Please suggest me a some topics for my college project

Any project using STL, recursion, backtracking, searching or sorting will work. But the level of the project should be intermediate or advanced. I have made sudoku, maze, crossword, Nqueen. I need something else for college project. Please suggest something. Please do not suggest data management system as it is a very basic project Thank you

What are some advanced background topics I’ll need for distributed systems and networks research?

I am a new graduate student in Computer Science who would like to be able to read and understand modern and new distributed systems research papers. My current background / courses and understanding is in the level of undergraduate and beginner graduate level courses in:

  • Networks (TCP/IP stack and applications)
  • Distributed Systems (Graduate level course with Time (logical/vector clocks), 2PC and 3PC, Multicast and membership, election, Consistency , Consensus and Quorums (Paxos), DHTs and Overlays and some modern applications like ZooKeeper etc)
  • Undergraduate Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics and Theory of Computation (basic DFA/NFA and intro to Turing Machines with no rigorous mathematics)

However, I find this background insufficient to read modern research in networks and distributed systems and in particular, I am not aware of modern protocols like QUIC and the formal methods mentioned in the papers which I believe include some sort of model checking and the likes. Also many of the topics I have mentioned above in distributed systems – I lack the background to verify and prove correctness of these protocols and even follow the proofs that they have given.

Any suggestions on a reading list that can prepare me to be in a position to understand modern research in this area would be very helpful.

Which forum CMS lets authors moderate their own topics ?

Hello I'm looking for a forum software to install on my website, that could let any author of a new topic moderate its topic with the same rights as a regular moderator, mostly by editing other members' replies.

I've joined a hundred of BBS (running most softwares) and none of them let the authors be moderate their own thread. Therefore I assumed it was not a built in feature, possibly because pyramidal moderation was the only one known to developers.

If there are too many forum CMS with…

Which forum CMS lets authors moderate their own topics ?

Why do I always have something missing in my understanding of topics which always lead me to solve problems incorrectly?

I am computer science masters student, i come from background of engineering and not cs, my problem is whenever i have a problem set, a programming task or an exam. i always try hard to understand the question and think for the right answers, but i usually either get stuck or have a wrong answer, and when i seek help i figure out i wasn’t completely understanding the topic of the question itself, missig some part of the information in or even having a wrong understanding to some parts.
So my question is, how i can approach a computer science topic “for e.g. operating systems” and have a good understanding with the right depth to have a better comprehension and to be able perform better at programming tasks and exams.

Which topics should be included in Access Control Documentation?

I am preparing documentation of Access Control for my employer. I need to know what are the best practice or must, to prepare an access control documentation.

Here are some things to narrow down the answer,

  • We are working on healthcare industry
  • Compliance we are following (HIPAA, SOC, HiTRUST)

I need some specific guidance, procedure and inspiration.