Which is less trackable by online services, using a SIM card or free wifi?

I cannot do anything about government agencies, but I doubt that they are interested in me.

I do not like the idea of Google, FaceTweet, etc, compiling data on me.

What’s the best way to prevent them doing so, if I purchase a smartphone – buy a pay as you go (unregistered) SIM, or use only public WiFi? Would a Linux ‘phone make a major difference?

Does connecting your phone to wifi make it trackable by cellular connection?

can connecting to wifi reveal my cellular identity ?

So what I mean is say hypothetically the powers that be wanted to tap your cellular phone and your home wifi. And you buy a new phone with a new simcard.

If you would then connect your new phone to your tapped home wifi would it share enough information about your device for the powers that be to be able to identify your phone/simcard (number/imei/sim ssn/mac/imsi/anything that can be used) to be able to identify it on a cellular network and thus then tap the new phone/simcard cellular activities after your disconnect from the wifi ?

Is a USB dongle with an active 3/4G data SIM trackable?

Let’s say I buy a second hand USB dongle and put in a pre-paid and unregistered data sim card. At the time of the purchase for both items my face was covered, paid cash and I live 500 miles from the purchase location.

I stick the dongle into my laptop that runs a linux live operating system. I go to a certain website once in a while where my IP is revealed and the adversary here is a government agency with massive resources. How accurately can they locate me?

As far as I understand the IMEI of the device and sim info will be broadcasted to the Internet provider. Also with cellular triangulation they will be able to pin point to an area. I understand that I can be located to SOME extent but to what extent? How close can they get? Within 1 mile? within 100 meters? within 10 meters?