How To Track Your Instagram Progress

Hey, I though I could share some of the tools that I use to track my progress on IG. Hope it helps.

1- Locowise
THIS site offers a free Instagram analysis tool that compares your profile to 2,500 other Instagram profiles and offers benchmarks against a variety of metrics like follower growth, follower engagement, and most popular filter are shown for your own profile.

It displays metrics on recent posts and growth, a monthly analysis, a history of your posts , the engagement…

How To Track Your Instagram Progress

Writing a plugin to track user purchase and post back that using API? [closed]

I am writing a plugin to track user purchase and post back that using API.

First the user visit a third party listing site and logs in. Then he clicks the listing and visits a wordpress store with this plugin.
I need to store that user info for 30 days. In that window period if he makes purchase i will pay commission to the third party listing site.

Can you suggest any code examples or free and paid plugins to look at.

Phone Reverse Lookup – Great Tips on How to Reverse Lookup Phone Numbers and Track Do

In this universe of science and innovation, the men of science invest their energy in research facilities looking for something new. We additionally witness their push to manage natural products. Presently this time, it is an iPhone from the place of Apple that has been pulling in all the considerations worldwide in the course of recent months. 
  Buy Mobile Database 
The device irregularities of US can purchase this iPhone right now. Yet, the individuals of Asian nations like India need to hold up to mid 2008 to lay their hands on such an enchantment development. The telephone has joined screen and consolidates the highlights of a cell phone, ipod, advanced coordinator and remote web gadgets. It is a progressive telephone. It does things that no telephone has ever done previously yet it has likewise been said that it needs includes found even on the most essential telephones. So it has welcomed both praise just as analysis. 
iPhone is a small, thin, exquisite hand-held PC whose screen is a piece of touch touchy glass. The $500 and $600 models have 4 and 8 GB stockpiling and can store 825 and 1825 tunes individually. The iphone is assemblage of cellphone, video ipod, email terminal, internet browser, camera, morning timer, palm type coordinator and one hell of superficial point of interest. The telephone is so smooth and slender that makes Treos and Blackberrys look large. At the point when the glass of the telephone get smudgy, a sleeve cleans it off yet it doesn’t scratch without any problem. However, the greatest accomplishment in this telephone is the product accessible. It is quick, excellent, menu free and extremely easy to work. The main physical catch underneath the screen consistently opens the landing page showing the symbols for the iphone’s 16 capacities. Records look with a flick of finger; CD fronts flip over as it is flicked. The clients don’t need to check the phone message yet it itself checks the client. The just one catch press uncovers the holding up messages, recorded like email. There is no dialing in, no secret word. To answer a call, the client can tap answer on the screen, or squeeze the minuscule amplifier. iPhone has a speaker telephone and vibration mode however both are powerless. The music or video playback delays until you hang up. In any case, while making a call, be that as it may, the clients need to follow a protracted procedure containing 6 stages: wake the telephone, open its catches, gather the home screen, open the telephone program, see the ongoing calls or speed dial list and select a name. The call quality is simply normal yet email is fabulous. Approaching messages are completely designed, total with illustrations. The clients even can open Word, Excel and PDF reports however can’t alter. The internet browser is extremely commendable. It has different open pages, textual styles, designs, spring up menus, check boxes, interactive connections and dial-capable telephone number. Everything is finished with the tap of a finger.

What does the Tracker hireling’s Track skill really do?

In Dungeon World, there is a hireling skill-set called Tracker. It has two skills: Track and Guide. Guide is straight forward. However, Track doesn’t make much sense to me as I’ve never been good at understanding what Ranger-type classes were really good for. (I’m a city slicker; what can I say?)

The description for the hireling skill Track follows:

When a tracker is given time to study a trail while Making Camp, when camp is broken they can follow the trail to the next major change in terrain, travel, or weather.

What does it mean to follow a trail to a change in terrain, travel, or weather? Wouldn’t a change in terrain be obvious?

Dude: “Hey, look a mountain to the south-west.”

Tracker: “Hmm, yes, to reach a mountain to the south-west… we must travel, SOUTH-WEST!”

A change in weather?

Dudette: “Wow it sure is pouring rain! The clouds to the north seem less dark and rainy and the wind is clearly blowing south. I wonder which way we could possibly go to avoid this downpour.”

Tracker: “Hmm, I see you are in need of my specialized skills… if it is raining here, it is not raining to the north, and the wind is pushing our storm further south… we must head… NORTH! Yes, aren’t you glad you pay me?”

I don’t even know what a change in travel is.

