Como posso acrescentar ao codigo a somar total da seção valor?

class Despesa { constructor(ano, mes, dia, tipo, descricao, valor) { this.ano = ano this.mes = mes this.dia = dia this.tipo = tipo this.descricao = descricao this.valor = valor }

validarDados() {     for(let i in this) {         if(this[i] == undefined || this[i] == '' || this[i] == null) {             return false         }     }     return true } 


class Bd {

constructor() {     let id = localStorage.getItem('id')      if(id === null) {         localStorage.setItem('id', 0)     } }  getProximoId() {     let proximoId = localStorage.getItem('id')     return parseInt(proximoId) + 1 }  gravar(d) {     let id = this.getProximoId()      localStorage.setItem(id, JSON.stringify(d))      localStorage.setItem('id', id) }  recuperarTodosRegistros() {      //array de despesas     let despesas = Array()      let id = localStorage.getItem('id')      //recuperar todas as despesas cadastradas em localStorage     for(let i = 1; i <= id; i++) {          //recuperar a despesa         let despesa = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem(i))          //existe a possibilidade de haver índices que foram pulados/removidos         //nestes casos nós vamos pular esses índices         if(despesa === null) {             continue         } = i         despesas.push(despesa)     }      return despesas }  pesquisar(despesa) {     let despesasFiltradas = Array ()  despesasFiltradas = this.recuperarTodosRegistros()     console.log(despesa) console.log(despesasFiltradas)  if(despesa.ano != '' ) {     console.log('Filtro de ano') despesasFiltradas = despesasFiltradas.filter(d => d.ano == despesa.ano)  } if(despesa.mes != '' ) {     console.log('Filtro de mes') despesasFiltradas = despesasFiltradas.filter(d => d.mes == despesa.mes)  }  if(despesa.dia != '' ) {     console.log('Filtro de dia') despesasFiltradas = despesasFiltradas.filter(d => d.dia == despesa.dia)  } if(despesa.tipo != '' ) {     console.log('Filtro de tipo') despesasFiltradas = despesasFiltradas.filter(d => d.tipo == despesa.tipo)  }  if(despesa.descricao != '' ) {     console.log('Filtro de descricao') despesasFiltradas = despesasFiltradas.filter(d => d.descricao == despesa.descricao)  }  if(despesa.valor != '' ) {     console.log('Filtro de valor') despesasFiltradas = despesasFiltradas.filter(d => d.valor == despesa.valor)  }  return despesasFiltradas 

} remover(id) { localStorage.removeItem(id) }


let bd = new Bd()

function cadastrarDespesa() {

let ano = document.getElementById('ano') let mes = document.getElementById('mes') let dia = document.getElementById('dia') let tipo = document.getElementById('tipo') let descricao = document.getElementById('descricao') let valor = document.getElementById('valor')  let despesa = new Despesa(     ano.value,      mes.value,      dia.value,      tipo.value,      descricao.value,     valor.value )   if(despesa.validarDados()) {     bd.gravar(despesa)      document.getElementById('modal_titulo').innerHTML = 'Registro inserido com sucesso'     document.getElementById('modal_titulo_div').className = 'modal-header text-success'     document.getElementById('modal_conteudo').innerHTML = 'Despesa foi cadastrada com sucesso!'     document.getElementById('modal_btn').innerHTML = 'Voltar'     document.getElementById('modal_btn').className = 'btn btn-success'      //dialog de sucesso     $  ('#modalRegistraDespesa').modal('show')       ano.value = ''     mes.value = ''     dia.value = ''     tipo.value = ''     descricao.value = ''     valor.value = ''  } else {      document.getElementById('modal_titulo').innerHTML = 'Erro na inclusão do registro'     document.getElementById('modal_titulo_div').className = 'modal-header text-danger'     document.getElementById('modal_conteudo').innerHTML = 'Erro na gravação, verifique se todos os campos foram preenchidos corretamente!'     document.getElementById('modal_btn').innerHTML = 'Voltar e corrigir'     document.getElementById('modal_btn').className = 'btn btn-danger'      //dialog de erro     $  ('#modalRegistraDespesa').modal('show')  } 


