Loading scripts and stylesheets together failure

I’m trying to load scripts and stylesheets together at same function. At first I loaded stylesheet by itself and it worked after I added admin_enqueue_scripts function in additional to wp_enqueue_scripts.

Now I’m trying to load stylesheets and scripts in the same function, unfortunately that fails to exist, and also prevent CSS to load.

I can’t find any typo’s or something online that related to my issue.

  function loadAssets(){       wp_enqueue_style( 'style', get_template_directory_uri() . '/css/style.css');       wp_enqueue_script('jquery', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/jquery.js');       wp_enqueue_script('script', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/script.js');   }    //Applying those loading references   add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'loadAssets');   add_action('admin_enqueue_scripts', 'loadAssets'); 

How can I load both JavaScript files and CSS files on the same function?

Putting together an air-gap ephemeral linux OS to run off RAM

Idea: Have an operating system boot from a bootable medium completely into RAM. There is no storage attached to this system, so once it boots up and we eject the bootable medium, this system is completely running off RAM & its not capable of leaving a trace anywhere except RAM, contents of which are hard to recover without physical access to the system.

Premises: There is no physical access to this system, which makes a whole set of attacks possible, but lets compile a list of attacks like Cold boot attacks etc, that possess a threat to this setup, and we can assess the severity of each one of them.

Use-case: Using as a vault for cryptocurrency storage & signing transactions.


  • Hardware: Raspberry Pi / Old Computer (which may or may not have wifi/bluetooth hardware available, latter preferred obviously)
  • Custom Linux OS (Functional Display + Touchscreen drivers + Camera drivers + Absence of WiFi / Bluetooth drivers + Modern Browser + On-screen keyboard)
  • Binary (Golang program running a local server & UI accessed via browser)

Things that may or may not matter:

  • CPU architecture: x86 / ARM
  • Bootable media: USB drive / SD card

Communication medium with air-gap system: QR codes

Since this only requires little information to be passed to & fro, using QR codes to encode/decode JSON payload seems ideal.

Explanation: Boot up the computer & eject bootable medium. Run the program and access UI in a browser by going to localhost:3000. Generate the keys (Sensitive information) or import if you already have those keys generated in a previous run. Scan QR code to receive the unsigned transaction, show confirmation, sign it and then encode signed transaction as QR code and display it.

The bootable media that’s in use, will never be plugged back into a system connected to the internet as an additional security measure, but with the ability to eject bootable medium after boot up, makes this unnecessary.

Building Custom Linux OS: This is where I want to crowd source knowledge:

  • What OS to choose to build upon + what packages to use + what packages to remove?
  • What would be a simpler approach to building this OS?
  • How to build a lean & minimal distro which can run on a system as low as 512 MB RAM (the less the better), provided the OS footprint is around 100-20 MB of RAM, leaving the rest for the program to use.
  • Expose attack vectors in this approach.

End Goal: Present the source-code + instructions and host the distro for download to use as a cryptocurrency vault along with the wallet app that will be open-sourced with the option of choosing a hosted service for that as well. Considering the architecture, people can simply use it without even requiring to trust/verify the system, as long as they can maintain the air-gap of the vault.

Amortized Analysis of Binary Counter and Dynamic Table together

Let m ≥ 2 be a fixed positive integer. Consider the following ADT. A state of the ADT is an m-tuple of integers (v1, v2, . . . , v_m). The ADT supports two operations:

• Increment(i) which increases the value of vi by 1.

• Max returns an index of the maximum value, that is it returns an i such that vi ≥ vj for all j.

I am designing a data structure for this ADT as a dynamic sized table Ti. Each entry of Ti stores single bit of vi. This allows each component to grow arbitrarily large because we can resize the table to get longer and longer as value grows.

Now, Suppose the Algorithm for Max is :

Max res ← 1 for i ← 2..m if (number represented in Ti) > (number represented in Tres) then res ← i end if end for return res end Max 

Now, Given a sequence of s operations and initial state (0,0,0,0..0). I want to do amortized analysis of this case and find the total time and amortized time.

How to keep the players to work together?

