How to avoid someone to track you by your SIM [closed]

I made a call to someone I do not want to detect me by my SIM card. That call was mistakenly made. As IMEI number is also sent to towers, I need to know what kind of foolproof precaution should be taken to avoid any kind of tracing & tracking via my SIM or IMEI.

Pulling my SIM out of the cell is not a solution if they can still track me by my IMEI which is already sent to the tower when I made a call…so is there any way?

How many possible ways are there to track the location of a mobile phone?

I really need to know the nearest location (and if possible exact) of a mobile phone (Android or iPhone).

Yes, the simplest answer will be with a Google Maps API, but the mobile GPS must be activated and in addition to this the browser must have permissions. I wonder if today it is possible to obtain the location of a phone without the slightest contact with the user.

I understand that the IP address gives a nearby but not exact location, is this true? Is it possible to use OSINT in this situation?

How might we help customers get back on track from a connection timeout message

I’m designing ‘sad path’ scenarios for checkout and I’m trying to design for helping customers when a connection timeout occurs when the checkout hangs trying to connect to our 3rd party credit card payment form.

When this happens the credit payment form could not get loaded in our checkout environment.

A simple solution is to reload the page.

The UX/UI solution I’m putting forward is an alert message that appears on the page and asks the customer to reload the page.

This is my attempt at making the error message more ‘user-friendly’:

A connection error occurred

An error occurred when we were trying to connect to the system.

Please reload the page to try connecting again.

[ Reload page ] <— button

How do people feel about the above message? Any other solutions you can think of?


How to code an algorithm to generate a random but valid train track layout?

I am wondering if I have quantity C of curved tracks and quantity S of straight tracks, how I could write a computer program to design a “random” layout using all of those tracks, such that the following rules are satisfied:

1) The tracks, when all connected, form a closed (continuous) loop for the train to go around.

2) Ramps, bending of tracks, bumping of tracks, crossing of tracks are all not allowed.

So would the computer program have to create a geometric model and remember the exact positions of each track or is there some simpler way to code this? I want to be able to “push a button” and the computer “spits out” a valid “new” layout for me.

Do I need to give the exact measurements of the 2 types of tracks? If so, I can provide those.

I have some coding skills but I need to know an algorithm first before I can code something meaningful (other than just testing a few parts of a candidate algorithm)

What is a good way to keep track of time between encounters with an ability that regenerates at a rate of 1 per minute?

What is a good way to keep track of time between encounters with an ability that regenerates at a rate of 1 per minute?

Force Ward

You constantly surround yourself with a ward of force. You gain a number of temporary hit points equal to your kineticist level. You always lose these temporary hit points first, even before other temporary hit points. If an attack deals less damage than you still have as temporary hit points from force ward, it still reduces those temporary hit points but otherwise counts as a miss for the purpose of abilities that trigger on a hit or a miss. These temporary hit points regenerate at a rate of 1 per minute. …

This gives you a pool of temporary Hit Points that regenerate at the rate of 1 THP per minute. How do would you keep track of THP gained during the session?

Example with multiple encounters, how you keep track of time between random and predetermined encounters to know how much THP you regenerate in between?

How can I effectively track changes in alignment?

In my game, I have decided that alignment will play a larger role than it does in most others. Players declare their ‘intended alignment’ at character creation by writing it in their alignment box. Throughout the campaign, I think about their actions, and make necessary adjustments to their alignment. However, they are not told if their alignment changes, or at least, not directly. For example, I recently had my paladin of Torm attempt to pass a trap which read, ‘Only those of Torm’s mind may pass’. I had determined that the paladin had not previously acted in a manner that was in keeping with his alignment, and thus the trap triggered, despite his alignment being listed as ‘lawful good’.

However, although I am happy with the system in principle, in practice, I am struggling to find an effective method by which I might determine changes in alignment. I’m looking for a method that is not too complicated or time consuming, but which can fairly accurately map actions to alignment consequences.

How can I effectively track the effect of characters’ actions on their alignment?

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Does Apple still monitor or track after having a customer support screen sharing service with

Is having screen sharing service with safe?

I had screensharing service with which is official apple website for apple products support. And they wanted me to install an app after entering session key and they said the app will self-destruct once support session ended.

Would there be a possibility that Apple can still track and monitor that computer even after the support session ended and even if they claim that installment of the app for screen sharing self-destruct?