Can Amazing Tools of Manufacture be used for mundane and/or magic crafting?

The description of the item states, that “The wielder may take raw materials with a value equal to half the price of an object to be crafted…” (for the full description see here).

The ratio of 2:1 for market price vs. costs is normally used for the creation of magic items, therefore this seems to indicate that the creation of magic items is the intended use (for mundane items the ratio is 3:1 or 4:1 using the Unchained Rules).

On the other hand, crafting of mundane items is not specifically excluded, and the text refers to a skill check for an “object to be crafted”.

Could for example a Master Craftsman with at least 6 ranks in Craft(armor) craft a Mithral Full Plate (market price 10.500 gp) with these tools in 6 days for 5250 gp?

Do Cobblers Tools work on Horseshoes?

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything greatly expands on the use of tools. Here are parts of the section on Cobblers’ Tools :

Although the cobbler’s trade might seem too humble for an adventurer, a good pair of boots will see a character across rugged wilderness and through deadly dungeons.

Components. Cobbler’s tools consist of a hammer, an awl, a knife, a shoe stand, a cutter, spare leather, and thread.

Maintain Shoes. As part of a long rest, you can repair your companions’ shoes. For the next 24 hours, up to six creatures of your choice who wear shoes you worked on can travel up to 10 hours a day without making saving throws to avoid exhaustion.

The book also expands on crafting, and its requirements :

A character needs to be proficient with the tools needed to craft an item and have access to the appropriate equipment.

My question is : if you are proficient in Cobbler’s Tools, can its benefits (Making both non-magical and magical shoes, Maintaining Shoes, etc.) also apply to Horseshoes ? Or are shoes and horseshoes too different from one another ?

Are there any c# .net free software composition analysis tools to check opensource component used and its vulnerabilities and license

I have situation where I have to anlyse the third party components\libraries used in the code within the license terms and no know vulnerabilities.

I know there are tool name blackduck and whitesource which can meet the expectation, but we cannot afford costly tools.

Is there any free stable tools available for such analysis. One I came across is OWASP dependency.

Appreciate any help over here.

Is there any open source or commercial tools from desktop/standalone application scan for vulnerabilities? [closed]

we have been scanning web application for OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities using App Scan or burp and now need to do similar scan for desktop or standalone applications.

Is there any open source or commercial tools for desktop/standalone application vulnerabilities scanning .

Note that the requirement is NOT to do static code analysis/Pen testing/manual test of applications etc so kindly exclude them from suggestions

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What Other Softwares or Tools I Need to Run GSA Search Engine Ranker Easily?

Hi everyone! This is my first time in this forum and unfortunately I’ve got questions about GSA Search Engine Ranker. So, I’ve read that it can helps me to automate my work or project in term of link building. But later I know, using GSA SER will also need the other softwares an tools, for example the one to bypass repatcha, etc. So, since I am new to this software, what else I need to buy so I will be possible to provide my budget and help me building links without doing many things that will take more of my time?

At the moment while I am asking this, I have not been using the GSA SER that I’ve installed in my laptop since I have no idea how to start my link building project. I have seen some tutorials but I am ended up confusing. So, before I am getting any further about that, I hope there will be someone or two of you will help me to know which tools I will need to buy so I can prepare my money for them. I really need a help in this and I hope will get answers.

Before, since my goal is to build backlinks that can be indexed for my blog, I have listed some of the softwares and tools from this site which are:

  1. GSA Search Engine Ranker
  2. GSA Auto Website Submitter
  3. GSA Captcha Breaker
  4. GSA SEO Indexer
  5. Backlink’s Indexing Services

Are the above tools and softwares enough?