Any tool available for free that could recover data from a hard disk in windows?

The question is pretty much self-explanatory. I’m trying to recover data in Windows 8.1 pro. I downloaded and installed Disk Drill. The software worked perfect but the issue is it only provides a maximum limit of 500 MB data to recover. Is there any tool which doesn’t have this restriction and by the help of which I could recover all of my data.

Is using a Google Drive client together with a sync tool a good or bad idea?

I have an employer-provided Google Drive account with almost 1 TB of data on. Basically everything I work on is on the Google Drive. It functions as a sort of live backup. Also, I’m running Ubuntu.

Now, back in the days on Windows, there was a Google Drive client that synced selected folders to my hard drive, which worked great, because I didn’t have to wait for the client to download every single file when opening them.

Currently on Ubuntu, I’m using google-drive-ocamlfuse which is real steady, but extremely slow.

So I was thinking about using a syncing tool, e.g. unison, to sync files from my google-drive-ocamlfuse folder to a regular folder, so I can access files on the fly, but still have them uploaded to my Google Drive “live”.

Is this a great idea, or a prescription for disaster?

Deterministic Finite State Automata – Tool for verification and advantage to coding

Suppose I have modeled the behavior of my system by Deterministic Finite Automaton (DFA) A, and I need to check if it satisfies a safety condition. I have created another DFA S, which represents the behavior that invalidates the safety property. Then I need to take intersection of these two to see if A contains bad traces. Finally, I need to code A into C program.

  • Could you please introduce me to a few tools that take two DFA as input and tell me if the intersection is not empty?

  • Could you please tell me what is the benefit of using two DFA instead of coding in C in the first place (without using DFA)?

Many thanks

Magento 2 migration Tool: does PRODUCTS model support DELTA (incremental)?

when browsing and reading guides it looks like Customers + Orders support incremental data migration (delta: the newly added items) …. bu I also read that this is supported for products : but is this really so?

Somehow it seems it was the plan to support Products Delta migration …. but it never made it through?

Using Magento 2.3.1 : does the 2.3.1 Data Migration Tool support incremental migration for Products?


Is using a tool named “Symantec Backup Exec / Veritas Backup Exec” a good appraoch to backup sharepoint application servers and its databases

I am reviewing our backup policy for sharepoint on-premises farms 2013 & 2016. where our IT admins mentioned that they backup all Microsoft applications such as exchnage,sharepoint, sql server, etc.. using a tool named “Symantec Backup Exec / Veritas Backup Exec”. now in our cases we have these 2 farms for 2 customers:-

  1. Windows server 2008 R2 acting as sharepoint 2013 application server + another Windows 2008 R2 containing the databases.

  2. Windows server 2012 R2 acting as sharepoint 2016 application server + another Windows 2008 R2 containing the databases.

so can anyone advice if using the “Symantec Backup Exec/ Veritas Backup Exec” are supported tools for backuping sharepoint application servers? and their databases? and do those types of backups support disaster recovery scenarios? for example in-case the whole sharepoint application server crashes? or the whole database server crashes? or both of them?

now for the sharepoint site backups, i already do a daily backups for the site collections using this command “Backup-SPSite ….”, this backup allow me to restore certain site collections if we did a faulty settings or wrong critical update to the data.. but the backup using “Backup-SPSite” does not cover disaster recovery scenarios, as we can only restore the site collections on the same farm which have the same patches and updates, and will not cover backuping the managed services.. So can anyone advice if using the “Symantec Backup Exec” & “Veritas Backup Exec” are supported tools for backuping sharepoint application servers? and their databases?to cover disaster recovery scenarios?

Assign Static IP to the Raspberry Pi using ‘nmcli’ or any other tool on Raspbian Jessie-lite

I’m using Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspbian Jessie-lite. I want to assign Static IP to the Raspberry Pi using ‘nmcli’ or any other tool.

Raspbian Jessie-lite comes with wpa_supplicant and other networking tools. I have already used them but the problem is I have to restart the device when I connect to new Wi-Fi network or change assign static IP.

As a solution to the problem I used network-manager nmcli(0.9, higher versions are not available for jessie). But I cannot find a way to assign static ip details for Wi-Fi.

hello I am a begginer in magento 2 how to bulid reorder tool?

Customer will get the search form to search order by “order_id”,”Date” Once the customer click on search button then load all order which will match with the criteria. Load the “Re-order” button with the search result Once the customer click on “Re-Order” button add to cart the product which are with the order I have add screenshot enter image description here

enter image description here

How can create a simplified tool from this complex combination for data collection?

I am trying to create a tool on excel to collect data from different municipality to know their slum level. The values for the variables inside the first box (piped water…Bottled water) household data collected from surveys and are a percentage added up to form the Improved water(please have in mind that not all households/ area will have all the variables. e.g an area may have piped water but not public tap but a different area may have both. This will be the same for the improved sanitation, durable structure and sufficient living.

An area is considered a slum if it misses atleast one of the four main variables (improved water, improved sanitation, durable structure and sufficient living).

My calculation has been done on SPSS and thus the shelter deprevations figures. Basically, this table means that one shelter deprivation is a combination of all possible combinations with one variable missing. The same happens for two, three upto four where all are missing.

Finally all these combinations are brought together to get a non-slum area which is the value 44.5 in the yellow box. Taking from 100 we get 55.5% which is the slum percentage.

I am trying to see how best I can do the shelter deprivation part with excel to make a tool. The part in red shows what I got from multiplying the average (72.8) by the shelter deprivation values from spss. I got the value 54.10% as my slum which is not far off the real figure 55.5%.

Anyone know how I can tackle this. Below is the link with the image of my calculations