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I am building a website with Atlassian’s Confluence to fulfill these goals:

  1. Document a complex project with multiple websites (Product Management)
  2. Train non-technical staff to use it Store APIs, repositories, and libraries (Developer Documentation)
  3. Test automation and quality assurance data and information
  4. Will be re-used for final users (knowledge base and tutorials)

Note: the platform will be both used for internal and external users with different UIs.

My Confluence Sidebar has a tree structure which follows the same as the website pages

enter image description here

But one person from Quality Assurance asked to separate their part enter image description here

My original idea was to make this test accounts child of Single Sign-On (contextual)

However, since the person (Quality Assurance) is already familiar with the platform he would like to have minimum information as possible.

However, that could cause a problem since new people are not familiar. Also, they avoid reading the website (they want to be explained in person) which makes documentation a waste of time.

Question: should I make the information architecture together (child and parent in the tree structure) or separate as per suggestion from quality assurance (current screenshots)?

I think this is an eternal dilemma, you try to separate things and it becomes hard to manage (inconsistent, error-prone, scattered and redundant info), while when you put things together people complain there is too much stuff to go through- I have conflicting feedback.

Question2: any other tips on how to solve this problem? Confluence has to search filters and I am making images and videos as much as I can but still looking on the best approach

How do Suggestion and Subtle Spell work together?

The Suggestion spell has a verbal component, and is described as :

You suggest a course of activity (limited to a sentence or two) and magically influence a creature […] that can hear and understand you.

The Subtle Spell metamagic allows a sorcerer to cast a spell without any somatic or verbal components.

Is the sentence used to cast the spell a part of its verbal component?
Using Subtle Spell, can a sorcerer cast Suggestion without speaking at all?

If no, would it allow them to just say the sentence in a conversational tone?
Would the target, or bystanders, notice the spell being cast?

What would be the result of combining Suggestion and Subtle Spell?

Using WITH together with CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE AS SELECT … in Postgres?

I would like to create a temporary table using a select statement that uses temporary views specified in a WITH statement (not the WITH statement of CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE).

e.g. something along the lines of

WITH a AS ( SELECT 1 foo, 2 bar  ), b AS ( SELECT 4 bar, 5 baz ) CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE foo AS SELECT * from a JOIN b ON ( 

If I comment out the CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE line, this works. How to create a temporary table using the query result of the SELECT, without rewriting the temporary views into a single query?

How does Damage Resistance, Damage Reduction, Damage Threshold, and Half-Damage from a Successful Save work together?

This is mostly a theoretical question. Imagine there is some creature that has a variety of different damage-reducing elements built into its stat-block. Lets pretend its a giant-molten-stone-golem, because that at least seems plausible for these bonuses:

  • Fire damage that the golem takes is reduced by 9. (as per wording like the Heavy Armor Master feat)
  • The golem has a Damage Reduction of 12. (typically only objects have DR, but humor me!)
  • The golem has resistance to fire damage.

Now, imagine that the golem just succeeded on its Dexterity Saving Throw against a Fireball. Before any reductions, imagine the fireball is causing 40 incoming fire damage to the golem.

The Question:

How much damage would the golem take, and what are the steps to reduce the damage to this amount?

Do integrity and authentication always come together?

I cannot come up with a case where there is only one of them.

When there is integrity, a random person cannot modify the message without being noticed. That is, an unauthenticated user cannot modify the message without being noticed. Therefore there is authentication.

When there is authentication, nobody except the sender can change the message after MAC or signature is added. Therefore there is integrity.

Am I missing something?

Clubbing together network websites as subdomains and impact on Google Analytics reporting

We have set two milestones for our business that has a network of websites:

• To generate 50,000 impressions per month for so as to make it eligible for selling ad space on, a premium marketplace for display ads. • To generate 500$ per month revenue for six months for so as to make the same eligible for listing at popular website marketplaces like EmpireFlippers, FE International for sale.

My query is for the above two milestones (50,0000 monthly impressions and 500$ monthly revenue), does it make sense if our network websites (,,,,, are clubbed together under the flagship website by making all these subdomains of As I also want to make these network websites live on their own domain name, so will redirect to

By following the above strategy, I am not sure if the Google Analytics will count the visitors at ( under

Appraoch to link Hub sites together

I am reading this article about managing site collections inside our sharepoint online Planning your SharePoint hub sites . so inside our organization we want to start with 2 departments HR & Finance. so i created 2 site collections under these urls /sites/HR/ & /sites/Finance/ and i define them as Hub sites. then i created more detailed site collections for the HR and finance such as HR-Procedures,HR-Team,Finance-News, etc… and i link those sites collections to either the HR or the Finance Hub sites. and things are working well.

But my issue/question, is how i should link the hub sites together (on our case the HR and Finance)? i mean we can not have a parent hub site for all the hub sites, so how sharepoint cover this requirement ? In other words when a user access our sharepoint intranet, the user should be able to view all the available Hub sites links, but in our case we can not have such as site, as we can not have a parent hub site for our HR and Finance hub sites.. so which site template inside sharepoint online should be used to link all the hub sites together ?

Displaying multiple tags in user list item together with other components

I have a page where I need to display users in a list, like this: enter image description here

In every item I will need to display many tags, there can be one or two, or much more, like ten and even more. The current look and placement can be adjusted, it can go on two lines also.

What would be a good solution from UX perspective and also how to show them visually? This also should work on smaller screens. Maybe someone worked on something similar and can give some valuable advice. Thanks!

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