What are common/standard tools used for web-based interfaces/frontends?

I’m currently implementing a database for a small research group to manage data across multiple (sometimes related) projects with multiple users that should have restricted access to only some tables. The actual database itself was relatively straightforward to design and build in PostgreSQL, with a super class implementation being the only thing that could be considered tricky. Ideally, we would have a professional hired for this task, but I’m the closest thing my group is going to get (I have a lot of programming experience, and have been working with a variety of database systems over the last 10 years for a variety of mostly solo projects).

Unfortunately, my position is only going to last a couple more years, and researchers in my field generally do not have experience designing or administrating databases. So I have to set it up so that the database is fairly easy for this group to manage on their own. Fortunately, we have IT staff that will handle all the low-level hardware/software stuff, so all that’s left for the group is the in-database tasks like creating/managing tables, users, etc.

While I’m reasonably comfortable with tools like pgAdmin, it’s overwhelming and unreasonable to expect others in my group to learn it. They basically need something pared way down and more restrictive so that no one accidentally breaks anything. I could write a Java, Go, or Rust application to handle this, but would prefer exploring web-based options. The main thing is that web development is not what I’ve typically delved into with programming, so I’m not sure what the common capabilities/limits of things like PHP, javascript, etc, are. So my question is, what are common/standard combinations of web development protocols/languages that would be used to create simple web frontends?

The requirements list is pretty simple:

  • Free. Mainly, we don’t have extra money to spend on specialized tools/interfaces (the actual web hosting isn’t a financial issue, though)
  • Easy to host/long-term reliability. My main fear with overly specialized tools is will they work long-term? Something like HTML + PHP is an example of something that appears to have stood the test of time, but my impression is that PHP might be a bit dated (I could be wrong on that, though)
  • No downloads/custom software installation for the users. Basically, all they should need is a web-browser.
  • Data import/export as CSV files. I expect data input to pretty much be in the form of CSV files. It saves the trouble of trying to develop custom forms for each project, especially for future projects that will need custom tables.
  • Enough database interaction capabilities to do things like create/manage users, tables, etc. I pretty much expect this to be possible with any language that can interact with a database, but it doesn’t hurt to specify it.
  • Data logic. Basically, the ability to do some data checks and generate some unique IDs for users for field data and samples. Again, expect this to pretty much be doable with any setup, but specifying it anyway.

An example answer to my question might be "HTML and PHP", but I want to see what other current/modern approaches exist before deciding on anything.

How do I get to the Terrain Tools and Advance option in Package Manager in Unity?

I am not able to find the Terrain Tools option in Package Manager when I search it. I am new to Unity and that’s why I was following a tutorial. The video was about building a terrain and there he told to get the terrain tools first.

For the terrain tools we need to go: Window > Package Manager > Packages > All Packages and then search it

But in the Packages I don’t have the All packages option and also I don’t have the Advance option as told in the video. I am sure that the Unity editor in the video is of an old version. Currently I am using 2020.3.8 version of Unity.

If there are some major changes between that version(used in the video) and my version(2020.3.8) then where do I find the Terrain Tools and the Advance option?

Screenshot From My Computer – Screenshot From My Computer

[NOTE: If there are any confusions, please refer the video]

What tools would you use to change the perspective in a 2D image?

Let’s say you are looking at a photograph of a real scene. You see a sign which you know is circular, but it appears as an ~ oval in the image. What transforms would you use to reconstruct this object? Please note that your perspective point of view could be displaced both left-right and up-down. I question whether this is a simple transform with an mma function or whether a dynamic point-of-view and recursion are required. Keywords and naming functions would help.

Question on bento box search tools

Hello All, I am looking to implement a bento box search tool similar to what is on https://libraries.indiana.edu/ or https://www.lib.umich.edu/ when you search something.

Does anyone know where I can find a good site to learn this or how to implement it.
The UI/UX elements of a bento box are relatively simple and straight forward. Pulling the search results (intelligently sorted by relevancy) is very difficult and non-trivial.

I am trying to find what current bento box search tools exist….

Question on bento box search tools

Does the bard’s Jack of All Trades feature make them proficient with thieves’ tools?

PHB describes the Jack of All Trades feature as

you can add half your proficiency bonus, rounded down, to any ability check you make that doesn’t already include your proficiency bonus

It also says that

trying to open a lock requires proficiency with thieves’ tools

Assuming that Jack of All Trades does not give you proficiency in any skill that you are not proficient in, does it mean a bard actually can NOT pick a lock?

Difference between masterwork tools and skill boost item?

I have a player who wants to buy masterwork tools as opposed to buying magic items that boost his skills.

The reason being, masterwork tools grant a +2 bonus to a skill and cost 50gp.

Magic items that grant bonuses to skills cost (bonus) squared x 100, meaning a +2 magic item costs 400gp.

So i guess my question is…. what is the difference between a masterwork tool and a magic item that grants the same bonus? Are there certain skills you cannot have tools for? Was that the intent?

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What happened to Irony Games’ tools?

About five years ago, there used to be a site called Irony Games that hosted a variety of useful map generator tools (Non-functional list of tools shown here). Have these tools ever been re-hosted elsewhere or are they lost forever? A quick Google search found a lot of dead ends.

Here’s a sample of what two villages and an inn (for example’s sake) were like–click for larger images. (With thanks to user DustScribe for scanning their old printouts!)

village1 p.1 village1 p.2 village2 p.1 village2 p.2 inn

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