UK student visa with schengen tourist visa

I have both a U.K. student visa and a schengen tourist visa. My schengen visa starts a few days after my U.K. visa starts. I am a visa national so when I enter U.K. I will be entering with my student visa. My school starts 2 weeks after I arrive so I plan to travel around schengen countries then go back to U.K. in time for my class to start. My question is, is that allowed?

South Korean tourist visa – is funds parking acceptable in my situation?

I’m travelling to South Korea soon with my Korean girlfriend. We both live in a Southeast Asian country of which I am a citizen. I used to lived in Europe till a few months back so I have a bank account there which holds most of my savings. For proving that I have enough funds for the trip, I need to submit a bank statement with transactions from the last 6 months. The problem is that it is impossible for me to get those bank statements stamped by the bank since I’m here.

I also have a bank account in my home country but it barely has had any money since the past 6 months. My girlfriend recently transferred $ 2000 into that account so that I could submit a proper stamped statement from this account as well.

Now I understand that these type of last minute deposits are referred to as ‘funds parking’ and are generally discouraged. But in my situation, since I’m also submitting an unstamped statement from my European bank, will it okay? Is it too suspicious that my gf who is also travelling with me transferred so much money into my account just before my visa appointment?

Travel to Amsterdam on Schengen business visa for tourist purpose

I am travelling back to India from Curacao and I’ve 9 hours layover at Amsterdam airport. I am planning to go outside of Airport for sight seeing.

I’ve valid Schengen business visa issued from Netherlands only.

So can I use this visa for tourist purpose for visiting Amsterdam?

What questions will immigration officer ask to me about my trip to Amsterdam?

UK tourist visa – Home Address

1) I am renting house currently . I am renting same apartment on monthly basis hence I dont have long term signed agreement however I can share last 6 months Rental statement. It has appropriate information like my name, address and amount charged. The same amount deduction is showing up in bank statement. 2) Also, I have renters insurance document which is signed for 1 year. 3) Last 6 months Utility bills (like Electricity, Internet connection) are on my name with correct address which I can provide

Please suggest, above 3 documents will work for “Home Address” and “Evidence of assets”

Return to UK as a tourist on multi entry business standard visitor visa

I hold a multi entry 6 month UK business visa (Standard Visitor Visa) and have already returned from the UK after the business trip.

The visa is still valid and I would like to return as a tourist.

Should I apply for tourist visa again? Or will I be allowed to enter the UK as a tourist.

I know I should ask the embassy but how do I get them to give me a written confirmation?

On attempting reentry w/ tourist pass after being rejected

Was rejected from entering Singapore today. Need some advice on how to re-enter.

I was in Singapore for about 80 days on a tourist pass and then went to Johor Bahru in Malaysia for about 5 days. I wanted to come back to Singapore for under 90 days and wrote down on my immigration card 90 days. While at immigration at Woodlands, I was brought in for questioning about what I was doing in Singapore, the cash I had, credit cards, etc… I told them I was intending to stay in SG again to relax on a gap year and career break and wanted to stay longer to consider moving there. Unfortunately, they told me that I couldn’t enter Singapore and I had to go back to Johor Bahru. They gave me no specific reason why and would not divulge.

I would like to come back to Singapore soon and stay for a 2-3 months only once more before I head back to the USA (and possibly have applied to companies here). I heard lots of people do this for about 3-5 times so a bit surprised since this is my first reentry attempt, but I am aware that this is all at the discretion of the immigration officer.

Did I just get unlucky? Is it possible for me to return soon? Anything else I should try?

How to help someone from Turkey obtain a 3 week tourist visa to visit the UK with a letter of invitation

I am inviting a friend from Turkey to visit me in Scotland this August/September and would like to know how to improve the chance of the visa being accepted.

The main sticking point is likely to be her own funds for the trip, which are not high (I believe around 400GBP – hopefully a bit more). However, it is a short trip (3 weeks) and I make clear in the letter that I am happy to meet any costs of the trip beyond her ability to pay.

My friend will have just graduated with a degree in industrial engineering. I hope that this might help to assuage fears that she has any other intention than tourism. Someone with a good STEM degree in Turkey has better career prospects that someone in the UK who is not allowed to be here.

Here is the invitation letter as it currently stands:

enter image description here

She spent a year in Spain on the Erasmus programme, and spent the Christmas period in France and Holland, which I hope might help, as it demonstrates some travel history.

Does it help or hinder the application for me to offer to pay flights & insurance? (as I will) I have read that this is looked upon unfavourably. But if I leave it out, her own finances look even weaker.

How much of a long shot is this?

Are we being naive to even try to apply when she herself doesn’t have great financial means? If the application is rejected, it could prejudice future applications to visit, which might be made when she is in a better financial situation.

If it is likely to fail, I would rather advise that she leave it for now. On the other hand, I feel the request is a reasonable one – and I don’t think she should be put off if it has a chance of succeeding.

She has suggested I should go to the council so that it can be sent via them to the consulate in Istanbul. But I am not sure that’s how things are done here. Shouldn’t I just send directly to the consulate?

What evidence do I need to supply to demonstrate my financial situation? A bank statement and, say, most recent contract of my ltd company? (I am a contractor so don’t have an employment contract). Should these be sent along with the letter?

I take it from Gayot Fow’s response to My girlfriend was a refused a visa to visit me in the UK. What now? that my role in her application is just to establish my ability and willingness to fully sponsor her. I think this part should be straightforward.

How much would seeking legal advice make a difference – and roughly how much might this cost?

There are several questions above but they come down to: how much can I do to help her application?

Thanks for reading.

Do I need to inform the immigration/boarder about my extension for B1/B2 tourist visa since my extension will be less than 6 months?

It’s my first time traveling to US under my tourist visa, My first attempt was rejected and they ask me for more proof and info about my residency in Canada under PR. And I tried to get a ticket again to go to US for a couple of days with my documents this time and I was approved. My stay here in US supposed to be 2 weeks and 3 days and I want to extend my stay here in US. Do I need to inform the immigration/ Boarder about staying longer for 2 months or I don’t need to? Since my visa is cover for 6 months and my stay in US is less than 6 months?