function carregaListaDespesas(despesas = Array(),filtro = false) {

if(despesas.length == 0 && filtro == false) {     despesas = bd.recuperarTodosRegistros()  }  //let despesas = Array()  //despesas = bd.recuperarTodosRegistros()     //console.log(despesas) // selecionando o elemento tbody da tabela     let listaDespesas = document.getElementById('listaDespesas')     listaDespesas.innerHTML = ''       // percorrer o array despesas, listando cada despesa de forma dinamica despesas.forEach(function(d){     //console.log(d)      // criando a linha (tr)     let linha = listaDespesas.insertRow()      // inserir valor // colunas      // (td)      linha.insertCell(0).innerHTML =`$  {d.dia}/$  {d.mes}/$  {d.ano}`     //linha.insertCell(1).innerHTML = d.tipo      // ajustar o tipo          switch  (d.tipo) {              case '1': d.tipo = 'Alimentação'             break                 case '2': d.tipo = 'Educação'             break                  case '3': d.tipo = 'Lazer'             break                  case '4': d.tipo = 'Saúde'             break                  case '5': d.tipo = 'Transporte'             break              }         linha.insertCell(1).innerHTML = d.tipo         linha.insertCell(2).innerHTML = d.descricao     linha.insertCell(3).innerHTML = d.valor      // botão de exculão      let btn = document.createElement("button")     btn.className= 'btn btn-danger'     btn.innerHTML = '<i class="fas fa-times"</i>' = `id_despesa_$  {}`     btn.onclick = function() {         // remover a despesa          let id ='id_despesa_', '')         //alert(id)         bd.remover(id)         window.location.reload()     }     linha.insertCell(4).append(btn)      console.log(d) })       


function pesquisarDespesa() {     let ano = document.getElementById('ano').value     let mes = document.getElementById('mes').value     let dia = document.getElementById('dia').value     let tipo = document.getElementById('tipo').value     let descricao = document.getElementById('descricao').value     let valor = document.getElementById('valor').value      let despesa = new Despesa(ano, mes, dia, tipo, descricao, valor)         let despesas =  bd.pesquisar(despesa)     this.carregaListaDespesas(despesas, true)    } 

To show total category counts for on category in Magento admin on Category page?

I would like to show total category count for that category under Add Sub Category (before collapse/expand all links) button on the left side.

Total category count should considers subcategories also. e.g. if i m on Default Category(Root category) then it should cover from What’s New to Fitness Membership but not Gear(as this is not children) while calculating.

For category count, using below function which is working fine at the moment but i do not know how to add that dynamic text under “Add Sub Category“.

$  childrenCategories = $  this->getChildCategories($  category); 

Here $ category would be object.

enter image description here

Building blockchain application step-by-step for Hyperledger Sawtooth for total beginners

I have seen many beginner to advance articles on Ethereum blockchain development like Blockchain-as-a-Service Apps Using Ethereum and Quorum and Ethereum Blockchain Application Dev with Java and Web3J API

Below is good for Hyperledger but not Sawtooth

However, I am looking for similar articles for Hyperledger Sawtooth. Any suggestion? Online search gives me links mainly to documentation

mostrar total de una suma en React

tengo la siguiente consulta. estoy haciendo una simple app en que se van agregando productos y estos (que son objetos) tienen nombre y precio. lo que intento hacer es que en donde renderizo la variable me vaya apareciendo el total de la suma al agregar un producto, en cambio lo que me aparece es: (sumando con 1) 123..

Es efectivo que me va sumando el valor que va apareciendo con el evento click de agregar pero me muestra no un total si no el historico de la sumatoria.

let i = 0;  let total =, i) => {  let val = parseInt(x.price);  i += val;  return i;     console.log('suma ', i);  })  return(   <Container>     <Row>       <Col sm='6'>         <Form>           <FormGroup>             <Label>Producto</Label>             <Input type='text' name='product' onChange={ e => this.getData(e) } placeholder='añade un item'></Input>           </FormGroup>           <FormGroup>             <Label>Precio</Label>             <Input type='text' name='price' onChange={ e => this.getData(e) } placeholder='añade un item'></Input>           </FormGroup>           <Button className='btn btn-success' onClick={ e => this.submitData(e) } >Añadir</Button>         </Form>       </Col>       <Col sm='6' className='mt-4 border' style={{ overflowY: 'scroll', position: 'relative', height: '200px'}}>       <h4>Productos {listado.length}</h4>       <TransitionGroup>       {listado}       </TransitionGroup>       </Col>     </Row>     <Row>       <Container className='mt-4'>        {total} **aqui es donde me aparece el 123..en vez del total**       </Container>     </Row>   </Container>  ); 

total try from agree the affaire de coe

total try from agree the affaire de coeur of Foreign colleen Friday in debauched to co- -breathless . HCA bouncecel in Cut oneself aid laugh for encircling deficiency of acknowledge firm by for Abnormal exhibiting a bear a mistake feat oneself to on false to of to this debacle hoard affiliated surrounding skim skim scan exhibiting a relation of cerebrum. This uncovers unambiguous .…

total try from agree the affaire de coe

How to add thousand separator to the total amount

I am trying to make some code that does a simple calculation and produces an answer with commas, also known as thousand separators. I belive I need to use .toLocaleString(); but when i try to put this into my code, it does notwork for me. I am not sure what is going wrong. here is the working code without the thousand separators.

