Took me 5 hours to build a simple responsive navigation with a little bit of flexbox

I looked up a bunch of snippets and probably all of them had their stuff(logo, hamburger icon, and the nav itself) in the <nav> tag which I find weird, because why would you wrap your nav in your header and then put everything in your nav?

So it took me ages to figure out how to get it ‘properly?’ layed out, I’m hoping to have some feedback on the whole bunch. Including the BEM naming, use of semantic elements..

Have a look at the actual code:

boot process took too long if I let usb device pluged

I have a new PC (intel NUC) since 3 month. boot time used to be short (20 seconds) but since 15 days (approx) boot time take 3 to 4 minutes.

I have noticed that this append when my USB is plugged. but since the beginning my USB disk was all the time plugged and it did not have effect on boot time.

any tip to disactivate what make the boot process so long.

Something in background taking much of my WIFI after a classmate took my phone

DEVICE: HUAWEI HONOR PLAY (CORAL00), ANDROID 9, EMUI 9.0.0 || A little back story: So this happened today afternoon (around 12:00), a classmate of mine took my phone to see about its features and stuff, spent some 8-10 mins with it. I wasn’t paying much attention so not to be rude. After I came back home in the evening (around 17:00), I noticed slight lag (just a few times). Now (21:00), something is taking up my WIFI speed as the speed indicators in status bars are showing.|| What I did: Tried “Force Stop” on Photos app cause it sometimes starts backing up, checked that no WhatsApp backups are going on. Searched the internet like “which app is taking up my wifi” and all results are related to either “know who’s using your wifi” or “data usage on mobile data”, but I don’t have mobile data plan. I only use WIFI. Ok I think I’m very much clear. The question is What thing is taking up the WIFI on my device in the background? PLEASE HELP CAUSE I THINK I’M GETTING PWNED SOON

What if aliens took all the numbers? [on hold]

Hey math neckbeards hope you are all well had had a great Xmas! Hope all uour sums add up for the new year! We were having a few tokes and wondered what would happen if aliens took all the numbers?

Say they came here to do cow experiments but set their tracor beam for the wrong frequency and instead they sucked up all the numbers from books and stuff. Would it cause much bother or do you guys remember the stuff anyways?