How can I best display a three-way toggle (show, show all, and hide)?

I’m creating a filter for a search and I am wondering how to best approach this interface.

I have a bunch of events in a database and my website displays certain events based on the user’s criteria. That’s simple enough, but some events have notes on them, like they serve alcohol, or you have to be over 18 to attend, or it’s for women only, or something like that. What I’d like to do is add to my “search” form some way of representing and toggling between these options.

This will be more than just on and off, since I also want them to have the ability to ignore these as well. In this case, if I turn 18+ off, does that mean it will actively hide all 18+ events, or that it just won’t show only 18+ events? It gets confusing for the user.

To give the user all options and make this as clear as I can, I’m thinking a three-way toggle is best: OFF – This setting ignores the 18+ note and displays events normally. SHOW – This setting shows only 18+ events. HIDE – This setting ignores all 18+ events.

IF I were to do this, I’d have to also consider layout. Will this be a three-way switch? Will it be a grid where there are three checkboxes? Will I have to turn “on” an 18+ search criteria and then select “on” or “off”?

If I did a three-way switch, how would I design it? How would I name it so that it’s clear one setting just ignores the 18+ altogether, while the other two exclusively show or hide these events?

This is where I would like some assistance. Have you seen something like this before on a website (or other interface) where this was done particularly well? Can you offer any advice?


(A bit about my background – I’m a huge UI guy. I have a Master’s in it, I do it professionally, and I’ve even taught some college courses in it. This is my first post here. Hello all!)

Toggle mueve en html jQuery

Resulta que tengo un div donde muestro un gif que se va usar para dar la sensacion de carga en un login.

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí


<div class="row">      <div class="col-12 alerta1">           <img src="~/Content/images/3 (2).gif" class="cargarGif" />      </div> </div> 


.cargarGif {     display: block;     margin-left: auto;     margin-right: auto;     width: 50px;     height: 50px;     /*display:none;*/ } 

Agregando la linea display:none; (Cosa que esta comentada para el ejemplo aca), la cosa es que cuando uso $ ('.cargarGif').toggle() para mostrar el gif oculto mientras hace la validacion de login me lo muestra asi y no originalmente en el centro:

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

Cual es el problema? Gracias

Toggle caps lock LED on ThinkPad T43 – Ubuntu Server 16.04

I have installed the above mentioned OS on a 15-year old IBM Thinkbad (t-43 / 1871 series).

I only care about the CAPS lock LED. Don’t care about the others. Have reviewed some basic topics regarding setleds or similar but nowhere have I seen or understood exactly how to enable toggle. I have seen commands on how to manually turn the light on or off at will. That’s silly, why should I have to do that. I want it to work the way it’s supposed to: toggle on/off so that I know when I’m in caps on or caps off mode.

Can anyone suggest what amendments I need to make so that I can enable it? I would prefer solutions that don’t require downloading extra software (remember this is a text-only interface that I have) as I want to keep the system light. I could do with some light scripting I suppose, but I’m really hoping there is a line somewhere in a system file that I need to amend to make this work. Otherwise open to some more involved solutions I guess. Thanks!

As a bonus, I’d like to get rid of a weird blinking that I get from the wifi LED (even though I think I disabled it from IBM’s BIOS). Any other suggestions on how to experiment with other similar features: Modify the behavior of the fan? I don’t need it to work constantly. server sees very light usage. is this a good idea?

Toggle buttons bar for mobile?

I am designing filter interface that is located at the bottom of the screen of a smartphone.

I do not know if it’s better to leave some space between the buttons (see the top of the attached image – preflop action), or leave the buttons without spacing/border (see bottom of the attached image – preflop position)

Is one button being selected enough indication of where a user is supposed to click to change the option, or is additional spacing needed?

Some additional info:

  • One of the options is always selected
  • Only one of the options can be selected
  • Hover to show button borders does not work since this is targeting smart phones and tablets

Both toggle buttons options

Toggle between screens

I was a windows 10 user and now I’m using ubuntu. I have a question that basically is how to toggle between screens in Ubuntu. I know there is

super + P

that I can change between mirror, joint, external etc.

However, I want to use like I used in windows, that was turning off one monitor or other using shortcuts. There anyway to do that?

For example in windows I could change between “pc screen only” and “second screen only”

Any help?

PS: I know that I can do that in the configuration but I want a shortcut for that.

my hamburger toggle will not work in my custom theme

My hamburger toggle won’t will show up when i resize the page but once clicked the menu will not appear!

my code in header.php

</header>  <header role ="banner">   <nav class="navbar" >     <span class="navbar-toggle" id="js-navbar-toggle">         <i class="fas fa-bars"></i>     </span>      <img src="" height="230" ><a href="#" class="logo"></a>     <ul class="main-nav" id="js-menu"> 

my code in functions.php

wp_enqueue_script( 'js-navbar-toggle', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/script-1.js', array(), true );  add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'js-navbar-toggle' ); 

Script to Toggle LAN adapter beween DHCP and a static IP

An IOT LAN sensor has a default address of

In 16.04, I would like invoke a script to toggle the LAN port between and DHCP


If IP address not equal to then: set to else: set to DHCP and get LAN IP from DHCP server print  IP address 

Maybe there is a Windows equivalent for netsh? How would this be implemented in a BASH script (.sh)?

How to handle the data that are entered in the filed that are triggered by toggle

Here is a hypothetical test case

Test Case User is asked if they want to provide an address Answer options: Yes or NO

User answer yes and fields to provide an address appears User entres the information After all, information is entered user decided to change the answer to NO The fields disappear

Then The user decided to select YES again The fields appear and …

Question: Should we prepopulate the fields with previously entered information?

What is the best user experience?

Is there a way to toggle touchpad on/off with a command/keyboard shortcut?

Is there a way to toggle touchpad on/off with a command/keyboard shortcut? I tried using this:

if $ (gsettings get org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.touchpad touchpad-enabled); then gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.touchpad touchpad-enabled false; else gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.touchpad touchpad-enabled true; fi

But it didn’t work at all.