Any good ideas for puzzles/riddles that a god will send my character in her dreams ( tombs of annihilation )

I’m running the tombs of annihilation 5e with some friends. One of them is playing as a half water genasi half aasimar. Her back story wasn’t as detailed as some of the other characters so I’m working on some sidequests to help her get more “screen time”

I’m toying with an idea of having a a god ( maybe savros ) come to her in her dreams with cryptic clues and puzzles. If she manages to solve these puzzles then she’ll find out

i) ubtao has been kidnapped and had his stomach harvested by accerak

ii) accerak is using this stomach as the atropal’s vessel.

iii) The party must hurry for with each passing day the atropal grows stronger. They must either bring back mezro (which will help them immensely) or hurry before the atropal gains too much power and ubtao can never be woken.

iv) that selida is a yuan-ti and is working for accerak

v)( after solving some really tough puzzle) some clue to defeating accerak ( and dendarr as they are working together).

I thought of one puzzle . They’re in mezro right now so in her dream I thought a good puzzle might be to have a model of mezro on top of an hourglass with ubtao standing at his temple dripping blood into the hourglass it will fill in 3 minutes but if the player decides to push the hourglass aside it reveals a horrible atrocity of a half foetus half stomach thing sipping at the blood of ubtao.If they break it then screams abound as the foetus grows larger and attacks. If they do some action ( haven’t decided what yet ) that might help bring mezro back then the foetus hisses and shrinks away.

Does anyone have ideas for other puzzle ideas like this. possibly alot more difficult ?