getting ocrmypdf and pdfminer working together

I’m trying to get OCRmyPDF working on the Mac.

The first part was easy:

brew install ocrmypdf

but when I tried to do

ocrmypdf --redo-ocr input.pdf output.pdf

I get this error:

“ERROR – (pdfminer is required for this feature. Your distribution may not have installed it.)”

I have tried pip install pdfminer and pip install pdfminer.six but neither of those have done anything to make the error go away.

I don’t really use python/pip all that often, so I’m not sure what else to do.

Can you use Metamagic Song and Quicken Spell together?

The description for the feat Metamagic Song in Races of Stone states (emphasis mine):

When you spontaneously cast an arcane spell that is enhanced by a metamagic feat, you can spend a number of uses of your bardic music ability equal to the number of extra levels that the metamagic feat imposes on the spell rather than raising the spell’s effective level. Applying metamagic spontaneously using this method increases the casting time of the spell normally. You cannot use the Metamagic Song feat to add metamagic feats that would make the spell’s effective level higher than the highest level of spell that you can cast normally.

Does the highlighted text mean that you can’t Metamagic song away the cost of a quickened spell?

How to determine the appropriate number of Skill Points when skills are removed from the available list or grouped together?

I plan to run a Savage Worlds campaign. I will use the new Adventure Edition. According to these rules, there are 32 skills. At character creation, 12 points can be distributed amongst those skills. Five of them already start with 1 point (, because most players would pick them anyway).

If half of the 32 skills were removed from the list of available skills (for whatever reason), one could assume that the number of skill points should be halved as well. But this would, of course, lead to very underpowered characters, because not every skill is of equal importance (at least to me). In addition, five of those skills are some type of “magic” skill and a single character is very unlikely to have more than one of those, if any.

I would like to keep the following 18 skills from the original list: Academics, Athletics, Fighting, Healing, Intimidation, Languages, Notice, Occult, Performance, Persuasion, Repair, Research, Science, Shooting, Stealth, Survival, Taunt and Thievery.

Driving, Boating and Piloting will be combined in one “Operate Vehicle” skill. Common Knowledge will be axed. Battle, Gambling and Riding are too specific for my campaign. If it comes up, it will be covered with an already existing skill. Electronics and Hacking are not appropriate for the time period of the campaign. And all five “magic” skills will be combined in “Magic”.

This reduces my skill list from 32 to 20. From the five “special” skills (which get one point automatically), only four remain. As the GM, I have to face a difficult task. If I reduce the number of skill points relative to the number of skill, this would result in 7,5 skill points. Four of these skills would already start with 1 point. Underwhelming. But as per original rules, characters start the game with 17 skill points (12 to allocate freely, plus 5 extra for “special” skills). If I reduce that accordingly, characters would only start with 10,625 points altogether. On the other hand, only the “unimportant” skills were removed/combined. The number of “relevant” skills stays the same. Therefore, I’m not sure if the number of skill points should be changed at all. So, my question is:

If skills are removed or combined in Savage Wolds (Adventure Edition), how many skill points should be available for starting characters, in order to keep the “power level” of said characters the same?

(An ideal answer would include experience gained from prior usage of the Savage Worlds rules. This does not have to be limited to the newest version of Savage Worlds, as the skill system seems to be comparable between editions).

Do the Shadow Magic sorcerer’s Strength of the Grave feature and the half-orc’s Relentless Endurance trait work together?

I have a player that wants to create a character that is a Half-Orc Shadow Sorcerer; specifically they want to use the combination of the Shadow Sorcerer’s Strength of the Grave feature and the Half-Orc’s Relentless Endurance to be very hard to kill.

If the character is reduced to 0 hp and decides to use Strength of the Grave, but fails the saving throw, can they then use Relentless Endurance to avoid being knocked out anyway?

Problem with using keyboard module and turtle together

I am writing a script to read my keystrokes and draw simple shapes in turtle. To record keystrokes, I am using the keyboard module and I am using turtle for drawing.

I am getting struck due to the use of threading in the keyboard module.

What I am currently doing is-

  1. I added hotkeys using keyboard.add_hotkey method.
  2. If I am pressing a certain key, that letter is added to a list (named data) for later use.
  3. When I press the combination of Ctrl+Shift+S, the save function is called. In the save function, a turtle window is instantiated, and the list data is popped one letter at a time. The shape is drawn according to the letter popped.
  4. When the list gets empty, I save the drawing and close the turtle window.

The problem that I am facing is that once the save function is called, the program stops listening to other calls. It is perhaps due to the use of threads in keyboard module.

The code is attached here-

def start():     #turtle.mainloop()     s=turtle.Screen().setup( width = WIDTH, height = HEIGHT, startx = 0, starty = 0)     global t     t=turtle.Turtle()  def save():      start()     global t     global data     t.speed(0)      while data:         fun = data.pop()          if fun=='c':             draw_circle()         elif fun=='r':             draw_rectangle()         elif fun=='p':             draw_polygon()         elif fun=='h':             draw_hexagon()         elif fun=='t':             draw_triangle()         elif fun=='m':             draw_pentagon()      ts = turtle.getscreen()     ts.getcanvas().postscript(file="drawing.eps")     img ='drawing.eps')'drawing.png')     turtle.bye()  def push_fun(fun):     data.append(fun)  if __name__=='__main__':     keyboard.add_hotkey('ctrl+shift+s', save)     keyboard.add_hotkey('ctrl+shift+e', exit)     keyboard.add_hotkey('ctrl+shift+p', send_to_server)     # keyboard.add_hotkey('ctrl+shift+s', save, args=(data))     keyboard.add_hotkey('c', push_fun, args=('c',))     keyboard.add_hotkey('s', push_fun, args=('t',))     keyboard.add_hotkey('h', push_fun, args=('h',))     keyboard.add_hotkey('p', push_fun, args=('p',))     keyboard.add_hotkey('r', push_fun, args=('r',))     keyboard.wait() 

After the save function is called, the program remains in the keyboard.wait() part but does not listen to any other key press.

US entry in Atlanta airport (ATL) together with a US citizen

I will soon travel to the US for the first time.

I am not a US citizen, but I will travel together with one.

We will land in ATL and then proceed to a connecting flight. I know I will have to clear customs in ATL.

My ESTA application has been approved, but I read that since I never have travelled to the US before, I will have to clear immigration through a old-fashioned booth with a immigration officer, and I won’t be able to use the electronic kiosks.

As my travel companion is a citizen, they’ll not be subject to this restriction.

What is the best course of action? Should they queue with me, or should we proceed our separate ways?

I’d like to proceed together, but I don’t know if it is allowed.

What happens if you use 2 VPNs together?

Let’s say you have a dedicated VPN program like Hotspot Shield Premium, ExpressVPN or NordVPN. It’s running and encrypting your web traffic. What happens when you use a browser with built-in VPN like Opera or a VPN extension to a browser? Two layers of security? Does one override the other? Or do the two cancel each other out leaving you with no encryption?