I am the GM of a group of 5 players, i know them as i usually play other games with them. For the sake of the campaign they do not know their past, nor each other or why are they summoned, after some exposition, they learned that they have to cooperate to escort a VIP somewhere, in the first night of their trip i prepared a small encounter disguised as a barfight. the players are all humans :

  • Woman barbarian (WB)
  • Woman paladin who prays Tyr(WP)
  • Woman Rogue (WR)
  • Man cleric who prays Kelemvor (MC)
  • Man warrior (MW)

So here is how it played out : A drunk guy blamed WB spilling his beer (even if she did not), MW tried to calm things but WB wanted to slap the drunk dude, WR caught her before touching him, and the drunk dude lunged and engaged the fight. WP and WR decided to keep the VIP safe and watch the scene from afar, WB just punched the dude directly, then MW held the drunk by the collar and as he succeded to take the guy out of the place, but on his way, WB landed a hit and put him to 1hp even if he was already handled by MW (i played it out as being unconscious). MC stayed on his chair the whole time drinking his beer, until another drunktard attacked WB with a stool, for hitting his friend, MC used a cantrip twice(sacred flames) on him, and WB entered into rage mode and litterally put the enemy into the negative thus making him roll for death saves. WR rushed to save the dying guy and I ended the session after WP, WR and MW asked themselves if they should leave the other two for such behavior.

WP asked me if she could go to the nearest guard to denounce the attempted murder.

Now, on the first session, i have two people who might be abandonned for their murderous intents and even jail time for WB.

How can i get to make them cooperate or just tolerate each other?

Can 2 different martial fighting styles used together at the same time? for example protection and defense from a fighter champion lvl 10+

A champion fighter gets a second fighting style at 10th level. Can the 2 different martial fighting styles be used together at the same time? For example protection and defense from a champion fighter, would it gain both bonuses?

How To Merge Together Two Circular Doubly-Linked Lists In O(1) Time?

I’m implementing a Fibonacci Heap, where the lists are stored as a circular doubly-linked lists. What I’m trying to do is given a pointer to a random node in one linked list, and a random node in another, I want to merge them together in O(1) time. I tried drawing this out, but I couldn’t seem to figure out how to do this. Here is my first idea, in pseudocode:

union(Node one, Node two) {     if other = nil         return      p1 = one     p2 = one.right     p3 = two     p4 = two.right      p1.right = p4     p4.left = p1     p2.right = p3     p3.left = p2 } 

Each Node has a left and right attribute, which stores the node to the left and right, respectively. However, this didn’t work. Can anyone figure out how to merge together two linked lists?

How Best to Improve Concentration Saves (or avoid the check all together)? [closed]

As I see it there are the following options:

Character Build:

  • Take a level of a class with Con save proficiency at first level.
  • Ability Increase (Con).
  • Diamond Soul – (14th level Monk – not really viable)
  • Aura of Protection – (+Paladin’s Charisma bonus, Also affects nearby allies)
  • Tides of Chaos – (Advantage, Wild Magic Sorcerer ability, self only)
  • Bend Luck – (+1d4, Wild Magic Sorcerer ability used on another)
  • Dark One’s Own Luck – (+1d10, Fiend Pact Warlock, self only)
  • Portent – (Replace a bad roll, Diviner ability)
  • Transmuter’s Stone – (Proficiency, Transmuter ability, but you have to give up other powers)
  • Inspiration – (You must have Inspiration, game mechanic)
  • Lucky – (Reroll bad rolls, feat)
  • Lucky – (Reroll bad rolls, 1/2ling ability)
  • Resilient – (Proficiency, feat)
  • War Caster – (Advantage, feat)
  • Focused Conjuration – (Can’t be broken, Conjuration spells only, Conjurer ability)
  • Bardic Inspiration – (+1dx, Bard ability, thanks BlueMoon93)


  • Bless – (1d4 added to save, requires concentration… so defeats the purpose unless you can use it on more than one player.)
  • Foresight – (advantage w/o concentration, but this is a 9th level spell)
  • Gaseous Form – (advantage, requires concentration, can’t cast spells – this is for skedaddlin’)
  • Holy Aura – (advantage, requires concentration – 8th level spell, and super costly)
  • Shapechange – (Change into a creature with proficiency and even advantage with Con Saving throws – 9th level spell)

Magic Items & Boons:

