Leadgid: Affiliate Network Focused on Financial Campaigns- We Need Traffic

A well-developed European affiliate network Leadgid.eu is offering Great Payouts for your Traffic!!!

LeadGid is an international commission-based affiliate network focused on financial campaigns. Founded in 2012, we have gained the real knowledge of the financial lead generation. Every month we deliver over million of consumer loan and credit card applications to banks and other loan originators across Europe, the CIS, Asia and Latin America. Our account-based communication, informal…

Leadgid: Affiliate Network Focused on Financial Campaigns- We Need Traffic

Advertising Using Advertising Network To Drive Laser Targeted Traffic for $16

This targeted organic website traffic package and backlink service with live backlink in articles on already search engine optimized websites, blogs, forums and social media channels will give you instant + 5000 targeted organic web traffic to your link, website, youtube video, blog,forum, social media profile or affiliate link. You will also get higherranking from high authority backlinks from aged domains and live websites with existing web traffic. To reach out to the right customer segment when launching a new business, website, or product is just that easy. We will together with publishing links and articles with links drive 100% real target visitors to your website with the help of our own advertising network and adserver at http://www.admarket.sale Note! Most of the published articles with your link will stay online and visible for lifetime, and they will continue drive traffic and give your website ranking after finnished order. We will send your link to search engines and ping it to relevant backlink sites for rank higher. Contact us for further options launching your live precence online through digital marketing.

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Looking for an Advertising Network to monetize mobile web Traffic

Hi Guys,

I manage several blogs with 2.000 – 5.000 daily impressions, and I'm looking for a good Advertising Network to monetize the mobile traffic. Could you please recommend me?

I've searched alternatives but almost all of them are to monetize Apps. I need monetize mobile traffic for websites, banners, pops, push notifications…

Best strategies to get more traffic for new bloggers in 2019

Blogging is an important aspect of your content marketing strategy. To reap the full benefits, you need to spend extra time to know your target audience, their interests, and their problems, and create informational posts.

Additionally, don’t forget to consider the effective techniques for search engine ranking—good headlines, site speed optimization, long-tail keywords, Yoast guidelines, social media sharing, etc.

Create high-quality content
Write killer headlines
Don’t forget…

Best strategies to get more traffic for new bloggers in 2019

How does TLS traffic impact firewalls?

If I have an open port on a firewall it means that I can receive traffic on that port. If it’s unencrypted I assume that the raw data is just allowed through.

If TLS is being used, does firewall decrypt the traffic before relying it to the client or does it relay crypted traffic to the client which then somehow decrypts it?

How does the firewall act with CRYPTED/UNENCRYPTED traffic?

Best regards,

Send Real Targeted USA Based Web Traffic for $10

KEYWORD TARGETED TRAFFIC WITH LOW BOUNCE RATE & LONG VISIT DURATION ✔ Best Seller ✔ Recommend Sales ✔ Satisfaction Guaranteed ✔ Money back guaranteed _____________________________________________________________________ I guarantee and responsible to drive 100% of NICHE TARGETED Visitors to your website . This is good effective for your website/Blog or page link promotions. I will send traffic for 10 days your websiteDAILY -1750 Daily visits for 10 days – 2 Keywords ___________________________________________ Real genuine social visitors with unique ip. No bots or ppc Most Search Engines ( Google, Bing, Yahoo) This service is not like any here. Check this BENEFITS features: Unrestricted Continuous daily visitor flow Full SEO complementary service Real visitors with unique IP Constant visits for a whole monthTraffic is 100% AdSense safe Low bounce rate for landing pagesEntirely trackable on AnalyticsBonus google custom tracking Extensive 27/7 customer support.Note we Don’t accept: Adf.ly, Viruses, Harm.

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Shopify Flaw Exposed Thousands of Merchants’ Revenue, Traffic Numbers

If you or your client are using Shopify for an ecommerce site have a read of this:


The flaw, which existed in a Shopify API endpoint, has been patched.

A researcher has uncovered a high-severity vulnerability in an e-commerce software platform used by 800,000 different online merchants, which could have been abused to expose the traffic and revenue data for the stores.

The platform is Shopify, which was found exposing store data dating back to 2015 via a vulnerable API endpoint, according to researcher Ayoub Fathi…

Continued: Shopify Flaw Exposed Thousands of Merchants’ Revenue, Traffic Numbers