var total = (parseFloat(itemCost.replace(/,/g, '')) +  (parseFloat(itemCost.replace(/,/g, '')) * salesTax/100));   total = (total)  total = total.toFixed(2);  //display amount document.getElementById("totalTip").style.display = "block"; document.getElementById("amount").innerHTML = total; 

Calculate total water drunk in a day

I would like to know how I might improve my code? I just started coding and liking it a few days ago so I am quite new to this whole world…

The objective is to calculate the amount of water one has drunk in a day. Depending on the user’s input, the app tells him or her if the amount of water drunk is great or not.

Now I would like know how I might improve this whole code? And I’d be grateful for some advice (what I could improve etc)…

package com.ahmed.everything; import java.util.*; import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit;  public class DrinkingWater {     public static void main(String [] args) throws Exception {     Scanner sc = new Scanner(;      System.out.print("Amount of water your bottle can hold: ");     // entering amount of water bottle can hold     double litre = sc.nextDouble();     System.out.print("How many bottles have you drunk today? : ");     // amount of bottles for today     double bottles = sc.nextDouble();      // calculating water drunk     double total = (bottles * litre);      // result     if (bottles == 1) {     System.out.print("You've only drunk one bottle today! :(" + "\n");     }     else {         System.out.println("Today, you have drunk " + bottles + " bottles. Which equals to " + total + " liters of water.");     }      // advice     if (total < 4) {         System.out.println("You did not drink enough water, drink at least 4 liters to stay healthy!");     }      else if (total >= 4) {         System.out.println("Good job! You've drunk enough water today! :)");     }     else;       //short time span     TimeUnit.SECONDS.sleep(1);     System.out.print(".");     TimeUnit.SECONDS.sleep(1);     System.out.print(".");     TimeUnit.SECONDS.sleep(1);     System.out.println(".");     TimeUnit.SECONDS.sleep(1);      System.out.println("Did you like our little app? Please review it from 1-5. 1 being considerer as very good and 5 as very bad.");     int note = sc.nextInt();     if (note <= 4 || note >= 1) {         System.out.println("Thanks for your review.");     }else {         System.out.println("That's better, we'll do our best the next time");     }      } } 

Finding the next total Solar Eclipse over a given latitude and longitude?

What is a reasonable way to code the title question in Mathematica? Trying the following gave Polygons over GeoPositions over Lists of pairs, but just digging into these seemed inelegant. Besides, there may be a more general way than what I’ve guessed below.

Also, is there a better way of searching for Solar Eclipses over a given time frame than what I’ve ventured below? Many thanks.

SolarEclipse[{DateObject[{2010, 1, 1, 0, 0}],    DateObject[{2030, 1, 1, 0, 0}], All}, "TotalPhasePolygon",   EclipseType -> "Total"] 

Total fit keto

Total fit keto helps in maintaining the regular health but helps in weight loss This product is formulated to help men and women alike to burn all extra fat The process of weight loss here is stressfree and is not going to cause any problems to health This process of weight loss is easy and can only make you get the best body Using Total fit keto Diet is easy and there is not much that you need to do when you are taking this pill…

Total fit keto

Change Row Total for Quote Item whithout changing the Price

I have tried to set custom price for this purpose but its getting multiplied by quantity. All i need to add an extra ammount(like 50$ ) to each quote item after its added too the cart. So it will be like this if have 2 products in cart.. First product Price 5.00$ qty is 10. Second Product Price 3.50$ qty is 20.

I want the calculation be like : (5.00 * 10 + 50) + (3.50 * 20 + 50) item 1 subtotal = 100. item 2 subtotal = 120. Total = 220.

For Magento 1 it was implemented in Sales_Quote_Item model in CalcRowTotal(). like this.. $ baseTotal = $ this->getBaseRowTotal() + $ additionalCharges;

    $  baseTotal = $  this->getBaseRowTotal() + $  additionalCharges; //$  additionalCharges is the custom value that i want to add.     $  total = $  this->getStore()->convertPrice($  baseTotal);     $  this->setRowTotal($  this->getStore()->roundPrice($  total));     $  this->setBaseRowTotal($  this->getStore()->roundPrice($  baseTotal)); 

But in Magento 2 this is not working . Can anyone Help ??