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XSS exploitation tools written in PHP/python comparable to BeEF [on hold]

I asked already a similar question. But for most it was not clear what I was asking about. Now I try my best and clarify as much as possible.

I tested XSS-exploitation tools: JSShell, BeEF, xssshell-xsstunnell and JShell. But was not satisfied (reasons below).

BeEF and co. are simply “command & control” (C&C) tools (with some extra exploits added as bonus) which obviously need to run on a public server to create a “communication channel” between an attacker and a victim. Now BeEF is written in ruby, but most websites are using PHP (79.1% in 2019) and often have also natively python installed. Many hosting providers don’t give you root access. That makes it a bit odd that someone comes to idea to write C&C in ruby or even in ASP.NET since one would expect it to be written in PHP or python.

I wanted to bypass such restrictions (if even possible?) and still (!) use it on my local machine but allow it being accessible from the the outside. Yes! By using VPN and reverse proxy: But I will need to test it and as far as haven’t tested it remains an open problem for me and I will just try existing tools.


Are there any C&C tools which are comparable in quality to BeEF (since it offers many useful features which I miss in other tools which I tested so far) but written in PHP or python? Most tools which I’ve seen so far aren’t comparable in quality to BeEF or written in other scripting languages or for other platforms like Windows Server. I googled but maybe I’m overlooking something.

Because currently it appears to me that if you want to fully exploit XSS you need to rent a server which supports ruby or ASP.NET. This is absolute valid, but not far from ideal.

What ability does tools use?

In the player handbook there is an example in the Dexterity category of Thieves tools, so I know that Dex is the ability that is used for ability checks with thieves tools, but I hadn’t found the ability for the other tools. Is there any info about this in the books or is up to the DM to choose the ability?

SEO & SMO KPIs & Development of Web Version Tools

Hello expert,
Yes I need expert developers to join me to complete this project. Requirement details given below:
Primary Requirements: SRS to be completed.
System additions: Verifiable KPI’s from SEO’s activities is required to be included, this platform should eradicate the need for the agency to manually verify SEO’s work, I.e. where are the ranking of keywords their SEO's are working on, what links where built etc. (All SEO’s) tasks should be verifiable with our system.

And Advanced…

SEO & SMO KPIs & Development of Web Version Tools

Free/online penetration testing tools

My employer has used an external consultant for penetration testing in the past, which has been really beneficial to the development team.

I’m now working on some development privately and can’t afford external pentesting. I’ve begun researching some online tools and have begun trying them out. Does anyone have experience of relying solely on free tools and what do you recommend? How does it compare to using a security consultant? I know it won’t be as good but is it really a lot poorer or do the consultants just use very similar tools anyway?!

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Tools for file system enumeration (LFI/directory traversal exploitation)

I’m familiar about a tool called DirBuster which allows to enumerate files and directories on a server. Is there any tool which allows to enumerate servers internal (non-public) files and directories, e.g. through some LFI/path traversal exploit which would look like: