For creating tools, Bash, Perl or Python? Which should I invest my time in to?

Having trouble choosing between the three, I would of course love to learn all three in the future, but right now I’m curious as to which language would be the most beneficial to me.

Also, I’m aware that different tools might be more useful in certain scenarios, in this case, I just want to learn the language that suits best for creating Ethical hacking tools, and which language would be the easiest to master?

We are developing a new free e-commerce tools software..need your guys input and feedback

Hi guys

We are in the process of developing a new e-commerce shopify tools and need some market feedback on the current biggest problems/issues that you guys facing when running an e-commerce business.

We really appreciate your input and feedback to fill in this super short survey on this link

Please feel free to give your honest opinion as to help us develop the new software…

We are developing a new free e-commerce tools software..need your guys input and feedback

[WTS] Dedicated Server for running your SEO Tools as low as $69.95/month

Do you need a server to run your SEO Campaign safely ?
I’m providing a dedicated server rent for as low as $ 69.95/month with specifications below …
CPU: Intel Xeon X3450 (8C w/HT)
RAM: 16 GB DDR3 ECC Memory
BW: 1 Gbps Burstable (30TB Premium Bandwidth)
IP: 1 IP Address
Additional IP : each IP @$ 3/month
OS : Windows 2008 R2/Windows 2012 R2 (64 bit)
Build Time : 3-4 working days (weekend not counted)

If you need bigger specifications, you can contact me at Skype (@nsetiono) or Telegram @ +17312133315

Terms and Conditions
1. Seller only had responsibility to installing the Windows OS requested by buyer and do not providing for the license of the OS, which mean the OS license will be provided by buyer.
2. We do not provide any SEO Tools software, use your own software on the server and make sure you had the right license for the softwares.
3. You’re allowed to use IDM on your server but please set your simultaneously download up to 5 download simultaneously to make sure you will not get BANDWIDTH ABUSE WARNING from the data center that can make your server connection being suspended and you will be charged $ 50 to opening the suspend and make your server live again.
4. Server cannot be used for SPAM, ABUSE, HACKING, CRACKING, PHISSING, CRYPTO MINING, DMCA, Massive Torrent, PORN, CARDING, DUMPING, DDOS, etc,  except for the activities that desribed on point 5. If the Data Center find any of this activities then your server will be terminated and there is no refund will be given.
5. Server only can be used for SEO activities, Hosting, Forex Bot, Scraping, VPN, Mail Server, Game Server, Traffic Exchange and still lots more activities that you can do and please do not doing the activities that already described on point 4 to prevent your server being terminated by data center.
6. If you want to use the server for any other activities that not described yet on point 4 and point 5, please contact me first so I can contacting the data center to confirm if your activity is allowed or not. This action needed to be done to prevent your server being suspended or even terminated by the data center and if your server get suspended, you will be charged $ 50 for opening the suspend.
7. You must use proxies for any SEO softwares you want to use. This is to prevent your server ip address get banned by Google or other platform website.
8. I do not recommending to installing VMWare, Hyper-V or others virtualization software to prevent there is mis-configuration that can make the server screw up. If you know what are you doing then it’s fine but keep in mind there is $ 50 charge for OS re-installation on your server.
9. Every case that make the server cannot be accessed again via internet because of client fault, such as mis-configuration, malware, virus, hacked, etc, will be charged $ 50 to cleaning the server and make the server online again. So please make sure to guarding your server safely.
10. Buyer will get full access RDP as Administrator and allowed to changing the Administrator password, BUT please remember the password and noted it well, because not even data center will know your own password to accessing RDP.
So in case you lost your password, the data center can only do OS re-installation that will be charged for $ 50.
11. You will not be charged for OS re-installation if there is hardware failure such as HDD failure, motherboard failure on your server.
12. There is no backup for your server, so you must prepare your own backup to backup the data on the server you had rent to prevent if there is disaster that can destroy your data on the server, such as broken HDD, System Failure, etc.
Contact me via Skype (@nsetiono) or Telegram @ +17312133315 if you have any questions about this offer

What kind of tools would be used to carve bone?

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I’m designing a Wood Elf Outlander Warlock (in DND 5E) who only has one hand. This makes my arm near to useless. As an Outlander, I am proficient with a musical instrument, and have skill proficiency in Survival.

I have designed the character as a self-sufficient hunter, who uses everything from a kill: hides for clothes, meat for food, and bones as a carving medium.

What I would like to do is trade the musical instrument proficiency for a proficiency with a type of artisan’s tools that would be used in carving bones into practical things I could use, or decorative items I could sell.

So… my question is: What kind of tools would be used for bone-carving?