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I have a question! in my internet provider I have several hotspots where clients hire for example 5GB of internet, for this to work I use the Total Bytes Limit in the hotspot settings. but I wanted traffic to applications like Twitter Facebook Instagram not be considered for that limit. Is it possible to do with mikrotik? If so, what would the configuration be? If there is no other way to do this for example with mysql and freeradius?

How can I make sure ping traffic over ipsec is going outside?

I’ve got a VPN tunnel (ipsec / StrongSwan) setup, connected. The other side is apparently able to ping me through the tunnel. However a ping from my side is said to be never received on the other side. The other side (that I cannot control) is thus assuming it’s a configuration issue from my side.

I’m really not sure about this, because I can see the ping packets going out when tcpdumping:

$   ping -c 5 PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. --- ping statistics --- 5 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 4009ms  (at the same time in another console) $   tcpdump host REMOTE 09:22:07.539582 IP LOCAL > REMOTE: ESP(spi=0xXXXXXX,seq=0x3), length 132 09:22:08.547608 IP LOCAL > REMOTE: ESP(spi=0xXXXXXX,seq=0x4), length 132 (... one packet per ping ...) 

The ESP traffic is obviously my ping. To make sure I’ve disabled all firewalling from my side.

Thus my question: How can I make sure the ping packets are going out and received? What can be the cause and what can I do more to help debug the issue?

As a side note, I’ve got another VPN setup and working, using the exact same configuration.

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How to monitor the traffic that goes thru my internet

I have a cable internet connection that goes to a ASA firewall and then into my local network where i have several machines including many VM’s on a esxi server. I am looking for a way to monitor mainly my internet traffic to see the most visited websites and the host that visited these sites. I am not able to put any agents or modify the settings on the devices connecting but I do control the wifi and and ASA. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Route all traffic over Fiber VLAN

Recently, I upgraded to fiber based internet, that works okay but I want to hook that up directly to my Ubuntu box instead of the supplied router. The problem is, even though I can get a valid IP via DHCP for the network interface, nothing is routed through there. Ie, I get an IP, but all networks are unreachable.

I know I am supposed to get the IP on VLAN 300. And that works. But, the configured network doesn’t.

This is the interface file;

auto enp5s0 iface enp1s0 inet manual  auto enp5s0.300 iface enp1s0f0.5 inet dhcp  auto br0 iface br0 inet manual bridge_ports enp5s0.300 bridge_stp off  

In the log I do see the dhcp server handing me an IP, but after that, I can’t ping the IP of that dhcp server for instance. Nor any other ip then my own. I feel like I am missing something trivial here, but can’t really put my finger on it.

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