Principal variation search: how to keep track of the best move

I have a Java implementation of the Principal Variation Search algorithm, and it looks like that:

public final class PrincipalVariationSearchGameEngine          <S extends AbstractState<S, P>,          P extends Enum<P>>             extends AbstractGameEngine<S, P> {      public PrincipalVariationSearchGameEngine(             EvaluatorFunction<S> evaluatorFunction,             int depth) {         super(evaluatorFunction, depth, Integer.MAX_VALUE);     }      @Override     public S makePly(S state,                       P minimizingPlayer,                       P maximizingPlayer,                       P initialPlayer) {         state.setDepth(depth);          return makePlyImplTopmost(state,                                   depth,                                   Double.NEGATIVE_INFINITY,                                   Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY,                                   initialPlayer == minimizingPlayer ? -1 : 1);     }      /**      * Performs the search directly under the root node denoted by       * {@code state].      *       * @param state the root state of the game tree to search.      * @param depth the total depth of the search.      * @param alpha the alpha cutoff value.      * @param beta  the beta cutoff value.      * @param color the color. -1 for minimizing player, +1 for maximizing      *              player.      * @return the game board after optimal move from {@code state}.      */     private S makePlyImplTopmost(S state,                                  int depth,                                  double alpha,                                  double beta,                                  int color) {         boolean firstChild = true;         S bestState = null;         double tentativeScore = color == -1 ?                                 Double.POSITIVE_INFINITY :                                 Double.NEGATIVE_INFINITY;          for (S child : state.children()) {             double score;              if (firstChild) {                 firstChild = false;                 score = -makePlyImpl(child,                                       depth - 1,                                       -beta,                                       -alpha,                                      -color);                 bestState = child;                 tentativeScore = score;             } else {                 score = -makePlyImpl(child,                                       depth - 1,                                       -alpha - 1.0,                                       -alpha,                                      -color);                  if (color == -1) {                     if (tentativeScore > score) {                         tentativeScore = score;                         bestState = child;                     }                 } else {                     if (tentativeScore < score) {                         tentativeScore = score;                         bestState = child;                     }                 }                  if (alpha < score && score < beta) {                     score = -makePlyImpl(child,                                           depth - 1,                                          -beta,                                          -score,                                          -color);                      if (color == -1) {                         if (tentativeScore > score) {                             tentativeScore = score;                             bestState = child;                         }                     } else {                         if (tentativeScore < score) {                             tentativeScore = score;                             bestState = child;                         }                     }                 }             }              if (alpha < score) {                 alpha = score;             }              if (alpha >= beta) {                 break;             }         }          return bestState;     }      private double makePlyImpl(S state,                                int depth,                                double alpha,                                double beta,                                int color) {         if (state.getDepth() == 0                  || state.checkVictory() != null                 || state.isTerminal()) {             return color * evaluatorFunction.evaluate(state);         }          boolean firstChild = true;          for (S child : state.children()) {             double score;              if (firstChild) {                 firstChild = false;                 score = -makePlyImpl(child,                                       depth - 1,                                       -beta,                                       -alpha,                                      -color);             } else {                 score = -makePlyImpl(child,                                       depth - 1,                                       -alpha - 1.0,                                       -alpha,                                      -color);                  if (alpha < score && score < beta) {                     score = -makePlyImpl(child,                                           depth - 1,                                          -beta,                                          -score,                                          -color);                 }             }              alpha = Math.max(alpha, score);              if (alpha >= beta) {                 break;             }         }          return alpha;     } } 

This, however, does not work since it returns suboptimal (next) moves. I believe that the culprit is this if statement:

if (color == -1) {     if (tentativeScore > score) {         tentativeScore = score;         bestState = child;     } } else {     if (tentativeScore < score) {         tentativeScore = score;         bestState = child;     } } 

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Affiliate Marketing – How to track all sales on 3rd party website made via my application

I’m looking forward to the possibility of an algorithm or a way to track how much sale has been made on 3rd party’s website because of my client so I can get the commission. For example if a user “A” jumps onto my application and finds a product “Z” if he wants to purchase it, A is taken to the official website of Z. If A purchases the product Z, I should be informed of it (notification) so I know that the product was purchased. Moreover, If A buys the product Z as well as finds any other product “Y” interesting as well and buys it I should know if it as well.

So, the question is:

1. Is it possible to track if a person buys a product on official website when they were redirected via my application/website? Also, if they buy multiple products is there a possibility to track it and finally, get the price of all the products that they’ve bought?

  1. If it is possible, what technologies or methods should I study for making it possible?