Tool for practicing divison/multiplication ieee

This term I am writing an exam on boolean and IEEE arithmetic at university. As the exam will mostly consist on doing computations, I would like to do think about practice problems and verify the solutions. (My university has only 1 example on multiplicating IEEE numbers, none about division – both being needed for exams.)

I have been googling for a while and found mostly only a standard IEEE-754 calculator. Are there however more flexible tools? At least one that allows specifying the length of mantissa and exponent?

Invalid SharePoint Online list ‘Documents’ (ErrorCode: 0x0201000D) with Migration Tool csv

When using Sharepoint Migration Tool on a language other than English to copy files to the default “Shared Documents” (or “Documents” as you are to use), it gives Invalid SharePoint Online list ‘Documents’ (ErrorCode: 0x0201000D). Whats the correct Document Library name to use?

Tool for building an extensive click dummy

For testing of a new design and restructure of a sub-section on our website we work on a click dummy (hifi prototype with linked screens). We build it in order to run a few user tests before deciding on the IA. We are currently using Sketch – but the linking and duplicating of screens turns out very effortful.

Does anyone know a better tool that can simplify the process?


Is there a best “all-in-one” tool for UX design, prototyping, handoff, project management and design systems?

I work at a company that operates as e-commerce, and we use Shopify as our platform. I’m a product designer at said company, in a two-person team that includes myself and my boss, and we rarely work on the same designs at the same time.

Currently, our tool kit includes:

  • Sketch: Used to build & update a working style guide & component library, as well as design wireframes and hi-fidelity mocks
  • Zeplin: 1) Dev Handoff, i.e. visual specs, assets, etc. 2) Sharing mocks & commenting 3) To house projects 4) To house our style guide/component library.
  • InVision Cloud: We use this for its basic prototyping tools and to share prototypes with stakeholders or user test participants. We use Favro for tickets & project management (not great), google docs for documents and decks

However, we’re running into a myriad of issues. I’ll outline some of the primary ones below, in order of most to least important.

  1. Design System Manager: Overall design system portal that does style guides & component libraries, rules & definitions, and also does version control to manage updates (that’s really tough to keep track of now)
  2. Advanced prototyping: Ability to add more advanced things like animations, component states, interactive elements, conditions/logic, etc. to better present functionality to developers/stakeholders. Overall stronger developer handoff with more advanced features that allow designers to design more accurately to code and gives devs more to work with (Seems FramerX is leading this charge:
  3. Responsive design: Setting component constraints and responsive resize to design faster and more strategically
  4. Project management: Ability to track project status, assign tasks to team members, nest various prototypes & design files within one project, and has version control
  5. Annotations & documentation – Seamless, easy way to create annotations for specifications & documentation for developer handoff (UXpin seems to be leading this charge
  6. User Flow/Site Map generator – would be amazing to have a tool that generates these vs. having to manually do them (OverFlow seems to do this)

Obviously one tool won’t have EVERYTHING, but I’m trying to wrap my brain around all of the tools out there and which tool, or small collection of tools, make the most sense for my team. Any advice?

Which tool is best for online user testing

I have small eshop end I try to improve my information architecture. I want to understand my customers and they behaviour on website.

I planning buy one of online testing tools and I want to know which one is best of them. I found these tools: UXtweak, hotjar, validatelly, smartlook, fullstory.

Tools have similar features but via UXtweak I can conduct task-driven study. Now it is a open beta so I already try to make a study and it is really simple. Also you can try it on your live page.

I think that is the best way to know how to set task and get to know customers behaviour.

Do you know online platform with task-driven study like UXtweak?

Let me know your experience with online testing platforms. It designed should be primarly for eshop.

Ads Spy Tool ! Complete Features 100% Free

I found this website that might be useful to anyone that’s using paid ads on social media

It’s free and has the features that come with paid tools like Advertsuite.

Here is it;

You just need to type in your topic/keyword, and competitor’s ads will be shown, it’s a great tool to show you the top performing ads so that you can come up with your own ideas to get better visibility.