I need a website to track a west marches discord campaign [closed]

I am not a coder, so I would like to find a web site portal that can be installed (like wordpress or drupal) that would allow the following features

  • information about the RPG setting
  • permanent pages for rules, home brew customization, materials for the rpg, etc
  • user-unique pages for characters to be uploaded by normal users and approved by staff members, tracking progress for each
  • news feed/update blog/misc info feed
  • Webhook capability to discord would be nice but definitely not required

things like Obsidian portal, Epic Words, have all met some of the criteria (Kanka is obviously the closest), but being able to put full D&D 5e characters into a system that has multiple DMs, (hundreds) of players with characters to track, it’s a bit difficult to find the right software.

Does anyone know if this exists?

Using posted videos to track location or find data

First off, please understand I am not asking for this to try to stalk or harass someone, nor do I think this falls under some kind of hacking issue (to my knowledge). I ask because there have been videos posted in my home town of someone, on Instagram, stealing and either abusing or killing animals. The police have been contacted as well, but are asking for tipe. Is it possible to somehow pull metadata from a person’s profile or posted video to track that IP address in a legal way?

I do want to help, but I also realize how this sounds and how much of a liability it opens up as privacy concerns. Just looking to see if it can be done.

Is it possible to track someone using their mobile number in the UK?

This is something I’ve wondered for a while – is it theoretically possible to track someone using their phone number in the UK? It’s a classic Hollywood trope and I’m wondering just how much truth there is to it and how feasible it would be.

Doing some basic research returns plenty of services and apps that claim to be able to do it. For example, here:

Our location services use a variety of technology to locate a handset. Primarily we use cell-ID to locate a mobile phone to within a certain transmission cell. Accuracy is greater in areas of high population density (e.g. large towns and cities), and reduces as population density reduces (e.g. in the countryside)…

Our service will not work with landline numbers. It will only give the location of mobile phones registered to a UK mobile cell network. The service does not require the user to install any apps or other software. The service works cross-platform, which means it can work on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and older basic phones.

…and here:

So if you’re concerned about the location of your family members, want to know the location of your employees, find a lost phone, or want to track down a suspicious call, phone number tracking is as real as they show in the movies!

I also came across this which seems like it could be of interest.

Is it possible to track a phone using a UK mobile number, and if so, is it limited to corporate entities? How easy or hard is it to do for the average technologically capable individual?

Can my company track my web history when Opera VPN is active?

Today I brought my personal laptop to the office. My laptop connects to the personnel wi-fi automatically (not actual intranet). To mention, my work ID and password are needed to connect this network. I was working on Google Chrome and i wanted to look at something that is not work related, so i opened Opera Browser. And i saw that NSFW url on the tab (it was cached at home and it seems i forgot to close it) I closed the browser as i saw it even before any content was loaded. And now, i am worried about this situation.

The thing is, after i returned home, i opened Opera and i saw Opera VPN was active. And history was clean in working hours (Well, i can’t tell for sure because i am pretty worried so i can’t think straight. And i cleaned the whole history)

Long story short, it was a personal computer (not a work computer). It was on a company network with validation. Opera VPN was open.

1) Is it possible that my visit didn’t get logged in history as i mentioned above ? (due to fact that VPN was trying to start up and i closed the browser immediately)

2) Can Opera attempt to send that request without VPN as i open browser when VPN starts up?

3) Do you think it was logged by my employer?

4) What should i do in this situation? (It was a total mistake, i didn’t attempt to visit any NSFW website at work, i just forgot to close it and i didn’t stay there even a second. I even didn’t get to see if website was blocked or not)

P.S. I am working in a finance sector, so there is full security

How can I track down an issue with a locked table, endless query?

I have a table that is periodically getting locked in a manner that I don’t quite understand. I cannot do the following:

select * from thetable select count(*) from thetable 

There are roughly 2,000 records.

I can do the following:

select top 2000 * from thetable select * from thetable where ID = etc. 

Going backwards to find a new record that perhaps was problematic, incrementing the count in chunks until I can finally reproduce it again:

select top 1500 * from thetable order by ID desc select top 1550.... etc. and eventually it gets locked and never finishes the query. 

Query never finishes… have waited 10 minutes. Only resolution is to restart the service.

The related stored procedure that I thought caused the problem I ran manually (it interacts with this table) and the longest time it took was roughly 45 seconds. This particular procedure goes through many phases and is wrapped in a transaction with a try/catch/rollback/commit. There is no explicit locking set on the procedure.

Any direction or guidance to track down the root issue is greatly appreciated.