cPanel route traffic through two public IPs in different physical locations [closed]

I would like to be able to route an IP I have from another virtual machine to my main cPanel server to be used.

cPanel server IP is and the other machine has and as an additional IP. How am I able to route to the cPanel server. I presume I would need to route it through from the cPanel server side?

The end goal is to add the IP inside cPanel to be used to host a website.

How to configure Oracle traffic director for full site failover to have high availability?

I have two server system, each server having both apache tomcat server(deployed web app) and oracle 11g database server. The database on the two server is synchronised by oracle data gaurd for high availibility. tomcat Web servers is running individually on each server system with no load balancing. One server acts as primary server and other server acts as redundant server.

Usually for any failure on primary server, I have to manually change the IP/Domain name to access the other server.

I have came across Oracle Traffic director which may solve my isssue to switch any client request to redundant server in case of failure of primary server. Since I am new to oracle traffic director, can any one guide me to configure otd for full site failover?

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Google Analytics: View filter not picking up any traffic

I have created a new view (a copy of the main one) and set a filter as follows:

enter image description here

However, if I visit any URL with that inside of it, nothing gets picked up on the real-time view. However it does get picked up on the main view, where there are no filters.

I can’t click on the verify link as it’s saying the service isn’t available

Any ideas?