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How to keep track of db tables used in various apps

I have N applications using ORM, SQL-statements and stored procedures to access M tables from an MSSQL Server 2017. There are some shared tables that are used by various apps. Let’s say I am forced to alter an existing attribute in one of these shared tables. Now I do not want to miss updating any application that uses this table / attribute.

What is the best way to keep track of things like that? Is there a best practice? My first thought was a documentation-related solution that has to be maintained manually. Is there a better approach?

Does PCI-DSS requirement 10 (“track and monitor all access to … card holder data”) apply if I am not storing card holder data?

Requirement 10 states: Track and monitor all access to network resources and card holder data

I find this a little vague and I have two questions.

If I don’t store card holder data – do I just need to monitor access to networking resources?

When they say “Card holder data” Do they mean, the Card holder data environment or specific records of card holder data? Can anyone clarify?

Reset default track zoom in Logic Pro X

I somehow made a false move, and Logic Pro X changed the default track zoom for a project to “half screen height”. I can’t imagine any use for that feature, but there it is. It’s a long tedious manual process to fix all the tracks, and when I create a track stack in that project it’s created at half the height of the screen, and must be manually fixed.

Is there any way to make my project normal again?

I’ve read this page, and the part that claims to address my issue is simply wrong. The UI does not work that way.

The shift-drag suggestion in the documentation has no effect at all. The “Individual Track Zoom Reset for All Tracks” Key Command sounds promising, but it does the exact opposite: It sets all of my painstakingly corrected track heights back to half the height of the screen.

I found some practical-joke forum posts which suggested shift-double-click on the lower border of a track header. That of course sets all of my painstakingly corrected track heights back to half the height of the screen.

Even if there’s some remote corner case where somebody, somewhere, might want a track to be half the screen height once a year, why would they do this to the user? It seems insane. This is not freeware. They charge money for this product.

Keeping track of limit cycles via certain second order differential operator

Inspired by the two posts which are linked bellow we ask the following question:

Question: For a vector field $ X$ on the plane we define the differential operator $ D$ on $ C^{\infty}(\mathbb{R}^2)$ with $ D(f)=(\Delta\circ L_X-L_X\circ \Delta)(f)$ where $ \Delta$ is the standard Laplacian.

Is there a vector field $ X$ on the plane with $ 2$ nested closed orbits $ \gamma_1 \subset \gamma_2$ such that there exist a smooth function $ f$ for which $ D(f)$ does not vanish on the closur of the amnular region surrounded by $ \gamma_1$ and $ \gamma_2$ ?

On equation $ \Delta \circ \partial/\partial X=\partial/\partial X \circ \Delta$ on a Riemannian manifold

Elliptic operators corresponds to non vanishing vector fields

Remark: The first words of the titles of this post is inspired by a paper by C.C. Pugh and J.P Francois ” Keeping track of Limit cycles”