Appraoch to link Hub sites together

I am reading this article about managing site collections inside our sharepoint online Planning your SharePoint hub sites . so inside our organization we want to start with 2 departments HR & Finance. so i created 2 site collections under these urls /sites/HR/ & /sites/Finance/ and i define them as Hub sites. then i created more detailed site collections for the HR and finance such as HR-Procedures,HR-Team,Finance-News, etc… and i link those sites collections to either the HR or the Finance Hub sites. and things are working well.

But my issue/question, is how i should link the hub sites together (on our case the HR and Finance)? i mean we can not have a parent hub site for all the hub sites, so how sharepoint cover this requirement ? In other words when a user access our sharepoint intranet, the user should be able to view all the available Hub sites links, but in our case we can not have such as site, as we can not have a parent hub site for our HR and Finance hub sites.. so which site template inside sharepoint online should be used to link all the hub sites together ?

Displaying multiple tags in user list item together with other components

I have a page where I need to display users in a list, like this: enter image description here

In every item I will need to display many tags, there can be one or two, or much more, like ten and even more. The current look and placement can be adjusted, it can go on two lines also.

What would be a good solution from UX perspective and also how to show them visually? This also should work on smaller screens. Maybe someone worked on something similar and can give some valuable advice. Thanks!

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How does doing something together work in 5e?

Ok, so at my table a flying creature grappled one player and starting flying away. The two closest to him grabbed his legs (both passed Dex checks), and now they were going to pull together in order to overcome the creatures strength.

But we were stumped in 5e, in 3.5 there was the +2 rule that would allow a friend to check and give up some help on yours. In 5e the only thing we found is that this gives each advantage on their own tests since they are being helped, but seems they cannot “pull together” with the combination of strength.

At the time we just considered adding both modifiers to the rolls, but I wanted to see if there was some more litteral rule as to how to deal with players doing things “together” or “combining strenght”, such as a tug war.

Cuda memory issues using large Pytorch model and Tensorflow model together

The Pytorch network is Tencent DSFD:

and the Tensorflow network is WideResNet:

I’m using the former for face detection (very robust to all poses) and the latter for gender detection. They both get instantiated in the same driver script. I am on Ubuntu 18.04 with Pytorch GPU and Tensorflow GPU installed as Conda packages in a conda env. I read on a blog by Puget Systems that this is all I need to do with regards to Cuda and Cudnn installation and in fact it does seem that the GPU is used and thus results in Cuda Runtime memory errors.

My proposed solution is to detect faces first, save the bounding boxes and crops of faces as .npz files and then run the gender detection separately.

It was working fine with a much smaller gender detection model (Hassner and Levi’s) but the accuracy was too low.

Would installing Cuda and Cudnn on the Ubuntu 18.04 server itself make a difference? Ie. Do I have a better chance of running this script with both models? The GPU is a GTX 1080 with 8 GB memory.

What is the correct user expectation on text alignment, when English is used together with Arabic language?

enter image description here

I was wondering, what is the correct user expectation, when English is being used together with Arabic, within a sentence.

For instance, in the 1st line, the text is aligned toward right. How I type are

  1. I type “hello”
  2. I type [space]
  3. I type انا احبك

In the 2nd line, the text is aligned toward left. How I type are

  1. I type انا احبك
  2. I type [space]
  3. I type “hello”

I was wondering, which text alignment is the correct user expectation?

p/s I have 0 background in Arabic language. The only thing I know, is Arabic writing system is from right to left.

Adding and Multiplying Elements of a list together

I am trying to manipulate a file to change the time into UnixTime and for that I need the date and time but of course it needs to be date first and time second. I’ve tried multiplying and I’ve tried adding, i’ve even changed the order of which i add and multiply but it always puts the time first. What can I do to fix this.

out = Import["*file name is not really that relevant", "Table"]; out2 = Drop[out, 3]; {date, time, timeElapsed, TPM1, TPM25, TPM10, PM1, PM25, PM10, CO2, TempC, Humidity, NO, NO2, O3, CO2raw, workNO2, auxNO2, workO3, auxO3, labNO, labNO2, labO3, labCO2, labTPM25, labPM25} = Transpose[out2]; realDate = StringDrop[#, -1] & /@ date; realTime = StringDrop[#, -1] & /@ time; realTime (realDate) 

This prints a list with a bunch of values but the elements all look like “12:00:00 2018/28/8” instead of “2018/28/8 12:00:00”

How to bring together characters from different walks of lives?

Let’s take a random, straight forward Call of Cthulhu scenario, where someone, Miss Jane Doe, hires you (the party), to find his brother who is missing since 3 months. (but as good an example would be, the scenario from the quick start guide, The Haunting, where you are hired by someone to investigate if a house is haunted or not)

Now let’s take 4 players, who just rolled their characters, and are from totally different walkes of lives (for example, one is a doctor, the other is a college professor, the third is a criminal, and the fourth is a dilletante).

It is hard enough for me (and maybe it’s just me), to find a reason for one of the above mentioned characters, to take on this assignment, and it is even harder, to put them all together, to start investigating as a team.

Basically, my question is, are there any surefire ways, to bring together characters, that are playing for the first time, that seems natural, so they can work, act and play as a team?

Of course I could use the old trope, that character A knows character B cause their are drinking buddies, and B knows C because something else, but for me, these don’t look like a good enough reason to INVESTIGATE a dissapearance or a haunted house together.

Bitlocker/Filevault and VeraCrypt together?

I’m researching ways to make the best encryption setup? What are thoughts on using TPM/Bitlocker or T2/Bitlocker native encryptions to fully encrypt a secondary drive, and then utilize Veracrypt to encrypt the disk and mount it? The boot drive would be TPM/T2 system encrypted with a PIN & password, with the secondary drives “automatically unlocked”.

Or is this all pointless beyond a single pass? It just seems the secondary drives don’t benefit from TPM/T2, so that negates the PIN and leaves just the OS defined password. In this method, they would have to decrypt the drive, and then still be left with another encrypted drive. Or should it perhaps be a container within the encrypted drive?

Assumptions: The passwords are all lengthy and secure, and both different.