Network Miner Type Analysis Tool for 802.11/802.1X?

I routinely analyze large 802.11 and 802.1X pcaps for hosts and authentication information. Usually this involves large Wireshark filters, which work, but still require huge amounts of tedious analysis of the filtered packets.

Does anyone know of a NetworkMiner type tool for 802.11/802.1X?

I’d like to quickly enumerate hosts, authentication schemes, and sensitive data in LARGE captures (100K+ packets).

I’ve been searching, but can’t find anything useful.

What’s the safest tool for running not safe soft – VirtualBox vs Windows Sandbox vs Hyper-V

I’d want to ask what’s the safest environment to run potentially not safe software?

I’m aware that this question may be very tricky, because every of those may have its flaws, but generally speaking which of those 3 sounds like safest option?

Hyper V – Windows 10 as host & guest

Virtualbox – Windows 10 as host & guest

Windows Sandbox?

best tool of reconnaissance

for my training I am tasked to gather information on a company target. using only public available information, so no port scanning or anything like that.

I used, dmitri, recon-ng, whois, nslookup and few more website to acquire knowledge on the company systems, software used etc…

but I am stuck, here I am not sure if there is other mean and tool of information gathering, I know this is broad, but I want to gather any type of intelligence I can, also is there a place where I can acquire database of leaked passwords?

What’s a good cooperative drawing tool to use for an online game? [closed]

In offline games I liked using a piece of paper to sketch stuff and to use as a simple battle map. I’ve recently started playing over Discord and am missing the option to just draw something. What I’m looking for is basically MS Paint for cooperative drawing. I’m not interested in using some kind of grid system or a sophisticated drawing program. If the software would work across platforms it world be ideal, but I would also settle for something that is phone or Windows only.

SPARQL Aware Security Assessment Tool [on hold]

What are the best vulnerability scanners for an RDF database that uses SPARQL? I like the credentialed scanning in Nessus, but the results are not very valuable, I think because it does not know what to do with the DB. I am trying the WMAP module in Metasploit, but do not have much faith in it. I feel like the market for graph databases is only now gaining traction, so is there anything even available for assessments?

How to make smudge tool algorithm?

I am creating a algorithm for smudge tool but it has to be done pixel by pixel.

The concept of smudge tool is simple

onMouseMove – Copy pixels of old point to new point using a brush template

enter image description here

I am having problem in bitwise operations. The algorithm is not drawing pixels properly.(I am creating this algorithm from scratch so there might be some silly mistakes)

diameter = brush.size; _bitData = _canvas.bitmapData; _bitwidth = _bitData.rect.width;//width of canvas  _bitVector = _bitData.getVector();//1d vector of uint  _brushVector = brush.bitmapData.getVector();//1d vector of uint  brushVectorIndex = 0; for(yIndex = 0; yIndex < diameter; yIndex++) {     for(xIndex = 0; xIndex < diameter; xIndex++)     {         yCor = yIndex + oldY;         xCor = xIndex + oldX;          if(_bitData.rect.contains(xCor,yCor))         {             bitVectorIndex_old      = (yCor * _bitWidth)        + xCor;             bitVectorIndex_new      = ((Y+yIndex) * _bitWidth)  + X+xIndex;              //Creating alpha map of brush and old mouse point's pixel             brushPixelAlpha = (_brushVector[brushVectorIndex] & _bitVector[bitVectorIndex_old] & 0xFF000000);              //Adding colors to the aplha map according to old mouse point's pixel             brushPixel = brushPixelAlpha | (_bitVector[bitVectorIndex_old] & 0x00FFFFFF);              //Create alpha map for new pixel             pixelAlpha = ((brushPixel | _bitVector[bitVectorIndex_new]) & 0xFF000000)              //Adding color to pixel alpha map using brush's stamp              pixel =  pixelAlpha | (brushPixel & 0x00FFFFFF);              _bitVector[bitVectorIndex_new] = pixel;         }         brushVectorIndex++;     } } _bitData.setVector(_bitVector); 

If you could suggest how to optimise this code then that will be helpful too because this code will run 10000s time every frame.

A tool for topic ideas


I'm a webdeveloper and I'm thinking about developing a simple tool that would allow the blog audience to:

  1. post topic propositions that they would like to read about on a particular blog,
  2. upvote the propositions, so the blogger knows what to focus on.

The advantages for the bloggers would be that:

  1. they know what their audience wants to read about,
  2. when they post an article on a given topic, the readers are being notified. Thus, it increases…

A tool for topic ideas

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Why can’t I select alternative Working Languages in Term Store Management Tool?

I tried to create a multi-lingual term sets for a SharePoint Online Team Site following this guide. When trying to change the working language all options are grayed out and I can’t select them. Same goes for the other locales option. Under Site Settings > Language Settings the default language is English and all Alternative Languages are enabled. What do I have to do, to add another working language?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

enter image description here