  • Belt Of Dwarvenkind, MANUAL OF BODILY HEALTH, Ioun Stone of Fortitude, Blessing of Health – (Increase Con by 2)
  • Amulet of Health – (Con is set to 19)
  • Holy Avenger, CANDLE OF INVOCATION – (Advantage – while in effect)
  • Cloak of Protection, Luck Blade (also reroll), Stone of Good Luck, Ring of Protection, Robe of Stars, Rod of Alertness – (+1 bonus)
  • Staff of Power – (+2 bonus)

Other Options

  • Don’t get hit! – High AC, or non concentration spells that mess with getting hit (mage armor, mirror image, feats to wear armor, levels of Cleric/Fighter), Up your Dex
  • Use Cover – Thanks BlueMoon93 & nitsua60
  • Don’t be seen – Invisibility, Illusions, get stealth skills.
  • Get out of combat – Mist Step, Dimension Door
  • Go Prone against Ranged attacks – thanks BlueMoon93 & nitsua60
  • Warding Flare (Light Domain Cleric)
  • Defensive Duelist feat (finesse weapon required)

Controversial or Edge Cases

  • Temp hit points
  • Make potions for spells that require concentration.

Are there other options that I have missed?

There are not a lot of ways to get to the concentration saving throw buffed. Which is to be expected in 5e, but I am tired of losing a spell first or second round, so I am trying to build up a list of tactics / ideas on how best to hold onto that 5th level spell I just cast.

I’m playing a Marilith demon who is leader of a evil campaign. After hitting very high levels, how should I go about keeping the party together?

During a while of playing a 2e session with multiple 3.5e conversions, I have recently (In the past 7 years) experimenting with playing Evil campaigns and playing Monster characters such as Mind Flayers (Which I’m really good with), A Gloom (Part of an Epic Level beginning game), Baatezu, Trolls, Fairies, Sprites, Hunefers (Another Epic Level beginning Campaign), Bugbears, and a small hand full of other monsters. In this campaign, We have been going on for 2 years of gameplay, reaching levels between 64-76

Current Party

  • Nuetral Evil Medusa (Lvl 72 Wizard/ Archmage 5)
  • Chaotic Evil Marilith Tanar’ri (Lvl 77 Warrior)
  • Chaotic Evil Vrock Tanar’ri (Lvl 38 Barbarian/Lvl 34 Legendary Dreadnought)
  • Chaotic Evil Succubus Tanar’ri (Lvl 66 Bard/ Lvl 2 Rouge)
  • Lawful Evil Noble Efreeti (Lvl 20 Fighter/Lvl 48 Fire Elementalist)
  • Neutral Evil Chameleon Greater Barghest (Lvl 56 Assassin/Lvl 20 Perfect Wight)
  • Chaotic Evil Vampire Drow (Lvl 32 Blackguard/ Lvl 20 Cleric/ Lvl 24 Divine Emissiary)
  • Neutral Evil Corpse Tearer Linnorm (Lvl 60 Necromancer/ Lvl 18 Dread Necromancer)

I am having a slight problem trying to figure out how to keep this diverse group together. The blood war, the personal problems, and the ambitions in the group are causing us to be a bit nervous. Each of us is having a difficult time with personal goals. During our time we have battled the armies of heavens, slaughtered many baatezu/devils, plundered villages, battled against the forces of good, fought against the harpers including battles against Mystras chosen, and basically ravaged most planes. Now after a while of our power growing, some of us have become slightly more distant from others and others have become a little suspicious of each other, causing many to create secondary plans and safeguards just in case. I do not want this to grow out of control, for this campaign is too amazing to quit. I need a solution that does not involve a common enemy (for specific reasons) or involves money. So, how should I string together this merry band?

Ways to bring the party back together

I’m part of an open-world campaign that continues after the events of SKT (we finished and still wanted to play with our characters). Lately, it’s like our dm is running 3-4 campaigns at the same time because we are all currently doing separate stuff. Some of the players, myself included, want to bring the party back together because its boring to not play for an hour while other people are doing their things. Our dm specifically said that he is not going to try to bring the party back together, no matter how annoying it is, and that it is up to us to meet up. That brings me to the question. How can I convince the players who want to do their own thing to come back to the party?