SEO Research, how do you track your progress?

Hello everyone!

We are two marketing students from Denmark, researching the U.S. market for keyword rank tracking. If you focus on SEO in your company, it would mean the world to us if you could take 5 minutes of your time to answer this survey.

Any responses are much appreciated, but we’re especially interested in American companies :)

Thanks a lot!

Ubuntu 19.04 track pad swipe guesture keeps opening the volume control

Since upgrading to 19.04 yesterday, annoyingly often when scrolling with two fingers on the touch pad the volume control pops up and before I know it I’m at full volume somewhere.

As I’m using this on a laptop this is very annoying and I never saw this on 18.10, so it is something new with 19.04.

How do I turn this off please? I can’t find it anywhere.

Ta Peter.

Track Changes, View “Final” in Google Docs?

Google Docs has a feature called “Suggesting” which is similar to Microsoft Word’s “Track Changes”.

In Microsoft Word, once you have made your changes there is an option to view the file with “Final”.

“Final” will show you the document as it would be if all of the proposed changes are agreed.

Is there something similar to this in Google Docs? The only other option I can find in Google Docs is “Viewing” mode, but this does the opposite of Microsoft Word’s “Final”. “Viewing” just shows you the document if all of the proposed changes were not agreed.

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Keep Track Of Multiple Properties At Once

Hi Fellow Analytics,

I have really enjoyed looking on various metrics from my different websites. Problem was that I could check them only one by one – which was kind of tedious. Therefore I was looking for a tool where I would be able to see all my sites and their metrics from Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. Since I was not able to find anything useful I have created some tool for myself. I am using for few years now and I was thinking that this could be useful for other…

Keep Track Of Multiple Properties At Once

How can I track questions and decisions for each of multiple report columns?

For a report with 25 fields, there are a lot of decisions to be made for every column. Tracking them in a wiki, like what’s below, drew complaints that the final field values couldn’t be scanned rapidly and it was hard to tell what were open questions (despite using red text for the word “Question”).

Column A
Question: ….
Answer: …
Decision from meeting 2019-03-28: Field will be equal to fooValue.
Question: …
Decision 2019-03-30 from stakeholder Y: …
Final answer: Field will be fooValue concatenated with the current date.

Column B
Final answer: Field will be the current date.

I really like being able to see the historical discussion that led to the current state of each field, but I like reading. My teammates would prefer a spreadsheet with 25 rows and questions in a column beside each field, despite the lack of ability to @ people or see who decided what. What kind of design document format would let me have the complete context available when I code, but managers and designers don’t have to sift through it?