox under an “Inactive” labelled coloumn. I would like that checkbox to turn on when todays date is after the end date.

I can’t seem to add a formula of the checkbox cell without breaking it. So i have tried to a formula in the cell beside it saying:

=IF (E5 < TODAY(), G5=1, G5=2)

where E5 is the “end date” cell and G5 is the checkbox.

It’s not working. What am I doing wrong?